DEC LA36w Dot Matrix Printer


LA36W Dot Matrix Printer

Key Features

    Print speeds up to 360 characters per second maximize office productivity
    Support for multiple protocols and standard parallel and serial interfaces provide the flexibility for use in any enterprise environment
    Works with most PCs, terminals and workstations, in personal or networked environments
Printing MethodDot Matrix
SpeedDraft quality: 360 @10cpi; 432 @ 12cpi
Letter quality: 113 @ 10cpi; 135 @ 12cpi
ColorRequires color ribbon and color kit
Duty Cycle2,500 average pages per month
Paper Width4" - 16.5"
Paper HandlingAutomatic printhead positioning on paper thickness
Automatic paper path switching by operator or software commands
Paper parking
Automatic fanfold positioning for zero tear-off
Setting and storage in non-volatile memory of paper format and print conditions for each paper path
ProtocolsDEC ANSI PPL 2, IBM ProPrinter XL24E, Epson ESC/P
InterfacesDEC423 serial, parallel bitronics
Noise54 dBA