LN16 Laser PrinterGenicom LN 16 Printer
Continuing the 25-plus year history of quality Digital printing solutions, Compaq introduces the LN16 laser printer, providing the perfect combination of speed and performance for your workgroup, with complete interoperability for Digital UNIX, Open VMS, Windows and Windows NT environments.

When you're looking for the perfect combination of speed and performance for small- to medium-sized workgroups, look no further than the Compaq LN16 Laser Printer. At up to 17 pages per minute and resolution of 600 x 600 and up to 2400 x 600 with image enhancement, the LN16 delivers rich blacks, crisp edges, and finely detailed halftones at an affordable price. The base LN16 has a high performance 125 MHz MIPS processor with 12 MB memory standard (upgradable to 64 MB). It also features PostScript Level 2 and PCL 6 with serial and parallel communications. The network version adds Ethernet 10/100BaseT and 10Base2 supporting TCP/IP, Novell NetWare, Ethertalk and LAT protocols. The LN16 offers exceptional paper handling flexibilities with its standard 550-sheet input feeder and 250-sheet output capacity capable of handling A4, A5, letter and executive paper. Additional flexibility and paper usage economies are provided through use of an optional 500-sheet input feeder, and optional 100-sheet multifunction feeder and the optional duplexer.

Digital Environment
The LN16 is fully supported in all Digital environments; OpenVMS VAX and Alpha, Digital UNIX, and NT. For VMS environments, as well as PC and Macintosh systems (via PATHWORKS), there is enhanced software called DECprint Supervisor (DCPS v1.7) which offers powerful PostScript printing. DCPS supports many applications and printers from multiple vendors. DCPS automatically detects multiple printer languages and translates them to PostScript. DCPS also increases desktop printer control, adds sophisticated output features and promotes greater user productivity.

Remote Control Print Management Software
As PC networks expand, managing the cost and efficiency of shared resources such as printers becomes more critical. The LN16 ships with Remote Control Print Management Software, a tool for Network/System Administrators that allows the monitoring and management of not only the LN16, but all of your SNMP printers across a TCP/IP network. This includes the ability to monitor printer activity, change printer settings, perform firmware upgrades, control configurations and log errors. The administrator has instant access to printer information, the ability to solve problems quickly and without the overhead of visiting each and every printer.

Support for the most popular operating systems

  • Windows 3.1, 95/98, NT
  • Macintosh
  • UNIX
  • OpenVMS
  • Novell
The Compaq LN16 Laser Printer is Year 20002 compliant and Euro ready and comes with a one-year on-site Limited Warranty1 from Compaq Customer Services.
This is a Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure of Compaq Computer Corporation. For further information and notices about Compaq's Year 2000 readiness, please visit our Internet Web site at

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