Decision Data DD482


Decision Data IS-482 and LM-482CDecision Data IBM 3270-  Compatible Workstations

Increase Your Productivity with High-Function Coax Workstations

The Decision Data IS-482 and LM-482C!

The Most Efficient, Productivity-Enhancing 3270-Compatible Workstations on the Market!

Decision Data 3270-compatible coax workstations support local attachment to IBM mainframe systems through an IBM 3X74 or compatible controller, IBM 43XX processor, Decision Data Series 4000 Data Communication Controllers, or the IDEA Concert controller family.

  • Monochrome and color models available
    1. Model LM-482C, a Logic Module with keyboard that supports any SVGA color monitor, and
    2. Model IS-482 that includes a green, amber or paper white display.
  • Enhanced user productivity. When connected via Decision Data 4000, the IDEA Concert controller family or IBM 3174 controllers, productivity features include:
    • Extended windows-like operation,
    • Copy between sessions,
    • Multiple simultaneous display and printer sessions.
  • Low cost, high productivity
  • Migration paths for modular units
  • Password security
  • Host or local printing, parallel port for low cost PC-type printers
  • Superior ergonomics, enhanced mouse support
  • Free technical support
  • Optional integrated data collection support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Productivity is further enhanced via easy-to-use features and optional KIM (Keyboard Interface Module) for bar-code reader or magnetic stripe reader support.

Advantages and Features

Superior Ergonomic Design.

      Decision Data display units are easy to use, with high quality evident in their physical design, performance and user productivity.

      Monochrome workstations consist of a 14-inch high resolution monitor with a non-glare screen available in green, amber or paper white. The products feature a small footprint, tilt and swivel movement, and support a slim-profile 102-key keyboard, or our standard 122-key keyboard.

      The color display logic modules are light and compact, to provide a space advantage over traditional terminal logic units. These units can be easily attached to a standard SVGA monitor that you provide or you can choose one of our 14", 15" and 17" SVGA monitors for a single vendor, single warranty point solution to your terminal requirements.

Investment protection.
      Designed for today while planning for tomorrow, keyboards and SVGA monitors can be used for customers who migrate to a PC, thin client or Ethernet terminal environment.
Efficient multiple and split screen display.
      Workstation efficiency gets a boost with Decision Data displays. All models have multiple display sessions and one printer session. The units also support split-screen, simultaneous display of a reference screen with the active screen. The user can paste data from the active screen to the reference screen, where it can be saved or cleared for future reference, or pasted to other applications.

      The integrated parallel port enables a low-cost PC printer to be attached directly to the coax workstations, for both Host Addressable Printing (HAP) and local screen printing.

      You can select one of several predefined printer configurations, including Epson, HP LaserJet, and IBM. Or, use the Printer Definition Utility (PDU) to configure a user-defined printer. The PDU enables the user to change ASCII translation tables and add or delete printer commands.

Enhanced Productivity Tools.
      Execution of routine tasks are quicker and easier with Decision Data workstations. A type-ahead buffer and 6,000 keystroke record/playback function enable simplified data input. Productivity tools include full column tabulation, an enhanced online calculator with import/export capabilities, screen cut-and-paste, presentation space, and the ability to mark unprotected fields. Off-line accessories include an activity reminder, alarm clock and telephone directory, available with a touch of a key.
Simplified Data Collection.
      Decision Data displays are available with an optional integrated Keyboard Interface Module (KIM) for either bar-code reader or magnetic stripe reader support. Light pens are also available.
The Decision Data Advantage.
      Decision Data is ISO 9001 certified and widely recognized for its high-quality, cost-effective midrange solutions. In fact, we've won an unequaled 31 Buyers Choice Awards since 1990. In 1997, Decision Data also won the first annual Product Excellence Award for terminals from Midrange Computing.

      With Decision Data terminals, you get a quality product, backed by a superior warranty, and support from our toll-free Technical Assistance Center (TAC). You also get the added benefit of nearly 30 years midrange systems experience.

      Decision Data terminals are Year 2000 compliant.

Unique Limited Lifetime Warranty*.
      Decision Data workstations are backed by a limited lifetime warranty in the United States and Canada. Both the logic unit and keyboard components are warranted for life to the original end user purchaser. The monitor includes a 3 year, full factory warranty. All service and warranty is covered via Decision Data's Advance Exchange Program.

      *Other warranty and technical support programs are available world wide.

  • Emulation
    IS-482: 3481, 3482
    LM-482C: 3482C
  • Monitor
    IS-482: Integrated
    LM-482C: extended SVGA
  • IS-482 Monochrome display (G, A, P)
  • SVGA Color display
  • Display format: 24x80, 27x132, 2x80, 43x80, 49x80
  • Standard display sessions: n: controller dependent
  • Parallel printer port
  • Password security
  • PS/2 mouse support
  • Power saver
  • Screen saver
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Horizontal split screen
  • Keyboard mapping
  • LM-482C color pallet setup
  • LM-482C 16/64 No. of colors
  • LM-482C foreground color pallet
  • Cross/vertical/horizontal ruler
  • Calculator (import/export)
  • Type-ahead
  • Record/play/pause
  • Record/play capacity (keystrokes): 6,000
  • Reference screen cut-and-paste
  • Integrated magnetic stripe reader (optional)
  • Integrated bar-code reader/Laser-gun (optional)
  • Light pen (optional)
  • Systems printer emulation
  • Graphic printing support: basic
  • IS-482: five B&W attributes
  • LM-482C: color attributes
  • Printer Definition Utility (PDU)
  • Host addressable and shared print
IS-482 Screen:
    Screen type: monochrome display, tilt and swivel
    Screen color: Green, Amber, Paper White
LM-482C Screen:
    Color display characteristics
    Vertical refresh rate: 75 Hz.
    Number of keys: 102/103 or 122-keys

    Layout: Typewriter / data entry with adjacent numeric and cursor move keys, 24 programmable function keys

    Characteristics: Slim profile, two slope adjustment settings, flexible coiled cable

    Special attributes: Auto repeat, clicker with adjustable volume

Attachment support
    Printers: Integrated parallel printer port to support most IBM, EPSON, HP and Cannon laser printers; user defined printers via Printer Definition Utility.

    Scanning devices: Keyboard Interface Module (KIM) for data collection supports, laser gun, wand, slot scanners, magnetic stripe readers; codes supported: 3 of 9; UPC/EAN; code 128 (USD-6); Interleaved 2 of 5; Special Escape Codes; and Matrix 2 of 5.

Environmental/Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (HxWxD):

    IS-482: 25 x 6 x 18cm
    (10 x 2.4 x 7in)

    LM-482C: 36 x 32.4 x 32cm
    (14.25 x 13 x 13.2 in)

    IS-482: 1 Kg. (2.2 lb.)
    LM-482C: 7.5 kg (16.6 lb.)
Power: 10W max (all models)

Voltage: 110-240 Volt (all models)

Frequency: 50/60 Hz (all models)

Operating Temperature: 10C to 40C (50F to 104F) (all models)

Relative Humidity: 10-80% (non-condensing) (all models)

Certifications: CE, UL, FCC (all models)

* G = Green, A = Amber, P = Paper White
** Maximum as supported by a connected remote controller