HP M176 M177 Parts


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1 Cover, fuser RC3-5345-000CN

2 Cover, right RC3-5348-000CN

3 Door, cartridge RC3-5357-000CN

4 Left cover assembly RL1-3930-000CN

5 Right upper cover assembly RL1-3936-000CN

6 Upper cover assembly RM2-0138-000CN

7 Operation panel assembly RM2-0142-000CN

8 Rear cover/secondary transfer assembly RM2-0162-000CN

9 Power supply cover assembly RM2-0164-000CN

10 Extension tray assembly RM2-0168-000CN

11 Cover, flat cable RC3-5353-000CN

12 Cover, dust RC3-5146-000CN

Control panel assembly ??2 line LCD (M176 model) (not shown) CF547-60109

Control panel assembly ??touchscreen (M177 model) (not shown) CF547-60110

Fax rubber cap (M177 model) (not shown) CZ185-40001
1 Roller, paper pick-up RL1-2671-000CN

2 Intermediate transfer belt assembly (ITB) RM2-0175-000CN

3 Fuser delivery assembly (110-127 V) RM2-0157-000CN

3 Fuser delivery assembly (220 ??240 V) RM2-0167-000CN

4 Base plate assembly RM2-0160-000CN

5 Separation pad assembly RM2-0170-000CN

6 Main tray assembly RM2-0144-000CN

7 Inner cover assembly RM2-0139-000CN

8 Support, frame RC3-0230-000CN

9 Cover, grounding cable RC3-5365-000CN

10 Low voltage power supply assembly (110-127V) RM2-7292-000CN

10 Low voltage power supply assembly (220-240V) RM2-7293-000CN

11 Engine controller PCA RM2-7300-000CN

Fax module ??Asia/US (M177 model) (not shown) CF206-60001

Fax module ??EU (M177 model) (not shown) CF207-60001

Fax module ??Brazil (M177 model) (not shown) CF208-60001

PCA, formatter (M176 model) (not shown) CF547-60001

PCA, formatter (M177 model) (not shown) CZ165-60001

WiFi board (M177 model) (not shown) 1150-7957
1 Scanner assembly (M176 model) CF547-60108

2 Lid, document CF547-60111

3 Scanner/lid assembly CF547-60101

Scanner/lid assembly (bulk pack) (not shown) CF547-60107
3 SSA FFC Cable, 20 Pin CZ165-60106

4 Scan bezel assembly CF547-60112

6 Scan drive system assembly CZ181-60104

7 Scanner base assembly CF547-60102
7 Motor/encoder assembly CN503-60006

13 Scanner with spring assembly CZ181-60113
1 Scanner assembly (M177 model) CZ165-60109

2 Auto document feeder assembly CZ165-60112

3 Scanner/ADF assembly CZ165-60101

Scanner/ADF assembly (bulk pack) (not shown) CZ165-60107
4 SSA FFC Cable, 20 Pin CZ165-60106

5 Scan bezel assembly CZ165-60115

7 Scan drive system assembly CZ181-60104

9 Scanner base assembly CZ165-60102
1 ADF base CZ165-60111

2 Core ADF assembly CZ181-60107

3 ADF top cover assembly CZ165-60110
5 Assembly pre-pick arm CB780-60032

6 Top cover with guide assembly CZ165-60116
2 Separator pad CB780-60009