HP CM3530 Parts


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1 Control panel assembly CC519-60115

Not shown Control-panel cable CC519-60107

2 ADF feed roller kit CC519-67909

3 ADF assembly CC483-60103

4 Scanner assembly (ADF assembly and SCB PCA are not



Not shown Scanner controller board (SCB) CC454-60002

Not shown PCI express RoHS cable 5851-3141
1 Cover, right front RC2-5056-000CN

2 Cover, rear RC2-5048-000CN

3 Cover, left RC2-5052-000CN

4 Cover, rear right RC2-5057-000CN

5 Cover, right lower RC2-5059-000CN

6 Plate, blanking RC2-5938-000CN

7 Tray, paper delivery RL1-1941-000CN

8 Rib, Control panel RC2-5179-000CN

9 Cover, control panel RC2-5180-000CN

10 Cover, control panel, rear RC2-5181-000CN

11 Cover, upper right RC2-5182-000CN

12 Cover, rear, upper RC2-5185-000CN

13 Cover, left rear RC2-5188-000CN

14 Cover, upper rear RL1-1953-000CN

15 Cover, right (without stapler) RC2-5189-000CN

16 Holder, AC RC2-5194-000CN

17 Cover, right (with stapler) RC2-5192-000CN

18 Stapler, right cover assembly RM1-5033-000CN
1 Right door assembly RM1-4957-000CN

Not shown Tray 1 pickup roller RL1-1928-000CN
1 Lifter cable assembly RM1-5742-000CN

