Epson FX1180


Epson FX-1180 Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

Printing Method9 pin, Impact dot matrix
Print DirectionBidirectional logic-seeking for text and graphics printing and unidirectional text or graphics printing via software commands
Print Speed
High Speed Draft
High Speed Draft
Near letter-quality

455 cps (12 cpi)
410 cps (10 cpi)
310 cps (10 cpi)
77 cps (10 cpi)
Character Sets 11 character tables, NLSP 19 character tables, 13 international character sets
Resident Bit-Mapped Fonts (cpi)EPSON High Speed Draft 10 cpi
EPSON Draft 10, 12 cpi, 15 cpi
EPSON NLQ Roman 10, 12 cpi, 15 cpi, proportional
EPSON NLQ Sans Serif 10, 12 cpi, 15 cpi, proportional
8 Bar Code Fonts EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code-39, Code-128, POSTNET
Column Width
High Speed Draft
10 cpi, 12 cpi
10, 12, 15 cpi
Draft condensed
17, 20 cpi
Draft emphasized
10 cpi
10, 12, 15 cpi

136, 163

136, 163

233, 272


136, 163, 204

Paper Feeding
Friction feed:
Push tractor feed:
Push & pull tractor feed:
Pull tractor feed:

Paper paths
Manual insertion:

Front, rear
Front, rear
Front, rear
Front, rear, bottom
Front push tractor, rear push tractor, CSF

Front or rear in, top out
Rear in, top out
Front, rear, bottom in, top out

Advanced Paper Handling

Micro-adjustment for top-of-form and tear-off mode, paper parking for loading single sheet paper without removing continuous paper. Optional: additional push/pull tractor, standard-capacity cut sheet feeder, high-capacity cut sheet and envelope feeder, and front sheet guide, roll paper holder
Paper Handling:

Single sheets:
Rear loading
Front loading
No. 6 envelopes
No. 10envelopes
Roll paper

Continuous multipart, original plus 5 carbonless copies; maximum thickness 0.018 inches (.46mm)

5.8" to 16.5"
5.8" to 16.5"
4.0" to 16.0"
6.5" to 3.6"
9.5" to 4.1"
2.5" x .94" (min)

Input Buffer32KB or 0KB
Interface (Standard)Bidirectional parallel interface (IEEE-1284 nibble mode supported); optional Type B interface
EmulationEPSON ESC/P, IBM 2381 +

21.2 lbs.
Electrical Requirements120V AC 10%; 49.5 to 60.5Hz; 120 VA maximum Rated Current: 1.8 Amp, Energy Star compliant
Operational EnvironmentTemperature: 41 - 95F
Humidity: 10% - 80% non-condensing
Hardware FeaturesControl panel selection of: power, fonts, pause, paper feed, top-of-form adjustment, paper parking, tear-off, default feature setting
Sound Level55 dB(A)
Fabric RibbonBlack - approximately 3 million characters (Draft 10 cpi, 14 dots/character)
Reliability/Life Expectancy
Total print volume
Print head
6.5 million lines (except print head)
10,000 POH @ 25%, 35% coverage
200 million characters @ 14 dots per character
25% duty cycle
Optional AccessoriesC238001: Printer
C800211: Additional Pull Tractor Unit

Cut sheet feeders:
C806401: High capacity/envelope
C806391: Single bin

Interfaces - Type B:
C823622: Multiprotocol Series 2 Type B Ethernet Print Server
C823642: Multiprotocol 10/100 Base-TX Type B Ethernet Print Server(with AC adapter)
C823051: Serial Type B
C823071: Serial w/32KB Buffer
C823452: Bidirectional Parallel
C823151: Type B Twinax interface
C823141: Type B Coax interface

8755: Fabric
8758: Fabric Refil
8310: Roll Paper Holder

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