DEC LA500 & LA700 Dot Matrix Printer


LA500 & LA70C0P00 700Plus Serial Matrix Printer

LA500 Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
Fully refurbished with 1-year warranty

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Genicom 3480+ Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
3480plus 3P3481A4

Genicom 3480+ Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
3480plus 3P3481A4 (New)

Rugged, wide-carriage forms printing

  • Speeds up to 500 cps (LA500) and 700 cps (LA70C0P00 700Plus).
  • Dual fanfold capability with optional second front tractor for busy work environments.
  • Automatic paper path recognition.
  • Print gap control.
  • Rugged construction.
  • High reliability, saving downtime and service cost.
  • Up to 1+5 part forms (LA500), 1+7 part forms (LA70C0P00 700Plus).
  • Networking support with optional GENICOM MPS100.

    With speeds up to 500 cps (LA500) and 700 cps (LA70C0P00 700Plus), these workhorses offer best-in-class forms printing capabilities, including multiple paper paths with automatic path recognition, gap control, and rugged construction.

    Either printer is ideal for printing multipart or continuous forms in business, commercial, or industrial applications.

    The addition of a second front push tractor allows two sets of different forms to be loaded simultaneously, making the printer accessible to multiple users from several applications without having to reload paper. And zero-inch tear-off reduces paper waste and decreases paper cost.

    This dual fanfold capability with standard and optional push tractors allows one LA500 or LA70C0P00 700Plus printer to perform the tasks of two printers. Heavier forms can be handled with the addition of an optional pull tractor.

    Both printers give you plug-and-play compatibility with all common software packages, including Windows 95/98. Four user-defined settings (macros) let you automate your own personalized printing routines, which saves time spent with control panel activities.

    They offer an externally accessible plugable I/O slot for optional connectivity, such as 10/100 Ethernet

    Technology: Serial impact dot matrix
    Print Head: 18-pin

    Speed (cps):
    LQ (10 cpi)
    LQ (12 cpi)
    LQ (15 cpi)
    Draft (10 cpi)
    Draft (12 cpi)
    Draft (15 cpi)
    Throughput (ECMA @ 10 cpi):

    Fonts: Draft, Courier, Sans Serif, Prestige, Orator, OCR-A, OCR-B, Roman, Script

    Bar Codes:Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codabar a-t/b-n/c-*/d-e, UPC-A/E, POSTNET, Industrial 2 of 5, Code 93, MSI mod 101/10, Code 128 (EAN 128), Matrix 2 of 5

    Character Spacing: 5.6, 7.5, 8.3, 8.5, 10, 12, 15, 16.7, 17.1, 20, 24 cpi, and proportional

    Line Spacing: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, n/60, n/72, n/180, n/216, n/360 lpi

    Print Line: 13.6 in.
    Dot Graphic (dpi): 60 to 360H x 60 to 360V

    Paper Handling
    Paper Handling:Automatic print head positioning on paper thickness, automatic paper path switching by operator or software commands, paper parking, automatic fanfold positioning for zero tear-off, setting and storage in nonvolatile memory of paper format, and print conditions for each paper path

    Paper Drive:
    LA500: 4-pin front push tractor; optional second front push tractor
    LA70C0P00 700Plus: 6-pin front push tractor with paper motion sensor; optional second front push tractor
    Both: Paper parking, auto TOF, zero tear-off; optional 4-pin pull tractor (heavy forms use)

    Paper Dimensions: 3 to 17.0 in. (76 to 432 mm)

    Number of Copies: LA500: Original + 5; LA700: Original + 7

    Max. Forms Thickness: 0.025 in. (0.635 mm)
    Paper Slew: LA500: 8 inches per second; LA700: 15 inches per second

    DEC ANSI PPL 2, IBM ProPrinter XL24E, Epson ESC/P, Epson LQ

    Interfaces and Connectivity
    Parallel Bidirectional IEEE 1284 Byte Mode; DEC423/RS232 Serial (DEC MMJ Adapter Included)

    Baud Rate: From 300 to 38,400 bps

    Download Buffer: Maximum 64Kbyte

    Size (HxWxD): 12.4 x 26.4 x 15.4 inches (315 x 670 x 390 mm)

    Weight: 39.6 lbs (18 kg)

    Shipping Weight: 55.1 lbs (25 kg)
    Acoustics: 54 dBa

    Operating Environment
    Voltage: 100-230 VAC -10% +15%; 50/60Hz 2Hz

    Power Input:
    Standby: 22 watts (75 BTU/hour
    Printing: 116 watts (396 BTU/hour)

    Temperature: 50 to 104 F (10 to 40 C)
    Humidity: 10% to 90% relative

    MTBF: 10,000 hours @ 25% duty cycle

    MTTR: 30 minutes by a qualified technician