DEC LA600 Dot Matrix Printer


DEC LA600 Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

High-Volume Dot Matrix Desktop Network Printer

Now Digital puts at your command the rugged, reliable LA600 MultiPrinter -- the "Office Warrior" -- offering capabilities approaching those of a high-quality, high-volume network line printer for a fraction of the price. Designed to deliver up to 300 line-per-minute printing speed, the LA600 MultiPrinter is the latest in Digital's long line of superior dot matrix printer products. It offers ease-of-use, networkability, optional color capability, and rock-solid reliability unmatched in the network desktop printer arena.

The LA600 includes Digital's popular DECansi (PPL2) protocol, ensuring LA210, LA310, and LA424 compatibility. It also offers other popular printer emulations such as IBM Proprinter XL24, Epson LQ2550/1060 and Philips GP emulation for Digital's European customers. With this wealth of emulation support, you don't have to redesign your existing applications. The LA600 MultiPrinter can serve PCs, workstations, and PC LANs, Ethernet or TCP/IP networks.

The LA600 printer's "Flat Bed" technology ensures precise, bidirectional printing of text and graphics -- with up to 360 dpi resolution. Superior paper handling and Automatic Gap Control (AGC) provide jam-free printing on media ranging from labels and cutsheets to continuous-feed paper and multipart forms.

The LA600 MultiPrinter's wide,136-column carriage makes it an ideal workgroup printer for financial industry professionals using spreadsheet and business graphics applications. Its multipart form printing capability makes it the most cost-effective high-volume dot matrix printing solution for environments such as retail, insurance, government, and data processing.

LA600 MultiPrinter Highlights

    • Low-cost dot matrix printing at line printer speed (300 lpm)
    • Offers five different paper paths simultaneously: continuous paper single cutsheet, multipart forms, envelopes, card stock
    • Ruggedized, 400 million character life, 24-wire print head for maximum reliability and superior print quality
    • Compatibility with existing applications through resident DECansi (PPL2), IBM Proprinter XL24, Epson LQ2550/1060, and Philips GP 310/490 protocols -- for Digital and non-Digital operating platforms
    • Flat Bed printing technology with Automatic Gap
    • Prints up to 6-part forms utilizing straight-through paper path
    • Wide, 136-column carriage designed for spreadsheets
    • Ethernet LAN interface supports the following protocols: Novell, IBM AIX, HP-UX, TCP/IP, UNIX*
    • Built-in serial and parallel interfaces
    • Can support two workstations, automatically switching for printer sharing
    • Multilingual LCD Operator Panel enables quick and easy setup
    • Supports printing of popular barcode symbologies including POSTNET, 128, 39, 93, 2 of 5 industrial, 2 of 5 interleaved, CODABAR, EAN 8, EAN 13 vertical, MSI, UPCA/E, DATA BLOCK (standard character height 3/4"; expandable up to quadruple height and width)
    • All replaceable parts user-installable
    • Prints in color with optional color cartridge
    • Low 53 dBA noise level
* Printer can be connected to UNIX hosts under TCP/IP (SCO, IBM AIX, HP-UX, AT&T).

Price/Performance Leadership
The LA600 MultiPrinter provides excellent printing speed with features and options typically found in line printers two to three times as expensive. It can support multiple clients on a LAN, workstation, or terminal network; it can also be directly connected to standalone computers for dedicated applications.

Network Ready
You can connect the LA600 MultiPrinter to IBM Coax/Twinax, Printronix IGP, or Ethernet LAN environments. Interchangeable "personality modules" let you take advantage of popular networking systems such as Novell, IBM AIX, HP-UX, and TCP/IP. Automatic port switching makes networked printing easy. Software-selectable macros let you automate your own personalized printing routines, saving time wasted in manual printing procedures.

Easy Operation
The LA600 MultiPrinter's Flat Bed paper-handling design ensures maximized, jam-free operation. Sensor-driven Automatic Gap Control (AGC) allows the LA600 MultiPrinter to automatically recognize and accommodate variable paper thicknesses, from single cutsheet to 6-part forms.

The LA600 offers a choice of Draft, Near Letter Quality (NLQ), and Letter Quality (LQ) printing. Its small footprint, attractive styling, and quiet operation make it a welcome addition to any office setting.


