HP CP4020 CP4520 Parts


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1 Grip, left front RC2-4268-000CN

2 Grip, left rear RC2-4269-000CN

3 Cover, left upper RC2-4270-000CN

4 Cover, right front RC2-4272-000CN

5 Cover, right rear RC2-4273-000CN

6 Cover, upper RC2-4276-000CN

7 Cover, left lower RC2-4300-000CN

8 Cover, inner RM1-5520-000CN

9 Tray, face-down swing RC2-4547-000CN

10 Cover, left rear RC2-8213-000CN

11 Control-panel assembly RM1-5786-000CN

12 Face-down tray assembly RM1-5494-000CN

13 Right handle cover assembly RM1-5507-000CN

14 Rear cover assembly RM1-5508-000CN
1 Right door assembly RM1-5509-000CN

3 Cover, M.P. crossmember R RC2-4747-000CN
1 Front door assembly RM1-5506-000CN
1 Paper delivery fan assembly RM1-5501-000CN

2 Guide, paper feed, simplex RC2-4566-000CN

2 Duplexing guide assembly, duplex RM1-5531-000CN

3 Paper delivery fan duct assembly RM1-5583-000CN

4 Holder, cable RC2-3997-000CN

5 Rod, paper delivery fan RC2-4070-000CN

6 Spring, compression RU6-2310-000CN

7 Holder, right door handle RC2-4573-000CN

8 Photo interrupter, TLP1243 WG8-5696-000CN
1 Bushing RC2-9719-000CN

3 Lever, CRG. lock RC2-3986-000CN

4 Tray, waste toner catch RC2-4218-000CN

5 Spring, torsion RU6-2247-000CN

7 Spring, grounding RC2-4469-000CN

8 Bushing RC2-4470-000CN

12 Lifter base assembly RM1-5913-000CN

17 Cover RC2-4403-000CN

18 Cover RC2-5962-000CN

19 Crg. Guide lower assembly RM1-5486-000CN

20 Shutter assembly RM1-5488-000CN

21 Shutter assembly RM1-5489-000CN

22 Shutter arm assembly RM1-5585-000CN

23 Shutter arm assembly RM1-5586-000CN
1 Hinge, front door RC2-4291-000CN

2 Hinge, front door RC2-4292-000CN

3 Cover RC2-4308-000CN

5 Lever, shutter RC2-4415-000CN

6 Spring, compression RU6-2316-000CN

7 Front inner cover upper assembly RM1-5495-000CN

8 Interlock assembly RM1-5496-000CN

9 Waste toner collection kit (includes instructions and wipe) CC493-67913

10 Waste toner duct assembly RM1-5519-000CN

11 Power switch assembly RM1-5582-000CN

12 Front inner cover lower assembly RM1-5598-000CN

13 Cassette rail right assembly RM1-6195-000CN

14 Cassette rail left assembly RM1-6196-000CN

15 Lever, crg. pressure, front RC2-3983-020CN

17 Spring, tension RU6-2236-000CN

18 Spring, grounding RU6-2237-000CN

19 Switch WC4-5303-000CN

20 Waste toner detect assembly RM1-5545-000CN

21 Waste toner paper feed assembly RM1-5584-000CN

22 High voltage holder assembly RM1-6694-000CN

23 Switch, push WC2-5637-000CN

24 Photo interrupter WG8-5696-000CN
4 Spring, tension RU6-2235-000CN

5 Spring, tension RU6-2376-000CN

6 Cartridge fan assembly RM1-5499-000CN

8 Waste toner motor assembly RM1-5605-000CN

9 Laser scanner kit (includes instructions and one scanner assy.) CC493-67914

10 Position detect assembly RM1-5500-000CN

11 Front light guide assembly RM1-5492-000CN

12 Intermediate transfer belt kit (includes instructions, ITB, and T2 roller) CC493-67909

18 Photo interrupter WG8-5696-000CN
2 Cover, inner RC2-3981-000CN

3 Shaft support (included in secondary transfer kit; see Figure 4 ??15) RC2-4162-000CN

4 Spacer RC2-4514-000CN

6 Guide RC2-4527-000CN

7 Link, right door RC2-4726-000CN

8 Guide, cassette option RC2-4741-000CN

9 Holder, duct cable RC2-8239-000CN

11 Cassette guide assembly RM1-5504-000CN

12 Paper feed roller assembly RM1-5525-000CN

13 Density detect assembly RM1-5641-000CN

14 Cable cover assembly RM1-6695-000CN

15 Cover, roller RC2-4483-000CN

17 Cover, M.P. cross member RC2-9189-000CN

