Apr (04-03) - Everything new is old

April 21, 2003 Editorial

Converting to TCP/IP from SNA? Check out this overview for printers: www.argecy.com/Connectivity.html
We have added the ability to purchase certain of our products on-line. Check out https://www.argecy.com/Specials.html. I'll be working on adding more as time allows.
If you run an S/390 shop, check out the white paper: Moving From Coax (3270) or Twinax (5250) SNA to TCP/IP Ethernet for Host Connectivity: A Strategic Guide to Implementation

Following the shocking court decision regarding the Lexmark toner, Lexmark and IBM have announced yet another round of printers. The model numbers only add to the confusion. Seems like there is a lot of overlap and redundancy. The entry level laser printer is now over 20ppm...Dell's new printers present a new skin to existing Lexmark gear. It is just a matter of time until Unisys and Decision Data follow suit with their "new" versions... Rumor has it that there is a HUGE package of late model Lexmark Optra S series gear coming out. The biggest single problem is where to store it all-- almost 1,800 machines!...Speaking of large quantities, you may recall that last month over 2,000 pieces of Lexmark 2380-003's came out. The market has bottomed out so come and get 'em. There are still hundreds of the Optra S 1855's available in the market, but most of the huge package that came out were in pretty bad shape. Thank goodness, ours are in great shape.... I still haven't seen any used 6400-020's in the market, nor have I seen and of the "i" series trade yet.

Genicom and Printer Systems International (PSi) have announced new entrants in the impact printer market. The PP803 competes nicely with the Printek 852 in the heavy-duty narrow carriage impact market.... I'm looking forward to the PSi road tour next month.... As reported here before, Output Technology Corp (OTC) has ended their production of the Trimatrix series of impact printers. Instead they now resell the same CompuPrint engine sold already by IBM, Genicom, Decision Data, etc. Same engine in them all.... Looks like PSi, Tally, Printek, Epson, Okidata, and CompuPrint are the desktop impact printer manufacturers left standing.... Tally has some nice products, but are only available in steady supply as new machines.

ComputerLab International (CLI) has announced another in their fine line of thin client and terminal products. The et5000n looks like a home run. Supports all the usual thin-client functions with a mature set of emulation clients and superior wireless support. With all the entrants in the fast-growing thin-client world, only a few will survive. I like CLI, Wyse, DT Research and Igel (a linux client).

IBM's 2074 continues to be very tight. The IDG 9074 is a cost effective and superior choice when 3174's need "tending". The security issues that include encryption are included in the 9074 but must be acquired separately as another PC server running software on another platform.

There are two venues of interest to S/390 shops. zJournal and IBM's eSeries magazines offer much needed forums for that market. I have found too little emphasis given by the media on the AS/400 (iSeries) and S/390 (zSeries). There has been increasing interest in consolidation of computing assets back to "the mainframe" we have witnessed over the past few years; I'm surprised it has taken this long. I only wish the schools would educate our young people on the huge advantages to centralized processing. The internet model of computing architecture plainly favors an efficient use of fast processors without the dependence on a PC-centered front end. If all we need is a browser, then we are (happily) endorsing a terminal-based model.

We are pleased to welcome seasoned veteran Jim Hill as senior sales rep at Argecy. With over 30 years professional experience, we have great plans! Also I though I should mention some ten-and-over anniversaries this year:
Sue Bosanko - VP of sales = 15 years
Teresa Windsor - Director of Operations = 13 years
Pat Baldwin - Accounting = 12 years
Dave Cooper - Production = 11 years

Good supply:
IBM 4224-201 - you can add internal ethernet to these and they last forever.
IBM 4230-201,102, 202, 4i3, 5i3 - have some new and some used on this current generation gear. (check out the internal ethernet for the 4230 family)
IBM 4232-302 Fantastic durable ASCII printer
IBM 4317-001 ? still whittling down the huge supply
IBM 4320-001's. -- 38 left from that big package
IBM 4324-001's. -- 24ppm and up to 11x17 with IPDS, etc
IBM 6262- all models except the "A" machines (I have one 6262-A22)
IBM 6400-015's 8 units from lease with 4830 and Code V IGP
Genicom 3470 ? New in box = less than the IBM gets for theirs. Only 6 left!!
Lexmark 2380-003's - Over 2000 hit the market last month!
Lexmark Optra 1855?s ? over 75 pieces sitting (most with ethernet)
Lexmark Optra E --6ppm desktop lasers are a steal at @ with supplies
Lexmark internal and external print servers-- at least 150 of each.
Lexmark Optra T610, T614, T522, T620. I expect more machines to come to market as a result of the Lexmark decision.
Printek 4503 Great metal printer with multi-tractors for multiple forms

Some still in stock:
1) IBM 4332-001 InfoPrint 32
1) IBM 4332-004 InfoPrint 40
1) IBM 4912-001 IBM InfoPrint 12's
8) IBM 4322-001 IBM InfoPrint 21's

IBM 6262-A models (everyone wants ASCII-- I have one 6262-A22)
IBM 6252 all models, especially A models.
10/100 Ethernets for IBM NP series