Epson LQ680Pro Flatbed Printer



Printing 413 cps in High-Speed Draft mode, the Epson LQ-680Pro creates letter-quality results on forms up to six parts thick. Thirty-eight percent faster than its predecessor, the popular Epson LQ-670, this economical printer races through your mission critical tasks like printing tickets, receipts, checks, labels, and more.

It's straight paper path and flatbed feed design offer more efficient printing - without causing paper jams that can waste valuable time and damage high-cost forms. But, what's especially reassuring about the Epson LQ-680Pro is its advanced APG (Automatic Platen Gap) technology. Sensing the thickness of multiple-part forms, it automatically adjusts the position of the print head to prevent damage to the pins from unnecessary force.

A perfect replacement to the Epson LQ-670 or other flatbed printers, the Epson LQ-680Pro is compatible with most software applications and integrates easily into most network platforms. With a mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) rating of 10,000 power-on hours (POH), twice that of the Epson LQ-670, the Epson LQ-680Pro offers extremem durability. And, it has a 400-million storkes / wire print head rating.

With exceptional paper handling capabilities, dual paper paths and eight bar-code fonts, this energy-efficient printer is the perfect solution for your busy workgroup. It gives you speed and durability, without sacrificing performance. For state-of-the-art technology, application flexibility and quality that will last, choose the Epson LQ-680Pro, from the world leader in impact printers.

Printing Method: 24-pin, impact dot matrix

Print Direction: Bi-directional with logic seeking

Print Speed:
High Speed Draft: 413 at 10 cpi
Draft: 310 at 10 cpi
Letter Quality: 103 cps at 10 cpi

Characters & Lines

Character Sets:
13 standard version
39 NLSP version
14 international character sets

Resident Bitmapped Fonts:
Epson Draft 10 cpi, 12 cpi, 15 cpi
Epson Roman 10 cpi, 12 cpi, 15 cpi, Proportional
Epson Sans Serif 10 cpi, 12 cpi, 15 cpi, Proportional
Epson Courier 10 cpi, 12 cpi, 15 cpi
Epson Prestige 10 cpi, 12 cpi
Epson Script 10 cpi
Epson OCR-B 10 cpi
Epson Orator 10 cpi
Epson Orator-S 10 cpi
Epson Script C Proportional

Scalable Fonts:
Epson Roman 8 to 32 points (every 2 pt)
Epson Sans Serif 8 to 32 points (every 2 pt)
Epson Roman T 8 to 32 points (every 2 pt)
Epson Sans Serif H 8 to 32 points (every 2 pt)

Bar Code Fonts: EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128, Postnet

Line Spacing: 1/6" or programmable in increments of 1/360"

Paper Handling

Cut Sheets:
Single sheet
Front entry, manual insertion
Width: 3.5" to 12"
Length: 2.8" to 16.5"
Thickness: .0025" to .0074"
Cut sheet multipart
Front entry, manual insertion
Width: 3.5" to 12"
Length: 2.8" to 16.5" (line glue on one side of the form, 11.7" maximum)
Thickness: .0047" to .018"
Copies: 1 original + 5 copies

No. 6, No. 10
Thickness .0063" to .0205"

Continuous paper
Width 4" to 12"
Length (one page) 3" to 22"
Thickness .0025" to .018"
Copies 1 original + 5 copies
Continuous forms with labels
Base sheet width 4" to 12"
Base sheet length 3" to 22"
Total thickness .0075"

Roll paper:
Width 8.5"
Thickness .0028" to .0035"

Paper Feed Mechanism:
Feeding method
Friction feed (front manual, rear cut sheet feeder)
Push tractor feed (rear)
Rear push tractor
Cut sheet feeder bin1 / bin2 (option)
Roll paper holder (option)

Paper Feed Speed:
64 millisecond per 1/6"
5" per second continuous feed

Paper Path:
Manual insertion (front in, front out)
Cut sheet feeder (rear in, front out)
Tractor (rear in, front out)

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Software Drivers: Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows NT 3.51/4.0

Printer Language: ESC / P2, IBM 2390 Plus emulation

Interface: Bi-directional 8-bit parallel interface (IEEE-1284 Nibble Mode supported), Type-B interface slot option

Input Buffer: 64 KB

Control Panel: Functions: Font, pause, tear off, LF / FF, load / eject, micro adjust, self test, data dump and the default settings

Sound Level: 55 dB(A)

Rated voltage : AC 120 V

Input voltage range: AC 99 - 132 V

Rated frequency range: 50 - 60 Hz

Input frequency range: 49.5 - 60.5 Hz

Dimensions : 19.6" x 15.2" x 9" (W x D x H)

Weight: 20.7 lbs


Total Print Volume: 20 million lines (except print head)

MTBF: 10,000 POH (25% duty cycle)

Print head life: 400 million strokes / wire

Ribbon life: Black fabric cartridge: 2 million characters (LQ mode, 10 cpi, 48 dots / character)