FUJITSU DL3850+ Printer



KA02012-C103 Lan Board for DL3750+/DL3850+
KA02012-C103 Lan Board for DL3750+/DL3850+
KA02012-C103 (New)

KA02086-C130 Lan Board for DL7400Pro/DL7600Pro
KA02086-C130 Lan Board for DL7400Pro/DL7600Pro
KA02086-C130 (New)

KA02013-C992 RS232C Board for DL3750+/DL3850+
KA02013-C992 RS232C Board for DL3750+/DL3850+
KA02013-C992 (New)

KA02086-C802 5 Million Character Ribbon for DL3750+, DL3850+, DL7400,DL7400Pro
  • Compact, low profile 136-column design
  • 24-pin printhead for high-quality output
  • High reliability
  • Ultra-low noise emissions – 49dBA
  • Wide connectivity through different printer models
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Model Name DL3750+ DL3850+
Printing Technology - NEW Compact Design Bi-directional with logical seeking
Print Head 24 wire, Impact Dot Matrix
Printing columns (10cpi) 80 136
Speed Letter Quality 113cps (10cpi), 135cps (12cpi) 113cps (10cpi), 135cps (12cpi)
Report Quality 225cps (10cpi), 270cps (12cpi) 225cps (10cpi), 270cps (12cpi)
Draft Quality 360cps (10cpi), 432cps (12cpi) 360cps (10cpi), 432cps (12cpi)
High Draft Quality 400cps (10cpi) ,480cps (12cpi) 448cps (10cpi), 537cps (12cpi)
Resolution 360x360d (Maximum Graphics Resolution, Under ESC/P Emulation only)
Copy Ability Original +4 copies
Max. paper thickness 0.35mm (0.014 inch)
Paper Feeding Continuous Form Push tractor, rear in, rear out
Cut Sheet Friction feed ,top in, top out
Line Feed Speed 60ms per 1/6" line
Form Feed Speed 5.6inch/sec
Continuous Form/Cut Sheet switch function Manual
Paper thickness adjust function Manual
Cut Sheet Width 102~267mm (4.0~10.5 inch) 102~420mm (4.0~16.5 inch)
Length 76~364mm (3.0~14.3 inch) 76~420mm (3.0~16.5 inch)
Continuous Form Width 102~267mm (4.0~10.5 inches) 102~420mm (4.0~16.5 inches)
Length Over 102mm (Over 4.0 inches) Over 102mm (Over 4.0 inches)
Interface Parallel IEEE1284 Nibble Mode
RS232C RS232C (25pin)
LAN (Optional card needed) 10BASE—T, 100 Base—TX , TCP/IP Protocol, Ethernet Print Server
Emulation Fujitsu DPL24C PLUS, Epson ESC/P2, IBM® XL24E
Character Sets Code pages 437, 850, 851, 852, 855, 860, 862, 863, 865, 866, ISO 8859—1,ECMA 94, USA, UK, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish 1 and 2, Hungarian 1 and 2, Slovenian 1 and 2, Mazowia 1 and 2, Polish 1 and 2, Latin 2 1 and 2, Latin P, PG-DHN, Elot 927, Lithuanian 1 and 2, Mik, Macedonian, PG—MAC, ABY, ABG, DEC GR, GREEK 1 1, HBR—OLD, HBR—DEC, ISO Turkish, ISO Latin, Kamenickyi and 2, Turkish I and 2, Elot 928, Cyrillic, RUSCII, Latin-9
Barcode Code 3 of 9, UPC Type A, UPC Type A with check character, Codabar (NW7), EANI3, EAN8, Industrial 2 of 5, Matrix2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128
Resident Fonts Bitmap font: Courier 10, Prestige Elite12, Boldface PS, Compressed, Draft 12, High—speed draft 12, OCR—B 10, OCR—A 10, Correspondence 10, PICAIO
Scalable font: Courier, Nimbus Sans®, Timeless
(Normal, Bold, Italic)
Input Buffer
Max. 128KB
Input Voltage
100V AC to 120V AC +/- 10%, single—phase, 50Hz to 60Hz

220V AC to 240V AC +/- 10%, single—phase, 50Hz to 60Hz
Consumption Waiting 10W or less 14W or less
Power Average
90W or less Max. 210W
Environmental Conditions
5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F), 20~80%RH
(WxDxH) 415x330x120mm (16.3x13.0x4.72inch)570x330x120mm (22.4x13.0x4.72inch)
Weight Approximately
7.3Kg (16lbs) Approximately 9.7Kg (19l)
Parallel Model (RSS32C Upgradeable)
Parallel + USB Model (LAN Upgradeable)
Parallel + RS232C Model
Option RS232C I/F Board
LAN Card
MTBF 20,000H (25% duty cycle), MTTR 0.3H
Printer Life
5 million Line—Feed or 5 years
Print Head
Print Head Life 400 million strokes (each wire)
Ink Ribbon Ribbon Life (Black)
5 million characters
Safety and EMI
Standard For Europe, North America and Asia Pacific