HP M1319 Parts


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1 Pickup-tray assembly, scanner RM1-3419-000CN

2 Control-panel overlay See Control-panel overlay

on page 207.

3 Tray, delivery RM1-8443-000CN

4 HP jewel 7121-8043

5 Handset, telephone CB536-60102
2 Sheet, grounding scanner RL1-0376-000CN

3 Screw, tap, M4X10 XB4-5401-009CN

4 Cover, left scanner RM1-3076-020CN

6 Cover, right scanner RM1-3077-000CN

7 Flat, flexible cable (FFC) scanner RK2-1214-000CN

8A Cover, top RC2-5792-000CN

8B Control-panel assembly, Western RM1-5178-000CN

8B Control-panel assembly, Asian RM1-5179-000CN

8C Screw, tap, M4X10 XB4-5401-009CN

9 Scanner link assembly, right RM1-0897-000CN

10 Spring, tension scanner RU5-2885-000CN

11 Scanner link assembly, left RM1-0896-000CN
All Frame assembly RM1-3063-000CN

2 Screw, P, M4X10 XB4-5401-005CN

13 Pickup-roller assembly, scanner RM1-0885-000CN
All Guide assembly, scanner RM1-3066-000CN

1 Screw, self tapping, M4X10 XB4-5401-009CN

2 Screw, D, M3X6 XA9-1670-000CN

6 Screw, self-tapping binding head, M3X8 XB4-7300-805CN

8 Scanner media-lever torsion spring (lever, pressure convert) RC1-2544-000CN

9 Scanner media lever (lever, pressure convert) RC1-8413-000CN

13 Spring, compression, white platen RU5-2196-000CN

14 Platen, white, scanner RF5-3235-000CN

20 Separation-pad assembly, scanner RM1-0890-000CN

20A Separation-pad set, scanner RM1-0891-000CN
1 Delivery tray assembly RM1-3059-000CN

2 Pickup tray assembly RM1-3060-000CN

Not shown Print cartridge Q2612-67901
1 Door, print cartridge RC1-8372-000CN

2 Cover, right RC2-5800-000CN

3 Scanner cushion RC1-2476-000CN

4 Cover, front RL1-1160-000CN

5 Cover, left RC1-8373-000CN

6 Cover, rear RC1-2474-020CN

7 Cover, top (scanner support-frame) RL1-1161-000CN
1 Formatter, Western CC391-60001

1 Formatter, Asian CC541-60001

2 Fax card, US/AP CC392-60001

2 Fax card, EMEA CC396-60001
1 Panel, rear RC1-8368-000CN

6 Separation-pad assembly, printer RM1-2048-000CN

7 Transfer-roller assembly RM1-2062-000CN

8 Power-supply assembly, 110-127 V RM1-5280-000CN

8 Power-supply assembly, 220-240 V RM1-5281-000CN

14 Guide, tray left RC1-8389-000CN

15 Screw, rs, M3X8 XA9-1420-000CN

16 Screw, D XA9-1670-000CN

20 Fuser, 110-127V RM1-5363-000CN

20 Fuser, 220-240V RM1-5364-000CN

21 Pickup assembly RM1-3043-000CN

22 Roller, pickup, printer (product base) RL1-0266-000CN

23 Guide, tray right RC1-8390-000CN

501 Screw, with washer, M3X6 XB2-7300-605CN

502 Screw, tap, M4X10 XB4-5401-009CN
6 Laser/scanner assembly RM1-2033-030CN

7 Engine-controller-PCB assembly RM1-3404-000CN

9 Latch, left RC1-2498-000CN

10 Latch, right RC1-2499-000CN

14 Screw, rs, M3X8 XA9-1420-000CN

15 Screw, rs, M2X10 XA9-1501-000CN

16 Screw, D XA9-1670-000CN
2 Bushing RC1-1953-000CN

5 Link, coupling lower RC1-2485-000CN

6 Link, coupling top RC1-2494-000CN

8 Guide, tray right RC1-8390-000CN

9 Screw, D XA9-1670-000CN

Not shown Guide, tray left RC1-8389-000CN

22 Screw, with washer, M3x8 XA9-1420-000CN

24 Motor, stepping, dc RK2-0777-000CN

26 Speaker assembly RM1-3410-000CN