CompuPrint 9080 Dot Matrix Printer

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Impact solutions for industrial and business environments
24 pins print-head with 800 Million Characters life
660 Pages Per Hour (PPH)
Superior performance in graphics printing
Dual front straight paper paths
Up to 8 copies capability
Simple to use, pre-set configurations
Parallel, Serial, USB 2.0 and LAN interfaces
Wide range of barcodes and macro-characters

Serial Matrix Printers
A leading-edge series for today and tomorrow

Compuprint 9080 integrates the latest technology and innovation based on more than 30 years of Compuprint leadership in the serial printer technology.

It represents the preferred choice for business and industrial printing applications requiring up to 57,000 (*) pages per month workload, providing the best investment.

Fast, flexible, reliable
Compuprint 9080 is built on state-of-the art technologies and innovative functionalities. It provides reliable
continuous paper paths with two front 4 pins tractors equipped with paper run sensors, automatic paper path alternance, paper thickness recognition, paper parking/loading and zero tear off. All with the superb reliability of 20,000 hours of MTBF.

For a broad range of connectivity and printing requirements
The Compuprint 9080 is available with different interface configurations: Parallel/Serial/USB or Parallel/LAN.
With the LAN configuration is possible to manage the printer from remote by the NetViewMaster software or the embedded WEB Page. A large number of character set, fonts and barcodes combined with a set of emulation and protocols allow to use the printer in most environments and to be the ideal solution for industrial requirements for printing macro characters, barcodes on statements, labels and pre-printed forms.

Printing Technology 24 pin serial dot matrix printer - 136 columns @ 10 cpi
Paper handling Continuous form: front loading - Fanfold width 76 to 432 mm (3 to 17 inches)
Front push tractor 6 pin (BASE CONFIGURATION)
Additional front push tractor 6 pin (optional)
Copies 1 + 7 - max thickness 0,635 mm (0,025 inches)
Special functions Automatic paper path switching via operator panel or SW commands
Automatic Gap Adjustment (AGA) of print head based on paper thickness
Automatic paper parking of continuous form
Graphic resolution (dpi) 60, 80, 90, 120, 180, 240, 360 (horizontal)
60,72, 180, 360 (vertical)
Vertical spacing 6 - 8 - 12 lines per inch; 3 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 12 lines per 30 mm.; n/60, n/72, n/180, n/216, n/360 per inch
Horizontal spacing 10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20 cpi and proportional
Barcodes UPC/A, UPC/E, EAN8, EAN13 - UPC/EAN ADD-ON 5, UPC/EAN ADD-ON 2 - Code 39 - Code 128 - Code 11- Code 93 - MSI - Postnet- Codabar - 2/5 Interleaved -2/5 Matrix - 2/5 Industrial - Code GP - C25-3BAR - Code BCD - 2/5 BidirectionalCharacter set

Standard PC IBM character sets: CS1, CS2 ; 13 EPSON national variations

IBM and EPSON character sets: CP 437 (USA), CP437G (Greek), CP437SL (Slavic), CP850 (Multilingual), CP851 (Greek), CP852(Eastern Europe), CP853 (Turkish), CP855 (Cyrillic), CP857 (Turkish), CP858 (Euro PC Multilingual), CP860 (Portugal), CP862 (Hebrew), CP863 (French-Canadian), CP864 (Arabic), CP865 (Danish-Norwegian), CP866 (Russian), CP867 (Turkish2), CP876 (OCR-A), CP877 (OCR-B), CP1098 (Farsi), CP1250 (Latin2 Windows), CP1251 (Cyrillic Windows), CP1252 (Latin1 Windows), CP1253 (Greek Windows), CP1254 (Turkish Windows), CP1255 (Hebrew Windows), CP1256 (Arabic Windows), CP1257 (Baltic Windows), 96Greek, GOST, TASS, MAZOWIA, KOI8-U, UKRANIAN, Farsi 1, Farsi 2

ISO character sets: 8859/1 (Latin1), 8859/2 (Latin2), 8859/3 (Latin3), 8859/4 (Latin4), 8859/5 (Latin/Cyrillic),
8859/6 (Latin/Arabic), 8859/7 (Latin/Greek), 8859/8 (Latin/Hebrew), 8859/9 (Latin5), 8859/15 (Latin9)

Resident font Draft, Courier, Gothic, Prestige, Present, Script, OCR-A, OCR-B
Resident Emulations Epson ESC/P LQ Series, IBM Proprinter XL24, IBM Personal Printer 2391, ANSI, Compuprint native commands

Interfaces Parallel - Ethernet 10/100 or Parallel - Serial - USB 2.0
Input buffer up to 128 Kbytes - Plug&play (Windows environment)
Reliability MTBF: 20,000 hours
Print Head Life 800 Millions Characters
Ribbon life Black Long Life ribbon 25 Millions Characters
Noise Level 54 dBA
Power Supply Tension: 100V - 240V
Frequency: 60 Hz - 50 Hz
Power consumption 120 W Max. (printing), 30 W (standby)
Physical Dimensions & Weight 670 (W) x 320 (H) x 390 (D) mm - 21 Kg

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