CE.Net Thin Client Tablet

CE.Net is appropriate for connecting to Citrix or Terminal Server and includes Terminal Emulation for server independence. Standard features include IE 6 (CE version), MS Office Viewers, POP-3 e-mail, media player, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Provides full-screen applications only. Can be used in either Desktop mode or Application Launcher mode.

Included in the CE.Net Thin Client Tablet:
  • Wireless
  • Management software aids in cloning user configurations, including creation and use of Macros, and customizable "Hot Spots"
  • 5250/3270 Terminal Emulation software
  • Mobile connectivity to a variety of applications
  • Extremely Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Optional keyboard, barcode scanner, and printer - easily attached via USB port

  • BOS tablets are a perfect fit for many environments including healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and warehouse - with custom fit for forklift operators.
All models offer:
  • AS/400 connectivity
  • ICA and RDP clients for connection to your Terminal Server or Citrix environment
  • Access to network share
  • IE 6.0 browser with pop up window support
  • Management of multiple windows without multiple instances
  • Full array of embedded applications
  • Easy to configure either locally or remotely using BOSaNOVA Manager Software
  • 3 models based including a wireless tablet model