DIGITAL Laser Printer LN20

Speed, versatility, and affordability for small and medium workgroups

Smaller user groups don't necessarily face smaller printing challenges. That's why DIGITAL created the LN20 laser printer. This compact unit delivers powerful capabilities for operation in highly varied applications environments. Wherever it is used, the LN20 provides the speed, flexibility, and choice of features of larger units. Yet its price makes it easily accessible to the full range of workgroup environments.

To the business workgroup environment, the LN20 brings speed, diverse document-handling capabilities, and standard network connectivity. Based on a 100 MHz RISC processor, the printer delivers 20 ppm and offers dependable, consistent functionality for workgroup printing requirements. The LN20's optional duplexing capabilities, varied media support, and network management tools deliver additional convenience, further enhancing the printer's value to users and the overall environment.

For the graphic arts, desktop publishing, and prepress industries, the LN20 offers multiple features for flexibility in page layout and design. It accepts media sizes ranging from postcard to 13 X 19-inch. It also allows users to print edge-to-edge on ledger, A3, 12 X 19-inch, and 13 X 19-inch page sizes. With options that deliver 1200 X 1200 dpi resolution, the printer provides output characterized by saturated blacks, crisp edges, and finely detailed halftones.

DIGITAL Laser Printer LN20
Support for the most popular operating systems

    Windows? 3.1
    Windows 95?
    Windows NT? 3.51 and 4.0
    Macintosh? System 7.x and 8.x
    USL System 5, Release 4.x
    IBM AIX?, V3.2 and V4.1
    HP-UX?, V10.x
    Solaris?, V2.5
    Sun? OS, V4.12 SCO UNIX?, build 10
    SGIV IRIX? -, Release 4.0.1
Benefits summary
Versatile-?Handles a wide range of print tasks on media sizes ranging from postcard to 13 X 19-inch
Fast-?Up to 20 ppm
Powerful -- 64-bit 100 MHz, RISC processor with 32 MB standard, 128 MB maximum
Flexible -- 8 MB FLASH memory for easy system upgrade
Easy-to-use-?Automatic jam recovery, duplexing, and other features help ensure great results every time for a full range of users
Easy-to-manage-?Print management software supports comprehensive management of all printers in the environment
Reliable-?Performance-proven printer backed by worldwide service from Digital Equipment Corporation
Energy-efficient-?Complies with Energy Star standards

A complete and powerful solution
The LN20 is designed to handle the full range of business printing tasks typically encountered by small- to medium-size workgroups. Yet it offers performance, reliability, ease of use, and management features that make it far from typical.

Impressive versatility
The LN20 can print on media as small as a 3.94 X 5.83-inch postcard, as large as a 13 X 19-inch page, and everything in between-?including letter, legal, and ledger sizes, plus A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, 8.5 X 13-inch, 12 X 19-inch, statement, universal, and executive formats. The LN20 also handles DL, C5, Com 10, Monarch, and 6.93 X 9.76-inch envelopes.

Options allow the LN20 to print 1200 X 1200 dpi on page sizes up to edge-to-edge 13 X 19-inch. For the graphic arts and prepress industries, this feature brings exceptional quality output that can be used as accurate prepress proofs and camera-ready originals.

Comprehensive document-handling capabilities
The LN20 offers document-handling capabilities that facilitate any printing task. Printer-based electronic collation (MOPY) stores the print job at the printer level, freeing the host system and increasing user productivity.

These capabilities can be enhanced with a range of options, including:

    A duplexing unit that supports two-sided printing on page sizes ranging from executive to ledger/A3
    A 500-sheet paper feeder that can increase sheet capability for workgroups  requiring increased paper handling, as well a accommodate large paper size
Outstanding performance
The standard LN20 is based on a 64-bit RISC processor operating at 100 MHz. It features 32 MB RAM, which is user-configurable and expandable via four  controller SIMM slots to a total of 128 MB using 4, 8, 16, and 32 MB
standard SIMMs. An IDE hard disk (540 MB or greater) is optional for resident fonts and form storage, job spooling, and expanded virtual memory. Up to three external hard disks can be daisy-chained to the printer's SCSI connection.

The combination of advanced technology and well-thought-out design creates a printer that is distinguished by its:

Standard print quality is 600 X 600 dpi, with 1200 X 1200 dpi available with the simple addition of a high-resolution daughterboard. Certain page sizes or duplex may require additional memory. To help ensure that the LN20 will perform reliably and well day after day, a one-year on-site warranty and a range of service plans are available from Digital Equipment Corporation's worldwide service and support organization. The LN20 is also environmentally efficient and complies with Energy Star standards.

Ease of use
Whatever the job and its requirements, the LN20 delivers results with impressive ease of use for novice and experienced users. The LN20 uses standard office paper and letterhead through input cassettes. A multipurpose tray supports approved transparency material, laser-quality labels, heavy paper stocks, and envelopes. The LN20's automatic jam recovery means that the printer will automatically reprint jammed pages. Ease of use also extends to maintenance with a single-component, dry toner cartridge ensuring clean, easy replacement.

Graphical printer management
Management of the LN20 is as easy as point and click. For users, advanced graphical Windows drivers provide easy point-and-click selections for enhanced image control and fast printing performance. Special Windows utilities also facilitate "serverless printing" by allowing print jobs to bypass the network server entirely, significantly reducing network traffic and server degradation. The LN20 also has a text-based remote console, allowing system managers to connect to the printer using a standard Telnet? - application and perform configuration and management tasks.

