Feb (02-05) - Enter Lenovo

February, 2005 Editorial

So, IBM exits the PC business, and HP seems to be choking on its Compaq purchase. I'm glad we didn't hang our hats on the PC business! What equipment does big blue even manufacture anymore?

>As mentioned in this space before, IBM has STILL has problems with delivery of its 4247 family of printers. I had expected an announcement by now with news of their new direction. Their reliance on a single manufacturer hurt them before, and I believe it would be in their best interests to even acquire a company (Psi would be a great choice in my opinion). If you still need IPDS ethernet matrix printers, consider our IBM 4224 and 4230 upgrades. Even Genicom and Tally gear has dried up a bit on the used/refurb market. TallyGenicom sells their own equipment as "factory refurbished", and they do an excellent job, but their prices are a bit steep.

I heard of a specific end user who, in an effort to maintain uniformity (here-here), displaced over 1500 IBM laser printers to replace with newer ones. Seems like a mighty steep price to pay, and an enormous logistic puzzle with all those hundreds of locations, but the customer is always right! Whoever lost that toner deal is probably crying right now. I have yet to see them appear on the third party market yet, so there is still no impact other than anecdotal.

Activity since the first of the year is generally up and we hope to sustain the increased traffic as we recover (collectively) from the recession we endured. Markets on many products have gotten tighter and many large packages that had come to market over the past several years have been reabsorbed. By and large, net economic growth can put a strain on supplies. We're doing our very best to keep overhead down, but we cannot single handedly control the vast market. In a mature industry such as ours it is incumbent on the major players to maintain a stable and predictable market in order to continuously supply the end-user base. We are doing our part.

We recently upgraded our "music on hold system". We've tried advertising and marketing in a myriad of ways over the past 25 years, so we'll see if this gets any feedback. Teresa Windsor has taken on some more responsibility in tackling production and management of our technical and refurb center in Clawson, MI. We've all but stopped moving equipment in there until we can get it caught up, cleaned up, shaped up, and ready for a fresh start. With all the junk and carcasses that have accumulated over the years, it will be refreshing to get it parted down and cleared out. Meanwhile, our inventories at locations in Illinois, Dallas, Atlanta, and Michigan continue to make equipment available in a smooth and predictable fashion.

For many years we have taken the initiative to help all callers resolve technical issues, regardless of where the equipment came from. We feel that the good will generated by our helpfulness should pay off in the long run. Please support our efforts to help you by sourcing your equipment though Argecy.

Here's the latest hots and nots:
Sweet spots:
IBM 4000-id3/id4 Venerable printer with excellent Roll Systems attachment options (ID3: PAGE COUNT = 25,777,683 W/FEATURES: 4840, 9403, 9410, 4404, 4540, 4481; ID4: COUNT 25,933,478 W/FEATURES: 4840,8524,9410,9941,9993,4367,4540,4540,9470)
IBM 2770-001 InfoPrint 70. We have one of only a couple in the market now.
IBM 4332-001 32ppm workhorse beats all comers for least cost per page. NEW IN BOX units available
Also have some MICR 4332-004's.
IBM 6400-012, -015, Units sitting with most features.
IBM 1352n and
1352 (4528-n01, 4528-001) over 250 pieces sitting NEW IN BOX below dealer cost.
IBM 4322-001 These were a very hot commodity, but we have several and are dealing.
We have a "plethora" of IBM 4230-102's. Most others are fairly tight
Lexmark 2480 - fast and durable desktop narrow carriage impact printer
Lexmark Optra E 4026-070 cute 8ppm desktop laser
Lexmark Optra E310 - more just in
Lexmark Optra M410 - more just in
Lexmark Optra S1250, 1255, 1855s lots and lots sitting (most with ethernet).
Lexmark Optra S1625 16ppm laser at a great value, Huge quantity of units sitting now.
Lexmark Optra S2455 -- 24ppm laser, ov
er 80 pieces sitting. Bring your deals.
Lexmark Optra Se3455 -
34 pages per minute and cheap-to-keep (16)
Lexmark T612's -- over 200 units in stock now. Ask about ethernet upgrades.
Lexmark T614's -- lots o' machines
Lexmark T522's - over 350 pieces in stock now.
Lexmark T620 and T620n's - 23 in stock now.
Lexmark T630's -- over 150 units in stock now! Ask about ethernet upgrades.
Lexmark Optra W810 - 35ppm and 11x17 in a very solid printer. Bring your deals.
Lexmark Ethernet print servers (over 100)... less than each!!
Lexmark 4227plus - fast ASCII impact printer
More trays and drawers for above lasers than I care to admit....

Multifunction upgrades for IBM and Lexmark machines (we have a few)
Lexmark Optra T622 - we have one left
Lexmark Optra T616's
IBM 1100 series (1120, 1125, 1130, 1140). We have a few of each
IBM 1145 (45xx series) - We have one
IBM 1312 - none :(
IBM 4247-003 - We have less than 5
IBM 4247-V03 - None :(
IBM 4230 twinax and coax.
IBM 4232-302 - three left....(but supposed to have 14 more showing up any time now...)
IBM 4224-1e3 twinax - none Check out https:www.argecy.com/Specials.html David T. Mendelson
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