Genicom 4440XT


Genicom 4410XT Printer
Genicom 4440XT Shuttle Matrix Line Printer

  • Fast, quiet performance at 800 lines per minute.
  • Draft, data processing, new correspondence, near letter quality, bar codes, oversize characters, and high- speed graphics.
  • Fast, dependable paper handling.
  • Proven reliability for heavy duty cycle operations.
  • No preventative tenance required.
  • Advanced shuttle mechanism that is warranted for life.
  • Convenient long-life cartridge ribbon.
  • Unique user-replaceable print modules.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Attractive new features.
Designed for information processing, distribution networks, business computing systems, office networks and label printing applications.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Darker contrast ribbon for bar codes and OCR applications.
  • Fast and simple forms setup method.
  • On-the-fly paper positioning.
  • Unique "See n Set " Forms adjustment method.
  • Enhanced operator control panel graphics.
  • Attractive new colors.
Genicom 4440XT Speed and Style:The GENICOM 4440 XT offers 800 lpm high speed near letter quality printing. And these printing features such as dual sets of precision 6-pin tractors, a straight through paper path that makes paper loading a snap, and 20 in/sec paper slew. Graphic Improvements of the Genicom 4440XT:With up to 2400/4800 DLPM plot speed, both models feature high resolution graphics in several formats: P300/P600, ANSI X.64, line drawing graphics, block graphics, plot graphics, and plot codes, and full QMS Magnum capability. You'll find the GENICOM 4440xt meets all major industry bar code specifications. The Genicom 4440XT Printers Pays For Itself:Each GENICOM 4000 series printer is so remarkably tenance free, it can save enough to pay for itself. And replacement parts like the print actuators are operator replaceable.a feature unique to the GENICOM 4000 series. Genicom 4440XT Printing:
  • Technique: Impact, shuttle matrix
  • Character Set: 96 characters (ASCII/ISO) plus 16 National character sets.
Speeds of the Genicom 4440XT Printer:
Draft @ 8 lpi(64 char.)800 lpm
DP @ 6 lpi(64 char.)600 lpm

(96 char.)480 lpm
Corr. @ 6 lpi(64 char.)320 lpm

(96 char.)253 lpm
NLQ @ 6 lpi(64 char.)166 lpm

(96 char.)130 lpm
  • Print Line: 132 column, 13.2 in. (335mm)
  • Character Spacing: 10,12,13.3, 15,16.7, cpi plus proportional spacing
  • Character Expansion:
    • Horizontal: 2X, 4X, 8X
    • Vertical: 2X, 4X, 8X
  • Line Spacing: 3, 4, 6, 8 lines/in. plus N/144
Genicom 4440XT Character Formation (H x V)
(96 character set)

Bold print, superscript/subscript, underline, proportional prints

Genicom 4440XT Character Sets:Draft, Data Processing, Correspondence, Gothic NLQ, Greek/Math symbols, Graphic symbols (IBM PC Graphics), 16 international subsets. Genicom 4440XT Print Control:
  • Vertical Format Unit: 12/14 channel VFU
  • Top of Form: Form lengths to 22 in. (559 mm)
  • Bottom of Form: Provides auto perforation skipover.
  • Horizontal Tabs: R/L margin set-any position; paper out sensor.
  • Vertical Position: Absolute or Relative
Genicom 4440XT Ribbon:Cartridge type. Approximately 50 million character life. Extended life cartridge with reinker, approx. 75 million characters Genicom 4440XT Printers Paper handling:
  • Paper Width: 3 to 16.54" (76 to 420 mm)
  • No. of copies: original + 5
Genicom 4440XT Protocol:ANSI X3.64. P Series compatible, Dataproducts EVFU compatible Genicom 4440XT Printer Interface:
  • Parallel: Dataproducts short lines, Centronics, 500K char./sec data transfer rate
  • Serial: RS-232C-to 19.2 Kb Min. 2K character buffer
  • Optional: Dataproducts long lines
Genicom 4440XT Graphics:
  • Dot density, Horizontal: 60, 70, 120, 140 dpi
  • Vertical: 72 or 144 dpi
Plot Speed:
  • 66.9 ipm
Genicom 4440XT Graphics Formats:Printronix P300/P600; ANSI X3.64; Line drawing graphics; block graphics; plot graphics; graphics compression feature Genicom 4440XT Sound Pressure Level
  • 63 dBa
  • Optional: 55 dBa Kit (without cabinet change)
Genicom 4440XT Physical Stats:
  • Size: W 29 x D 25 x H 47 in. (W 737 x D 635 x H 1194 mm)
  • Weight: 285 lbs. (129 kg)
Genicom 4440XT Electrical Stats:
  • Voltage: 100-240 VAC + 10% - 15%, 49-65 Hz
  • Power: 700W, 2898 BTU/hr.
Genicom 4440XT Operating Environment:
  • Temp: 39 to 104F (4 to 40C)
  • Humidity: 15% to 90% noncondensing
Other Genicom 4440XT Standard Features:
  • Casters, paper shelf, and stacking guide
Genicom 4440XT Printer Options:
  • Character sets: Courier NLQ, italic NLQ, download characters, Correspondence font, bar codes "plus" (QMS Magnum), oversize characters to 156 x 156 H and V plus rotation) OCR-A/B
  • Paper motion detector and 8K serial buffer