ExtendNet DX


Extended Systems ExtendNet DX (ESI-2822C)

ExtendNet DX multi-protocol network print server family offers the latest in network printing technologies. With support for Novell NetWare, NDS & NDPS, TCP/IP, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, EtherTalk, LAN Manager, LAN Server and Banyan VINES, Extended Systems has the solution for your environment

ExtendNet DX supports up to two printers simultaneously in an Ethernet or Token-Ring environment.

ExtendNet DX is printer independent and therefore can connect any parallel printer to the network. This allows you the flexibility to implement printers that meet your needs without being concerned about network print services.

In addition, with ExtendNet DX you can print simultaneously from multiple network protocols. ExtendNet DX provides the performance, flexibility and convenience required in today's complex network printing environments.

Key Features
Data Transfer Rate 16 Mbps

Form Factor External

Interface Parallel

Connectivity Wired

Platform PC

Data Link Protocol Token Ring

Remote Management Protocol SNMP