Print TechnologySerial Impact Dot Matrix Printer
Print Head24-wire ruggedized, 400 million character lifetime
Print ModesDraft, Near Letter Quality (NLQ), and Letter Quality (LQ) characters, graphics, barcodes, oversized Data Block
Duty Cycle20,000 pages/month
Printing SpeedsDraftNLQLQ
(Burst) 600 cps300 cps150 cps
Continuous550 pph398 pph260 pph
Single Sheets516 pph386 pph255 pph
Print Format136 characters at 10 cpi
Print DensityHorizontal: from 5 to 18 cpi
Vertical: from 2 lpi to 12 lpi
b>Graphic ResolutionsHorizontal: 1/600" 1/72", 1/80", 1/120",1/144", 1/180", 1/240" 1/360"
Vertical: 1/72", 1/144"
*Note: Uni/bidirectional graphics printing (selectable) with 360 X 360 dots per inch maximum.
Paper Handling
Paper PathsFlat Bed technology with 5 input and 3 output
options, all selectable by software, or from operator panel
Gap AdjustmentAutomatic Gap Control (AGC) adjusts distance
between print head and platen according to paper thickness
Multipart Forms1+ up to 5 copies: .52 mm maximum form thickness
Continuous PaperIntegrated push tractor with park position
Paper Width4" to 15.8"
Paper CheckIntegrated device monitors continuous paper flow
Paper OutputFrom the rear for batch stacking, immediate access with zero tear-off edge, or optional cutting device
Single SheetsFront manual insertion
Paper Weight60g/m� - 90 g/m� (16-24 lb); multipart forms up to 350 g/m� (93 lb)
OptionalUp to 3 optional Automatic Sheet Feeder (ASF) cassettes, Extended Manual Feeder
Paper OutputUser selectable: either at the front for direct access, or in the top face-down stacker capacity of 350 sheets 80 g/m� (21 lb)
InterfacesParallel Centronics and serial RS-232C/V.24 for both standalone and shared operation
Printer EmulationsIBM Proprinter XL24 (AGM), Epson LQ2550/1060, Philips GP 310/490
BufferUp to 47 KB in selectable sizes; expandable to 128 KB with RAM card
b>Note: Interfaces can be active simultaneously, allowing connection between two different hosts.
Networking Emulations
IBM Coax/TwinaxStandard PM functions, plus intelligent PC/Host switching for local printing via serial and parallel interfaces
CutStandard PM functions, plus connection for cutting device
EthernetStandard PM functions with parallel interface allow direct attachment to any Ethernet LAN using Novell NetWare (IPX/SPX), UNIX (TCP/IP with Berkeley LPR)
Note: Emulation independently assignable by port.
Character SetsDEC Supplemental, ISO Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 5, ISO-7-Bit,in 11 national versions including ASCII, DEC Technical, DEC Legal, DEC Special Graphics, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Cyrillic. IBM PC and PS/2 (multilingual), and National code pages
FontsCourier, Sans Serif, OCR-A, OCR-B, Orator, Orator-C, Roman, Prestige, Script
Character Attributes Bold, italic, shadow, outline, doublestrike, underline, double underline, overline, strike through, sub/superscript; double/triple/quadruple height/width/size
PitchesAll standard fonts in 10, 12, 15, 17.1, 18, 20 cpi, proportional
Line Spacing2-12 lpi
Physical Characteristics Height: 273 mm (10.7 in) Width: 635 mm (25 in)
Depth : 415 mm (16.3 in) Weight: 22.7 kg (50 lb)
Operator Panel8-button keypad for menu controlled set-up 16-digit LCD status message line in English, French, or German
Power Requirements
Rated Voltage100-120 V @ 50 Hz; 200-240 V @ 60 Hz
Power Consumption160 VA operating; 40 VA standby
Safety/PerformanceAgency Approvals VDE, GS, UL, CSA, FTZ/FCC class B
Environmental Characteristics
TemperatureOperating: +10C to +35C (50F to 95F)
Storage: -40C to 70C (-40F to 150F)
Relative Humidity Operating: 20%-80%
Storage: 5%-85%
Noise 53 dBA acc. to ISO 7779
Accessories and Supplies

    LA60R-KA LA600 Ribbon Cartridge, Black (36)
    LA60R-KC LA600 Color Ribbon Cartridge
    LA60X-CK Color Option Motor (order color ribbons separately)
    LA60X-MC 128K Memory Card
    LA60X-PS Printer Stand
    LA60X-SF Automatic Sheet Feeder (Cutsheet)
    LA60X-SG Automatic Sheet Feeder (Multipart and Envelopes)
    LA60X-SI Personality Module, Serial/Parallel with IBM, Epson and Philips Protocol
    LA60X-CX Personality Module, IBM Coax
    LA60X-TX Personality Module, IBM Twinax
    LA60X-ET Personality Module, Ethernet
    LA60X-AS Personality Module, DECansi (PPL2)
Connectivity Options
    LNXXD-AA LATprint ThinWire Ethernet Interface
    BC19M-06 Parallel Interface Cable for PCs (6 ft)
    BC19M-10 Parallel Interface Cable for PCs (10 ft)
    H8575-A 25-pin female-to-MMJ adapter
    H8575-B 9-pin female-to-MMJ adapter (Digital)
    H8571-D 25-pin male-to-MMJ adapter (modem)
    H8571-J 9-pin (PC/AT-type)-to-MMJ adapter
    H8671-A MMJ to 25-pin male adapter (allows connection to existing RS232 25-pin cables)
    H8673-AA 20 mA active host Mate-n-Lock to EIA-423 DECconnect MMJ passive converter
    H8673-AB 20 mA active host RJ11 (6-pin) to EIA-423 DECconnect MMJ passive converter
    H8673-AC 20 mA active host DB25 to EIA-423 DECconnect MMJ passive converter
    EK-PPLVZ-DK LA600 Programmer Reference Manual
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