Dascom T2248 Dot Matrix Printer


T2248 Printer
Dascom 2248 224800-CA Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer 80 Col Parallel/USB
T2248 224800-CA (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

Dascom 2248 224801-CA Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer 80 Col USB/10/100 Ethernet
T2248 224801-CA (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

TG-MT-380 Printer stand
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

T2248 Serial Matrix Printer

Fast, high-quality flexible printing optimized for your Demand Document environment.
Ideally suited for a wide range of printing applications from multipart forms and single sheets to labels and envelopes.

Matching Your Needs
In single or multi-user environments, the narrow-carriage 2248 is ideal for use in a broad range of industries, from banking, pharmacy, healthcare, education, and customer service transactions.

Getting Your Job Done In Time
At speeds of up to 480 characters per second in draft mode and 135 characters per second in letter quality mode.

Excellent Print Quality
The 24-wire print head produces clear, crisp text and graphics output. Available with IBM Proprinter X24e, and Epson ESC/P2 emulations. The resident typefaces and bar code fonts ensure fast, high-quality text, and dependable bar codes.

  • Continuous forms and cut sheets standard.
  • 9 resident bitmap fonts and 9 resident scaleable fonts.
  • Serial, Parallel, USB, and Ethernet connectivity available.
  • Rugged, reliable and trouble free.

  • Part NumberDescription
    043837 Ribbon Cartridge, Black 2248 2238
    043837 6-pack (New)

    Ribbon cartridge, black (Multiple Order QTY: 12)
    Connectivity for 2248
    Part NumberDescription

    TallyCom+ 10/100BaseT w/ IPDS External Print Server

    M307 10/100BaseT Print Server (Printer Power)

    Print Speed
    10 cpi: 400/360/225/113 CPS; 12 cpi: 480/432/270/135 CPS; (High Draft, Draft, Report, LQ)
    Print Method
    Serial Dot Matrix, 80 columns
    Graphics 360X360 DPI (ESC/P Emulation only)
    Char. Sets
    IBM PC character sets 1 and 2; IBM PS/2 character sets (code pages 437, 850, 851, 852, 855, 860, 863, 865, 866); ISO 8859-1/ECMA94; 30 international character sets
    Printhead Life
    400 millions per wire
    Printhead Type
    24 Wire
    Standard Connectivity
    IEEE 1284 nibble mode; 128K input buffer
    Optional Connectivity
    USB ver. 1.1 Type B; RS232C (25 pin connector); Ethernet 10Base-T / 100 Base-T
    Standard Emulation
    Epson ESCP/P2, IBM XL24E
    Bitmap fonts: Courier 10, Prestige Elite 12, Boldface PS, Compressed, Draft 12, High-speed draft 12, OCR-B 10, OCR-A 10, Correspondence 10, PCIA 10; Scaleable Fonts: Courier, Nimbus Sans, Timeless (Normal, Bold, Italic); Note - Courier draft is similar to Gothic; Timeless is similar to Roman
    4 million chars (black)
    STD Paper Handling
    Continuous; cut sheet; auto-tear; manual continuous/cut sheet switch; manual paper thickness adjustment
    Number of Copies
    Original + 5 copies
    Forms Thickness
    max. 0.014 in. (0.35mm )
    Paper Drive
    Continuous forms push tractor, rear in, rear out; cut sheet friction feed top in, top out
    Paper Type
    Continuous forms, cut sheets
    Paper Size
    cut sheet: width 4.0-10.5 in. (102-267 mm), length 3.0-14.3 in. (76-364 mm); continuous forms: width 4.0-10.5 in. (102-267 mm), length over 4.0 in. (102 mm)
    Physical Weight
    Approximately 16 lbs. (7.3 Kg )
    Physical Size
    16.3 x 13.0 x 4.72 in. (415 x 330 x 120 mm) measuring L X W X H
    Power Voltage
    100 VAC to 120 VAC +- 10%, single phase, 50Hz to 60Hz; 220 VAC to 240 VAC +- 10%, single phase
    Power Frequency
    50 Hz to 60 Hz
    Power Consumption
    10W max waiting, 70W max average, 180W max
    Energy Star, RoHS, Microsoft, ISO-compliant, Meditech Approved
    Reliability MTBF
    20,000H @ 25% duty cycle
    Reliability MTTR
    Win XP, Win2000, Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win 2003, Win NT 4.0
    41F to 95F (5C to 35C )
    20 - 80% RH
    49 dBa
    Option 1
    RS232C Serial; Ethernet 10Base-T / 100Base-T; USB ver. 1.1 Type B