ExtendNet 100d


ExtendNet 100d is an external Fast Ethernet (10Base-T and 100Base-T) multi-protocol print server that connects up to two parallel printers anywhere on the network. With simultaneous support for Novell NetWare NDS & NDPS, TCP/IP, EtherTalk, Windows NT and Windows 95/98/ME/2000, you can be sure your needs are covered today and tomorrow.

Integration With Your Printer Management Strategy

ExtendNet 100d delivers built-in compatibility with your choice of enterprise, LAN or user management tools. Our Open Management Architecture provides the ability to monitor printers at any management level with unprecedented ease and vision.

Features such as full support for HP JetAdmin/Web JetAdmin and a snap-in utility for Novell's NWAdmin are just a few examples of how ExtendNet 100d seamlessly integrates into your existing network environment. And with our powerful ExtendView and WebView utilities, you have many versatile options to manage your network printing. So no matter what your network management plan, TROY will support your strategy.

Investment Guarantee

ExtendNet 100d automatically detects 10Base-T or 100Base-T network segments which future-proofs your network environment. TROY print servers are upgradeable protecting you as your network grows and changes. ExtendNet 100s contains Flash memory, enabling you to download product enhancements from a single location, saving valuable time.

In addition, with our unique Trade-in/Trade-up program, you can trade in your current 10Base-T print servers for a significant discount off a new ExtendNet 100d product.

Performance. Security. Quality.

  Allows for future-proofing by delivering connections for both 10Base-T and 100Base-T networks
  Connects up to two printers for the price of one
  Simultaneously supports Novell NetWare NDS & NDPS, TCP/IP, EtherTalk, Windows NT, and Windows 95/98/ME/2000
  All protocols are active simultaneously
  Supports HP JetAdmin/Web JetAdmin
  Compatible with your choice of enterprise, LAN or user management tools
  Supports Flash memory upgrades

100d Print Server and software solutions that address Bluetooth and 802.11b, which are the two emerging industry standards for short-distance wireless communications within a single building.

Network Ports:
  Supports unshielded twisted-pair RJ45 (10Base-T or 100Base-TX) connections with Auto-Negotiation
  Automatically senses IEEE 802.3, Ethernet II, IEEE 802.2 and IEEE 802.2/SNAP frame formats (Novell NetWare only)

TCP/IP and Windows NT mode
  Supports lpr/lpd network printing protocol
  Supports raw printer port (for example, Port 9100)
  Supports load balanced printing between 2 or more printers
  Supports SNMP V1, MIB II
  Includes ExtendView for easy Windows-based IP address assignment
  Supports logical printer feature
  Provides IP Security for limiting administrator and user privileges
  Job log feature with WebView
  Integrated Serverless printing through Windows 95/98/ME/2000

NetWare mode
  Simultaneously supports Novell NetWare, NDS & NDPS
  Supports load balanced printing between 2 or more printers
  Supports packet signatures, checksums and aliasing
  Supports dedicated print server and remote printer modes
  Supports encrypted passwords
  Supports up to eight file servers and up to 32 queues
  Supports automatic file server reattachment
  Supports forms printing and automatic font downloading

EtherTalk mode
  Supports Macintosh System 6.X, 7.X, 8.X, 9.X
  Supports EtherTalk Phase 2
  Requires printer with IEEE 1284-bidirectional parallel port and PostScript

Level 2
  Supports Apple LaserWriter driver 8.X and above

Seamless Integration into Existing Management Platform
  Support for HP's JetAdmin and WebJetAdmin enabling HP environments to manage TROY print servers with HPs management tools
  Novell's NWAdmin snap-in utility allows management using same utility already used for entire Novell network
  Enhanced NDPS Printer Control and Gateway snap-in provides simplified installation and management in an NDPS environment
  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) printer alerts send an e-mail notification of printer errors
  Supports any PC based SNMP application
  Supports Novell ManageWise
  Supports Private MIB

LAN Administration Tools
 ExtendView  32-bit utility allowing most versatility and functionality available in network printing. Ability to view and configure print servers from unlimited number of views and quick and easy Windows IP address assignment are 2 key benefits. Features such as bulk configuration allow configuration changes for multiple print servers with simple steps. Save and restore feature allows a standard configuration to be saved and later recalled to restore same configuration
  WebView  web based configuration tool allows complete status and configuration changes simply by typing the print servers IP address into a standard web browser
  NetworkAlert specialized Windows printer error utility providing proactive notification of printer problems through the use of SNMP traps
  ExtendNet Connect  serverless (peer-to-peer) printing for Windows 95/98/ME/2000.

Excellent tool for small businesses and remote offices
  ExtendNet Connect NT  performance enhanced port monitor helps to improve the speed of data flow to the printer

Output Ports:
  2 bidirectional, high performance IEEE-1284 Centronics parallel port which support ECP