Dascom 4347-i09 Multiform Printer



Dascom 4347-i09 Multiform Printer

SaleDascom 4347-i09 Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
4347-i09 991009 (New) Ethernet and USB
$3959.00 $2999.00

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The 4347-i09 printers represent high throughput print speeds, rugged durability and unsurpassed performance under the most extreme conditions. These workhorse printers guarantee crisp, dark, clear and legible print thanks to the advanced engineering of the 24 pin print head. This head is built for long life and a heavy workload so even in the most challenging operating environment, you can be assured of the best in quality and performance.

Low running costs and durability in the harshest of print environments make these products excellent value for the money.

Powerful & Rugged for Heavy Duty IBM System Applications


    - - Intelligent Mail Bar Code
    - - Ethernet (10/100BaseT) and Parallel standard.
    - - Optional; Coax/Twinax; Cx/Tx IPDS, Ethernet IPDS; RS232 Serial
    - - Prints up to 9 part forms
    - - Full range of automatic features to minimize user intervention
    - - Ideal for On-Demand and Batch applications with zero tear for no wasted forms
    - - Straight through paper path for easy forms loading
    - - Automatic forms loading and thickness adjustment
    - - Compatible with a wide range of IBM systems, using interfaces and protocols developed and tested in many installations worldwide

    These products are well matched to IBM systems applications, with a wide range of connectivity compatible with most IBM printers. Fully automated operation, coupled with the straight through paper path, allows ease of use and virtually eliminates errors caused by user intervention.

    Models Available:
    4347-i09 - single front tractor printer
    4347-i09-2T - dual tractors - front and rear
Ethernet IPDS990049
990049 Ethernet IPDS i08/i09/i10i/i11
990049 (New)

Twinax, SCS990045
990045 Twinax, SCS i08/i09/i10i/i11
990045 (New)

Twinax, IPDS990046
990046 Twinax, IPDS i08/i09/i10i/i11
990046 (New)

Coax, SCS990047
990047 Coax, SCS i08/i09/i10i/i11
990047 (New)

Coax, IPDS990048
990048 Coax, IPDS i08/i09/i10i/i11
990048 (New)

990052 RS-232 Interface
990052 (New)

9-25 pin serial adapter990053
990053 9-25 Pin Serial Adapter
990053 (New)

990054-FACT IGP/QMS Factory Install i08/i09
990054-FACT (New)

2nd front tractor990050
Universal Printer Stand w/2 baskets990051
990051 Universal Printer Stand w/2 Baskets i08/i09/i10i/i11
990051 (New) Replaced by 731719

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

990051 Universal Printer Stand w/2 Baskets i08/i09/i10i/i11
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
990051 (see also newer offering: 731719)

i08/i09/i10/i11 Ribbon (Min. Order Qty. - 5)990027
990027 i08/i09/i10i/i11 Ribbons
990027 (5 ribbons per case) (Yield: 20M x 5) (New)

Sale533199 i08/i09/i10/i11 High Yield Ribbons
533199 (5 ribbons per case) (Yield: 50M x 5) (New)
$310.00 $245.00

990027 i08/i09/i10i/i11 Ribbon
990027 (5 ribbons per case) (Yield: 20M x 5) Compatible (New)

2 Year on-site, 9X 5, NBD - i09EW424708-02
3 Year on-site, 9 X 5, NBD - i09EW424708-03
2 Year on-site, 9X 5, NBD - i11EW424710-02
3 Year on-site, 9 X 5, NBD - i11EW424710-03
Serial printer #1 Installation at locationSPI-03
Serial Printer #2+ Installation at same locationSPI-04

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Intelligent%20Mail%20Barcode 16B

Ideally, dot matrix printing should yield dots that touch or overlap, as shown in Figure 15.

If the dots do not touch, the space between the dots should not exceed 0.010 inch, as shown below.

Intelligent%20Mail%20Barcode 16

One year on site, next business day
Print Speed800 cps @ 12 CPI Print speed 960 cps @ 12 CPI
Throughput640 pages per hour (ECMA 132)
Character Density5, 6, 7.5, 8.6, 10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20 cpi (Emulation dependent)
Line Density2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lpi
Printhead Life500 million characters
Standard ConnectivityEthernet 10/100BaseT, Bi-directional parallel (IPv6 & IPv4), USB
Optional ConnectivityRS232 Serial, Twinax/Coax, Tx/Cx IPDS, Ethernet IPDS
Standard EmulationIBM Proprinter, Epson LQ (ESC P/2), Genicom ANSI, MTPL + Barcode/LCP
: IGP/PGL, Code V, MT660, Printronix P6000, HP2564C
FontsHS Draft, Draft, Copy Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige, Script, Orator, Gothic, Souvenir, Kix/Royal, OCR A, OCR B, 22 Bar Codes & scaleable LCP, Intelligent Mail Bar Code
ConsumablesRibbon: 20 million characters
STD Paper HandlingPush tractor with paper parking and auto gap adjust; Double Upper Friction Feed
Optional Paper Handling2nd front tractor (user installable), paper pedestal, paper basket, paper cutting device
Paper TypeContinuous forms
Paper Weight60-120gsm
Paper SizeLength: 3 min, 22 max Width 3 min, 16.5 max
Physical WeightApproximately 42 lbs
Physical Size(HxWxD): 11.0 x 24.6 x 17.0 inches
Power VoltageAC 230V and 120V (selectable)
Power Consumption75W printing; <2 W (Power Save)
Workload48,000 pages per month
Number of CopiesUp to 9 part forms
Temperature+10 to +35C (+50 to +90)
Humidity20% to 80%

Note: For OCR applications it is recommended that your readers are tested with print samples supplied by DASCOM prior to purchase. Paper is a highly variable medium and should be tested prior to purchase. The quoted consumable life is the average for the printer when used under normal operating conditions.