CLI ST5600 & ST5660 Thin Client
CLI ST5600G Thin Client
ST5600 ST5600G58-CE (New)

CLI ST5660H Thin Client
ST5660 ST5660H58-CE (New)

CLI ST5600H Thin Client
ST5600 ST5600H58-CE (New)

CLI ST5660L Thin Client
ST5660 ST5660LA9-CE (New)

CLI ST5600L Thin Client
ST5600 ST560LA9-CE (New)

CLI ST5660W Thin Client
ST5660 ST5660WBA-CE (New)

CLI ST5600W Thin Client
ST5600 ST5600WBA-CE (New)

The ST56xx is the jack of all trades device. It has the ability to run Windows or Linux at a great value. It offers multiple monitor support, low power consumption, rich multimedia, and video support for 1080p content and options for legacy port support.

The Multitool of thin clients

The ST56xx offers the widest range of OS support in the industry without big price tags. The ST56xx series is a flexible, affordable midrange client that combines reliable performance, as well as software and peripheral flexibility. The STxx is a dual-monitor device that supports Windows CE 5 straight out of the box. The ST56xx series is the ideal solution for Citrix Presentation Server, Microsoft RDP, Terminal Emulation and light browsing environments. In addition, CLI's Device Manager is included with each client, which brings a whole new meaning to rapid deployment. If you are looking for the ability to accommodate the widest range of support with software and hardware the ST56xx is the solution.

Great performance and efficiency meets value

Using a maximum of 15 Watts, the ST56xx offers impressive power efficiency with robust performance in a compact footprint. By combining strong performance with high security, industry leading OS support and low power consumption with a great price creates an unbeatable value in thin computing. The ST56xx is an ideal endpoint for the traditional remote computing environments that require aggressive pricing and easy but full featured device management requirements.

CLI Flexible Thin Client

Dual Video (VGA/DVI); Serial port and USB to Parrallel optional; Multiple mounting options; Energy efficient, less than 15 Watts; Optional Internal wireless; Balanced, cost effective, easy to deploy.

ProcessorVia U3300 nano 1.2 GHz
ChipsetVia VX855
VideoVX855-based Chrome9 Dx9 Graphics Engine Chromotion Video Engine for Acceleration of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9, and VC1 Up to 1920 x 1200 Wide Screen Resolution; 32-bit Color 32MB - 128MB Shared Memory; Up to 85Hz Refresh Rate (1) VGA port and (1) DVI Port for Dual Monitor Display
MemoryMin: 256MB
Max: 1GB
FlashMin: 128MB
Max: 2GB
WirelessOptional Internal Wireless 802.11b/g/n
CommunicationsAuto-sense10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
Ports and Connectors(4) USB 2.0 Ports, (1) VGA, (1) DVI-D, (2) PS2, (1) RJ-45/Ethernet, (1) Mic-In Jack, (1) Serial, Parallel Available via Dongle
ProtocolsRDP, ICA, X Client, VNC (Remote Shadowing), PXE, Web Browser
Operating Temperature0 C to 40 C 20% to 80% Non- Condensing Humidity
Full Weight1.4 lbs
Dimensions(h x w x d) 8 in (at front) x 5.6 in x 1.4 in