DEC LA450 Dot Matrix Printer


LA450 Printer

DEC LA450 Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

Genicom 3480+ Wide Carriage 600 CPS
Genicom 3480plus 3P3481A4 (New)

Genicom 3480+ Wide Carriage 600 CPS
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
Genicom 3480plus 3P3481A4

With multiple protocols and flexible paper handling, the LA450 printer is ideal for data processing and factory floor printing

Key Features

    Print speed of up to 450 characters per second provide fast, quality printing.
    Multiple protocols and standard parallel and serial interfaces allows printer use in a variety of applications in personal or shared environments.
    Best-in-class forms printing capabilities includes multiple paper paths with automatic path recognition and automatic gap control.
    450 million character printhead offers two to four times the life expectancy of competitive printers-with average use, the printhead will not have to be replaced.
LA450 Dot Matrix Printer Specifications
Part Number126329-001
Speed (cps) 450 draft
133 letter quality
Resolution (horiz./vert. dpi)60, 90, 120, 180, 240, 360/
60, 72, 180, 180, 360
Duty cycleUp to 36,000 pages per month
ProtocolsDEC ANSI PPL 2, IBM Proprinter XL24E
Fonts9 fonts
10 barcodes
ColorRequires color ribbon and color mechanism
Paper Width
Standard Format
3 - 17.5 in. fanfold and manual sheet feed
Paper Requirements120 V/60 HZ
220 to 240 V/50 Hz
Noise56 dBA
(WxDxH) and Weight
26.1 x 14.9 x 12.2 in. 39.6 lbs