ExtendNet 100zx


Xtnd100ZxMPN ESI-2998A

ExtendNet 100zx is a Fast Ethernet multi-environment print server for up to six printers. ExtendNet 100zx simultaneously supports Novell NetWare, NDS & NDPS, TCP/IP, Windows NT, Windows 95/98 and Banyan VINES.

By offering both 10Base-T and 100Base-T connections and incorporating auto-sensing capability, ExtendNet 100zx provides flexibility for environments that plan to migrate or have partially migrated to Fast Ethernet.

For IT managers who want a centrally located print server solution, the ExtendNet 100zx wiring closet design provides the ultimate in security and makes print server deployment and management simpler and more efficient.

Plus, ExtendNet 100zx comes complete with a rack mountable enclosure allowing for easy installation and flexibility in the wiring closet.

Extended Systems has developed new Z-Link technology allowing high-speed parallel data transmission over your existing Ethernet cabling. With Z-Link bi-directional parallel technology incorporated into the print stream

Data Transfer Rate 100 Mbps

Form Factor External

Interface Parallel

Connectivity Wired

Cabling Type Ethernet 100Base-TX Ethernet 10Base-T

Platform PC Unix Mac

Other Features
Data Link Protocol Ethernet EtherTalk Fast Ethernet

Remote Management Protocol HTTP SNMP 1