19 Arm, door link supporting, right RC2-4055-000CN
3 Duplexing drive assembly RM1-5546-000CN

5 Spring, tension RU6-2468-000CN

6A Cartridge fan RK2-2418-000CN

7 Flexible flat cable assembly (includes two FFC; DCC to laser/scanner) RM1-5498-000CN

8 Main DC motor assembly RM1-5521-000CN

9 Paper pickup drive assembly RM1-5549-000CN

10 Main drive assembly kit (includes instructions) CC493-67915

10A ITB motor assembly RM1-5777-000CN

10B Developing disengaging motor RK2-2415-000CN

12 Fuser drive assembly, simplex RM1-6702-000CN

12 Fuser drive assembly, duplex RM1-5656-000CN

13 Lifter assembly RM1-5914-000CN

16 Flat flexible cable (DCC to HVPS lower) RK2-2604-000CN
4 Fan RK2-2577-000CN

5 Cable, flexible flat, H.V.T. RK2-2603-000CN

7 Contact assembly RM1-5502-000CN

8 Fan cable assembly RM1-5821-000CN

9 H.V. power supply cable assembly RM1-5724-000CN

10 Lower main cable assembly RM1-5801-000CN

11 Switch, push WC2-5637-000CN

14 Connecting cable assembly RM1-5799-000CN

15 Upper main cable assembly RM1-5800-000CN

16 Duplexing cable assembly, duplex RM1-5803-000CN

17 Feed cable assembly RM1-5804-000CN

18 Switch cable assembly RM1-5807-000CN

19 Connecting cable assembly RM1-5811-000CN

20 Connecting cable assembly RM1-5812-000CN

21 Control panel cable assembly RM1-5814-000CN

22 Sensor cable assembly RM1-5815-000CN

23 Interlock switch cable assembly RM1-5816-000CN
1 Cassette RM1-5928-000CN
1 Roller, paper pickup RL1-2099-000CN

2 Paper feed roller RM1-0037-020CN

3 Paper pickup assembly RM1-5919-000CN
1 Pickup roller (Tray 1) kit (includes instructions) CC493 ??67906

2 Separation pad (Tray 1) RL1-1937-000CN
1 Registration assembly kit, simplex (includes instructions) CC493-67916

1 Registration assembly kit, duplex (includes instructions) CC493-67917
1 Secondary transfer roller assembly kit (includes instructions) CC493-67908

2 Secondary transfer assembly, duplex kit (includes shaft-support clip; # 3 Figure 4 ??8) CC493-67901

2 Secondary transfer assembly, simplex kit (includes shaft-support clip; # 3 Figure 4 ??8) CC493-67902
1 Simplex delivery assembly kit CC493-67918

1 Duplex delivery assembly kit CC493-67919
1 Fuser 110 V assembly kit (includes instructions) CC493-67911
1 DC controller PCA assembly RM1-5758-000CN

2 Low voltage power supply PCA assembly, 110V RM1-5763-000CN

2 Low voltage power supply PCA assembly, 220V RM1-5764-000CN

3 High voltage power supply PCA, lower (includes FFC; DCC to HVPS lower) RM1-5779-000CN

4 High voltage power supply, upper RM1-5781-000CN

6 Inner connecting PCA assembly RM1-5636-020CN

7 Toner remain PCA assembly RM1-5771-020CN

8 Formatter kit (exchange; includes instructions) CC493-69001
NA Cassette RM1-5928-000CN
4 Cover, rear lower RC2-5378-000CN

5 Cover, rear RC2-5379-000CN

7 Cover, left RC2-5393-000CN

8 Cover, right front, 1x500 RC2-5356-000CN

8 Cover, right front, 3x500 RC2-5357-000CN

9 Cover, right rear RC2-5380-000CN

11 Cover, right center RC2-5394-000CN

14 Right door assembly 3x500 RM1-5937-000CN

14 Right door assembly 1x500 RM1-5936-000CN

16 Door, stock, 1x500 RC2-5377-000CN
3 Lifter base assembly RM1-5913-000CN 1

4 Lifter assembly RM1-5914-000CN 1

7 Paper pickup drive assembly, 1x500 RM1-5934-000CN 1

8 Feeder PCA assembly, 1x500 RM1-5854-000CN 1

9 Paper pickup assembly RM1-5929-000CN
2 Lifter base assembly RM1-5913-000CN

3 Lifter assembly RM1-5914-000CN

6 Paper pickup drive assembly 3x500 RM1-5935-000CN

10 Feeder PCA assembly 3x500 RM1-5958-000CN

11 Paper pickup assembly RM1-5929-000CN