CLI ST6800x Thin Client


CLI ST6800X Windows Thin Client
ST6800 ST6800X99K-CE (New)

CLI ST6800H Windows Thin Client
ST6800 ST6800H57K-CE (New)

CLI ST6800L Linux Thin Client
ST6800 ST6800L99K-CE (New)

CLI ST6860X Windows Thin Client
ST6860 ST6860X99K-CE (New)

CLI ST6860H Windows Thin Client
ST6860 ST6860H57K-CE (New)

CLI ST6860L Linux Thin Client
ST6860 ST6860L99K-CE (New)

Expandability, Performance and Space
The ST6800 series is a powerful and affordable thin client that delivers the performance and expandability you need. With its dual-video capability built in, the ST6800 enables ask workers to work across dual monitors without a splitter cable. An extremely efficient virtual desktop appliance, the ST680 0 is powered by a VIA EdenC7 processor at 1.6GHz. The ST6800 brings outstanding performance unmatched by industry competitors, as well as device flexibility. This high performance solution brings not only the power, but also the form factor needed for high paced environments. VESA mounting options offer a zero desktop footprint solution making deployment in space constrained situations effortless. An 802.11 b/g wireless option provides mobility and wireless performance that is the best in the thin client market. The ST6800 is a universal hardware platform with universal image support for Windows Embedded Standard, Windows CE 6, or Linux out of the box. Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare, Quest and CLI TermPro clients are all standard, as an IE7. In addition, CLI's Device Manager software is included with each device, making simple and powerful management a reality. The ST6800 combines strong power, performance and flexibility while maintaining efficient power consumption.

At a Glance
The ST6800 is a universal platform built with power, choice and performance in mind. It provides advanced features, the fast deployment via CLI Device Manager and fast wireless for diverse environments. The ST6800 is a state of the art device with multiple monitor support, ultra low power media processor that delivers rich multimedia and video playback up to 1080p HD resolution.that supports RDP, ICA and virtual desktop solutions from Citrix, VMware and Redhat.
- - Integrated VGA and DVI video ports for dual monitor support. No splitter cable needed
- - High performance graphics engine
- - Embedded local Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)
- - Supports RDP, ICA and PCoIP
- - Zero-footprint / VESA compatible or vertical mounting options
- - Special builds available such as Kiosk, .Net, Firefox, IE6, Sun Java Runtime, MS Office Viewers and others