Godex GX4200i GX4300i GX4600i Thermal Printer


GX4200i / GX4300i / GX4600i

011-X2i001-000 GX4200i, 203 dpi, Thermal Transfer Printer, 16 ips, USB, RS232, Ethernet, 5" Color Touchscreen
011-X3i001-000 GX4300i, 300 dpi, Thermal Transfer Printer, 12 ips, USB, RS232, Ethernet, 5" Color Touchscreen
011-X6i001-000 GX4600i, 600 dpi, Thermal Transfer Printer, 8 ips, USB, RS232, Ethernet, 5" Color Touchscreen

021-Z2X001-000 203 dpi Printhead GX4200i 
021-Z2X001-000 203dpi Printhead ZX1200Xi
021-Z2X001-000 (New)

021-Z3X001-000 300 dpi Printhead GX4300i 
021-Z3X001-000 300dpi Printhead ZX1300Xi
021-Z3X001-000 (New)

021-Z6i001-000 600 dpi Printhead GX4600i
Sale021-Z6i001-000 600dpi Printhead ZX1600i
021-Z6i001-000 (New)
$1199.00 $999.00

021-X2i001-000 PCBA Mainboard for GX Series 
021-X2i001-000 PCBA Mainboard for GX Series
021-X2i001-000 (New)

021-Z2i004-000 Platen Roller for GX Series
021-Z2i004-000 Platen Roller for ZX Series
021-Z2i004-000 (New)

021-Z2i002-000 PCBA Mainboard for ZX Series
021-Z2i002-000 (New)

031-Z2i002-000 Parallel Port for GX Series 
031-Z2i002-000 Parallel Port for ZX Series
031-Z2i002-000 (New)

031-Z2i017-000 Bluetooth Module GX Series
031-Z2i017-000 Bluetooth Module ZX Series
031-Z2i017-000 (New)

031-Z2i003-000 Applicator Board, GX Series  
031-Z2i003-000 Applicator Board, ZX Series
031-Z2i003-000 (New)

031-Z2i004-000 WiFi module , GX Series 
031-Z2i004-000 WiFi module ZX Series
031-Z2i004-000 (New)

031-Z2i005-001 Internal Rewinder, GX Series

031-Z2i011-000 Guillotine Cutter for GX Series  
Sale031-Z2i011-000 Guillotine Cutter for ZX Series
031-Z2i011-000 (New)
$545.00 $445.00

031-Z2i012-000 Perforation Cutter for GX Series 
031-Z2i012-000 Perforation Cutter for ZX Series
031-Z2i012-000 (New)

031-Z2i014-000 Thick Paper Cutter for GX Series
031-Z2i014-000 Thick Paper Cutter for ZX Series
031-Z2i014-000 (New)

031-Z2i016-000 Rotary Cutter Module GX Series
031-Z2i006-000 High Speed Cutter for GX Series (Fabric Friendly
031-Z2i006-000 Rotary Cutter Module ZX1X00i
031-Z2i006-000 (New)

031- G50003-001 External Label Unwind Stand 2"-4", Black  
031- 12P015-001 External Label Unwind Stand 2"-4", White
011- T10051-000 T10 External Label Rewinder 
011-T10051-000 T10 External Label Rewinder
011-T10051-000 T10 (New)

700-096502-001 Stylus for ZX Series 
700-096502-001 Stylus for ZX Series
700-096502-001 (New)

Ultra-high speed Industrial Thermal Printer with an intuitive 5” video touch screen

Print method 
 Thermal Transfer / Direct Thermal

 203 dpi (8 dot/mm) / 300dpi (12 dot/mm) / 600dpi (24 dot/mm)

Print speed
 16 ips (406.4 mm/s) / 12 ips (304.8 mm/s) / Up to 8 ips (203.2 mm/s)

Print width
 4.09” (104mm) / 4.16” (105.7mm) / 4.16” (105.6mm)

Print length
 0.16” (4 mm)** to 180” (4572 mm) / 0.16” (4 mm)** to 100” (2540 mm) / 0.16” (4 mm)** to 30” (762 mm)

 32 Bit RISC CPU
 Printer : 256MB Flash (128MB for user storage) ; 256MB SDRAM 16GB for display

• Serial port: RS-232 (DB-9) 
• USB Device port (B-Type) 
• 3 USB Host ports (A-Type). 2 ports at the front panel, 1 port at the rear panel 
• IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet print server (RJ-45)

 Length: 1476’ (450 m) Max. Width: 1.18” (30 mm) Min.; 4.33” (110 mm) Max. Ribbon roll diameter: 3” (76.2 mm) Core diameter: 1” (25.4 mm)

Control Panel
• Backlight 5” touch screen LCD supports on-board videos 
• 1 Power on/off button with blue color LED backlight 
• 1 Control key: FEED/PAUSE/CANCEL with dual color (green/red) LED backlight 
• 1 Calibration button at the rear panel

The GODEX GX4000i, in its 600 dpi version, produces razor sharp results while maintaining the fastest 600 dpi throughput at 8 IPS. The GX4000i comes fully equipped to support your most demanding applications. With a robust steel design, the GX4000i will thrive in all environments.

Speed and Quality-The GoDEX GX4000i, in its 600 dpi version, produces razor sharp results while maintaining the fastest throughput in the industry at 8 IPS.

Fully Loaded-Brimming with 256MB of flash memory, the GX4000i has more than enough storage for 1000’s of labels, fonts and/or images, making standalone functionality far more flexible.

Intuitive-Equipped with a 5” LCD touch screen and 16GB of storage the GX4000i offers intuitive controls and functionality.

Video assist-With built-in video assisted guidance, printer operation has never been easier. 
Favorites & Icons-Have a preferred setting? The GX4000i offers the ability to save your favorite settings within a central, convenient location.

Upgradable resolution-Need a higher resolution printer? No problem. Easily upgrade the printer’s resolution with a simple printhead swap from 203, to 300, to even 600 dpi.