3 Cover, front inner lower RL1-1914-000CN

5 Cover, front inner upper RC2-5006-000CN

6 Cover, front inner lower RL1-1915-000CN

8 Cover, left lower RC2-5069-000CN

12 Waste toner detect assembly RM1-5696-000CN

13 Waste toner duct assembly (motor) RM1-4977-000CN

17 Spring, tension RU6-2236-000CN

18 Spring, ground RU6-2237-000CN

19 Lever, cartridge pressure front RC2-3983-000CN

21 Seal, waste toner box RC2-4780-000CN

24 Lock, door RC2-5937-000CN

26 Lever, box presence detect RC2-5951-000CN

27 Spring, compression RU6-2568-000CN
1 Fan cable assembly RM1-5746-000CN

5 Spring, tension RU6-2436-000CN

8 Spring, leaf RC2-5970-000CN

10 Tab RC2-5909-000CN

11 Shutter RC2-5910-000CN

12 Cover RC2-5912-000CN

13 Spring, torsion RC2-5958-000CN

14 Holder, cartridge lock lever RC2-5955-000CN

15 Lever, cartridge lock RC2-5954-000CN

18 Cover RC2-5962-000CN

20 Spring, compression RU6-2318-000CN

21 Spring, compression RU6-2316-000CN

22 Tab RC2-4428-000CN

23 Lever, shutter RU6-4415-000CN

24 Shutter RC2-4413-000CN

25 Shutter rear arm RC2-4407-000CN

26 Shutter front arm RC2-4406-000CN

27 Sensor unit, Tmp/Hum sensor RK2-2229-000CN

28 Base RL1-2144-000CN

29 Toner sensor holder assembly RM1-5700-000CN

30 Base RL1-1923-000CN

31 Base assembly RM1-4979-000CN

32 Lower cartridge guide assembly RM1-4984-000CN

33 Connecting cable assembly RM1-5749-000CN

34 Sensor cable assembly RM1-5740-000CN

35 Sensor cable assembly RM1-5741-000CN

36 Motor/sensor cable assembly RM1-5752-000CN

38 Fan RK2-2418-000CN
6 Link, door stopper right RC2-4916-000CN

9 Cover, right lower inner RC2-5019-000CN

10 Interlock link RC2-5120-000CN

11 Interlock switch mount RC2-5123-000CN

12 Interlock link switch arm RC2-5121-000CN

14 Interlock link RC2-5119-000CN

15 Interlock link RC2-5118-000CN

17 Switch lever RC2-5124-000CN

18 Shaft RC2-5913-000CN

19 Spring, torsion RC2-5934-000CN

20 Cartridge lock lever RC2-5954-000CN

22 Spring, torsion RC2-5958-000CN

28 Interlock link RC2-5122-000CN

31 Power supply button RL1-1947-000CN

32 Photo interrupter, TLP1243 WG8-5696-000CN

34 Front cable assembly RM1-6998-000CN

36 Density detect sensor assembly RM1-4953-000CN

37 Lower pick up guide assembly RM1-4980-000CN

38 ITB assembly service kit CC468-67907

40 Switch cable assembly RM1-5718-000CN

42 Front lock arm assembly RM1-5532-000CN

43 Power supply switch assembly RM1-5697-000CN

44 Door switch assembly RM1-5732-000CN

45 Switch WC4-5171-000CN

46 Transfer roller assembly service kit CC468-67914

47 Rear lock arm assembly RM1-5533-000CN
1 Fusing connecting cable assembly RM1-5714-000CN

2 Door stopper right link RC2-4916-000CN

6 Fan RK2-2416-000CN

11 Switch arm RC2-5943-000CN

16 Scanner flat cable (FFC) RK2-2506-000CN

17 Rear cable assembly RM1-5721-000CN

19 Scanner flat cable (FFC) RK2-2508-000CN

24 Right door rear hinge RC2-4895-000CN

27 Multipurpose tray sensor cable assembly RM1-5737-000CN

28 Cable, AC (stapler power) RK2-2501-000CN

Not shown Stapler mechanism CC483-60107

Not shown Stapler power supply Q7429-60501
1 Duplexing unit cable assembly RM1-5730-000CN

5 Pickup motor cable assembly RM1-5731-000CN

7 Lifter drive assembly RM1-4976-000CN

8 Drum motor assembly RM1-4988-000CN

13 Photo interrupter, TLP1243 WG8-5696-000CN

14 Cassette paper pick up drive assembly with motor RM1-4975-000CN

19 Rear pre-exposure PCA RM1-5705-000CN

22 Fusing drive assembly with motor RM1-4974-000CN

24 Duplexing drive assembly RM1-4973-000CN

27 Stepping motor, DC (developing disengagement) RK2-2415-000CN
1 Fuser/Fixing service kit110 v CC519-67901

1 Fuser/Fixing service kit 220 v CC519-67902
1 250-sheet cassette RM1-4962-000CN

2 Separation roller assy RM1-4966-000CN
1 250-sheet cassette paper pickup assembly RM1-4967-000CN

2 250-sheet cassette paper pickup roller RM1-4968-000CN
1 Registration assembly RM1-4969-000CN
1 Paper-delivery assembly RM1-4970-000CN
1 High-voltage power supply lower PCA (HVPS-D) RM1-5680-000CN

2 High-voltage power supply upper PCA (HVPS-T) RM1-5681-000CN

3 DC controller PCA RM1-5678-000CN

4 Low-voltage power supply PCA(110 v) RM1-5689-000CN

4 Low-voltage power supply PCA(220 v) RM1-5690-000CN

5 Interconnect board (ICB) CC453-60001

6 Formatter PCA CC452-60001

7 Scanner controller board (SCB) CC454-60002
1 Hard drive, 80GB 2.5-inch SATA ROHS CC519-67904

2 SATA hard drive cable power/data CC519-67905

3 Fax controller PCA CC456-60001

4 Fax cable CC519-67907
1 500-sheet feeder replacement CE222-67901

Not shown 500-sheet paper feeder right door kit CC468-67906

Not shown 500-sheet cassette RM1-6198-000CN
13 Drawer connector (Tray 3) VS1-7257-007CN

14 Drawer connector holder (Tray 3) RC2-5416-000CN