DEC LGplus & LGLplus Shuttle Matrix Printer


GENICOM (DEC) LG05P Line Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

GENICOM (DEC) LG05S Line Printer
Fully refurbished with 1-year warranty
LG05S Factory Refurbished

GENICOM (DEC) LGL5+ Line Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

GENICOM (DEC) LGL5S Line Printer
Fully refurbished with 1-year warranty
LGL5S Factory Refurbished

Whatever business you're in--large or small--whether you have mission-critical applications in whisper-quiet offices, or on noisy shop-floors; whenever you need fast, high-quality printing at low cost with virtually no maintenance; whenever you simply must get the work done -- a best-in-class printer from the LGplus/LGLplus Series is the printer for you.

The LGplus/LGLplus Family continues the tradition of offering best-in-class performance at the lowest cost of ownership in the line printer world. The pedestal model LGLplus Series is ideal for industrial environments, while the highly acclaimed LGplus Series is perfectly suited for commercial applications.

Network connectivity can be provided through use of the RapidPrint 500 Network Interface Card

SpecificationsLG05 / LGL5plusLG09LG14
Draft500 lpm900 lpm1,400 lpm
Data processing375 lpm662 lpm1050 lpm
Near letter quality200 lpm353 lpm560 lpm
The following specifications apply to all models
TechnologyImpact line matrix
ResolutionMaximum of 180 dpi horizontal, 96 dpi (grahics) vertical
InterfacesIEEE-P1284 or Centronics or Dataproducts; RS232, or RS422 RapidPrint 500 NIC
Protocols, StandardStandard =ANSI/Sixel, Epson FX-1050, IBM ProPrinter III XL
Protocols, OptionalIGP/PGL/VGL
Paper TypesFanfold, labels, card stock, multipart (up to 6 parts)
DimensionsLGplus models 686 W x 737 D x 1080 H mm (27 W x 29 D x 42.5 H in.)
LGLplus models 625 W x 526 D x 889 H mm (24.6 W x 20.7 D x 35 H in.)
Weight (shipping)LGplus 129.3kg (285 lb)
LGLplus 52.2 kg (115 lb)