For system managers, the LN20 includes print management software, a uniform graphical tool used to monitor, configure, manage, and retrieve information on multiple SNMP-based printers in a distributed network. The print management software runs on a Windows 95 or Windows NT system, and will support Web browser capability in a future version. With print management software, system managers can easily target some or all of their network and identify specific network printers and, with a few mouse clicks, retrieve printer version, printer options, and recent fault information. Plus, the print management software makes it easy for administrators to quickly modify printer settings.

The DIGITAL DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) offers powerful PostScript? printing for DIGITAL OpenVMS VAX and Alpha environments, as well as for PC and Macintosh systems (via PATHWORKS). The DECprint Supervisor supports many applications and printers from multiple vendors. It automatically detects multiple printer languages, and translates them to PostScript. And it increases desktop printer control, adds sophisticated output features, and promotes greater user productivity.

An impressive array of resident fonts
42 resident PostScript fonts, 45 scalable and 6 bitmap HP PCL? 5e fonts, and 40 HP-GL/2 fonts, including:

    Avant Garde (normal, demi, oblique, demi oblique)
    Bookman (light, light italic, demi, demi italic)
    Courier (normal, bold, oblique, bold oblique)
    Helvetica (normal, bold, oblique, bold oblique)
    Helvetica Narrow (normal, bold, oblique, bold oblique)
    Helvetica Condensed (normal, bold, oblique, bold oblique)
    New Century Schoolbook (normal, italic, bold, bold italic)
    Palatino (normal, italic, bold, bold italic)
    Times Roman (normal, italic, bold, bold italic)
    Zapf Chancery (medium italic)
    Zapf Dingbats
    Letter Gothic ML
    Letter Gothic US
    OCR B
    Symbol set
TrueType? font support in PostScript and PCL, plus support for Type 1 and Type 3 downloaded PostScript fonts.

Speed  20 ppm 
Processors  64-bit NEC Vr4300 RISC/100 MHz
Resolution  600 X 600 dpi, 1200 X 1200 dpi optional
Duty cycle  Up to 50,000 pages per month
Memory  32 MB (upgradable to 128 MB)
Protocols/interfaces  Bidirectional parallel; Ethernet Network Interface card supporting TCP/IP, IPX/SPX for Novell NetWare, EtherTalk, SCSI
Optional  Serial
Printer languages  PostScript Level 2 and PCL 5e
Duplex  Optional
Fonts  42 PostScript TrueType
45 scalable and 6 bitmap PCL 5e 
Paper handling  (1) 150-sheet multipurpose tray
(1) 500-sheet letter or A4 tray
(1) Lower paper feeder with choice of  500-sheet letter/A4 tray or 250-sheet universal tray*
(1) 500-sheet face-down output tray
Paper types/sizes
Letter  8.5 in X 11 in/216 mm X 279 mm 
Legal  8.5 in X 14 in/216 mm X 356 mm 
Executive  7.25 in X 10.5 in/184 mm X 267 mm 
A4    8.3 in X 11.7 in/210 mm X 297 mm 
A3  11.7 in X 16.5 in/297 mm X 420 mm 
A5  5.8 in X 8.3 in/148 mm X 210 mm 
B4  10.1 in X 14.3 in/257 mm X 483 mm 
Universal  13 in X 19 in/330 mm X 484 mm 
B5  10.1 in X 7.2 in/257 mm X 182 mm 
Transparency  8.5 in X 11 in/216 mm X 279 mm letter,
8.3 in X 11.7 in/210 mm X 297 mm A4 
Ledger  11 in X 17 in/279 mm X 432 mm 
12 X 19  12 in X 19.5 in/205 mm X 495 mm 
Statement  5.5 in X 8.5 in/140 mm X 216 mm 
Postcard  3.94 in X 5.83 in/100 mm X 148 mm 
C5  6.375 in X 9.014 in/162 mm X 229 mm 
8.5 X 13  8.5 in X 13 in/216 mm X 330 mm 
Envelope 4.1 in X 9.5 in, 4 in X 7.7 in, 6.6 in X 9.3 in,
4.5 in X 8.9 in, 6.93 in X 9.76 in/105 mm X 241 mm,
98.5 mm X 191 mm, 162 mm X 229 mm, 
110 mm X 220 mm, 176 mm X 248 mm
Paper weights  60 g/m(2) to 90 g/m(2) (16 to 24 lb)
Up to 42 lb (157 g/m(2) through multipurpose tray)
Noise  Operating 53dBA, standby 38dBA
Power requirements  08 to 132V/60 Hz +or- 3% 
750 W max., 30 W sleep (U.S./Japan)
207 to 253V/50 Hz +or- 3%
750 W max., 30 W sleep (Europe)
Temperature  50 to 95 F (10 to 35 C) operating 15% to 85% relative humidity
Weight  Base machine -- 23 kg/51 lb (unpacked)
Dimensions  Base machine -- 21.5 in X 15.1 in X 15.9 in/
            545 mm X 383 mm X 403 mm
Accessories and supplies
Toner Cartridge  LN20X-AA
500-sheet feeder with letter tray  LN20X-TA 
500-sheet feeder with A4 tray LN20X-TB 
250-sheet feeder with universal tray  LN20X-TC 
250-sheet universal tray  LN20X-TH 
500-sheet letter tray  LN20X-TE 
500-sheet A4 tray  LN20X-TF
Interface cards
Serial interface  LN20X-SI
Other options
Duplex  LN20X-DA 
Security key  LN20X-FS 
Alert box  LN20X-FA 
Internal hard disk  LN20X-HD 
High resolution daughterboard  LN20X-FR

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