Epson DFX8000


Epson DFX 8000 Printer

Epson DFX-8000 Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

Printhead9-pin impact dot matrix
High Speed Draft Mode1066 characters per second
Normal Speed Draft
10 characters per inch
800 characters per second
12 characters per inch
960 characters per second
Normal Letter Quality Speed
10 characters per inch
160 characters per second
12 characters per inch
192 characters per second
Emulation:Epson DFX 5000
FX-1050 (FX-850)
FX-286e (FX-86e)
FX-1000 (EX-800)
FX-185 (FX-85)
FX-100 (FX-80 )
FX-100 (FX-80)
Standard Printer
Draft Printer
If you plan to user IBM emulation mode, select one of the following printers, listed in order of preference:

IBM Proprinter XL
IBM Graphics Printer
IBM Printer

Paper InputSingle-Part, Multi-Part, Continuous forms, Cut Sheet, Card Stock, Envelopes, Labels
Number of CopiesInterleaf/Carbonless 6 copies
Thickness0.028", (0.70 mm)
Paper FeedingPush Tractor, ( Pull Tractor-optional)
MTBF6000 Power-on hours (25% duty cycle)
Printhead Life 400 million characters at 14 dots/character

Physical Installation
The DFX 8000 printer is a very easy printer to set up, but due to the fact that it is a very high-speed machine, special care must be taken to ensure that a proper path is established. Epson printer stand model 8502 is specially designed to accommodate this printer, and its use is recommended but not required. This stand provides a catch bin and a paper supply shelf large enough to hold paper for both the front and rear tractors, as well as detents, which hold the printer securely in place.

If this stand is not used, make sure that the paper supply to both tractors is properly aligned (no skewing to either side) and that the paper exiting does not interfere with the rear paper supply. Also ensure that the power and interface cable are routed away from both incoming and exiting paper.

Software Installation
The DFX 8000 is code-compatible with the Epson FX printer series, and therefore it will perform properly with virtually all popular software. Most software provides EPSON FX printer support, but programs that do not have an FX driver should work properly in LX, RX, MX, or when Epson drivers are selected.

The Epson DFX-8000 was launched in May 1990 and introduced alongside the DFX-5000 as a heavier duty printer, offering double the print speed using a newly designed printhead with two rows of 9 pins. The printer also incorporated printhead jump capabilities which enabled it to handle paper thickness variations throughout a single print run. Software switching between tractors was also included.

Product Controls: EPSON DFX-8000

Printer's Self-Test - LINE FEED/LOAD + Power-On (Draft) or FORM FEED/COPY + Power-On (NLQ)

Hex Dump Mode - LINE FEED/LOAD + FORM FEED/COPY + Power-On

Paper Park - Press FRONT/REAR button until continuous paper feeds backward to the paper park position

Microfeed Forward - Press MICROFEED UP button to move the paper forward

Microfeed Backward - Press MICROFEED DOWN button to move the paper backward

DIP Switches

The printer has three sets of DIP (Dual In-line Package) switches located between the front tractor sprockets. These switches control certain printer functions and default settings, the details of which are listed below.

Switch No.FunctionUp (On)Down (Off)
SW1-2 Slashed ZeroValidInvalid
SW1-3ESC/P - Code TableGraphicItalic
SW1-4Protocol ModeIBMESC/P
SW1-5Print Quality NLQDraft
SW1-6Character SetSee Character Table
SW1-7Character SetSee Character Table
SW1-8Character SetSee Character Table
SW2-1ESC/P Default CGUser DefinedROM
SW2-2Draft Print Speed800cps 1066cps
SW2-3Serial I/F Bit Length78
SW2-4 Auto-line feedAuto LFNo LF
SW2-5Interface SelectionSee Interface Table
SW2-6Interface Selection See Interface Table
SW2-7Baud RateSee Baud Rate Table
SW2-8Baud RateSee Baud Rate Table
SW3-2Form Length12"11"
SW3-31" Skip-over PerforationValidInvalid
SW3-4Paper Memory FunctionMemory 2 Memory 1
SW3-5Multi-part Overlapped FormsValidInvalid
SW3-6Multi-part Forms with LabelValidInvalid
SW3-7Skip Over BindingValidInvalid

Changes to DIP switch settings in IBM emulation mode. (When DIP switch SW1-4 is set to ON)

Switch No.FunctionUp (On) Down (Off)
SW1-3Carriage ReturnInvalidValid
SW1-6Character SetIf all ON CG Table 1, any other combination:
SW1-7Character SetCG Table 2
SW1-8Character SetCG Table 2
SW2-1FF Command At Top Of Form Position ValidInvalid

Character Table

Character SetSW1-6SW1-7SW1-8

Interface Table

8-bit ParallelOFFOFF
Serial - OddOFFON
Serial - EvenONOFF
Serial - NoneONON

Baud Rate Table

Baud RateSW2-7SW2-8
4,800 OFFON
1,200ON OFF

I was printing labels and one of the labels peeled off. Now my paper won't feed. Can I remove the platen to get the label out?

No, you cannot remove the platen from the printer. If you press the FRONT/REAR button to select the paper path and the label does not appear on the platen for you to remove, you will need to have the printer serviced. When printing labels, it is recommended that you only print with the front push tractor and do not reverse feed the labels. Labels have a tendency to curl and peel off underneath the platen when being fed through the rear push tractor.

What is the paper memory feature?

The paper memory feature allows the printer to remember special form layout, such as hospital patient invoices with a label attached or overlapped edges. Up to two forms can be kept in memory for the front tractor. Please refer to Chapter 3 page 20 of your User's Manual for operation details.

What is the optional paper cutter?

The optional paper cutter was designed to fit in the printer and allow either manual or software code changing of paper paths. The cutter was not designed for precise, perforation cutting or for use with special forms. For more information on this option, please see Chapter 5 page 19 of the User's Manual.

My software program doesn't have a driver for the FX-8000. What printer driver should I choose?

The DFX-5000 is the best choice if the DFX-8000 is not listed. You can also use the FX-850/1050, FX-86e/286e, EX-800/1000, FX-85/185, FX-80+/100+, FX-80/100