HP M2727 Parts


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1 ADF PKG FGI Assembly (automatic document feeder) CB532-67903

2 Input tray assembly HP LaserJet M2727 Q6500-60119

3 ADF hinge replacement kit Q3948-67905

4 SSA PKG FGI Assembly (scanner flatbed assembly) CB532-67905
1 ADF window replacement kit Q6500-67904

2 Bezel, control panel

3 Control panel, Western fax CB532-60101

3 Control panel, Asian fax CB532-60102
1 ADF cover replacement kit Q6500-67901

2 ADF cleanout part C7309-40153

3 ADF flag replacement kit Q3948-67902

4 ADF pickup roller assembly 5851-2559

5 ADF separation pad Q2665-60125
1 Convenience stapler mechanism HP LaserJet M2727nfs
(replacement) CB532-60105

2 Convenience stapler AC inlet cable HP LaserJet M2727nfs Q6501-60101

3 Convenience stapler cover door HP LaserJet M2727nfs RC1-7523-000CN

4 Convenience stapler power supply HP LaserJet M2727nfs Q7429-60501

5 Convenience stapler power supply bracket and strap HP LaserJet M2727nfs CB532-67902

6 Convenience stapler cassette (2-pack) HP LaserJet M2727nfs Q7432-67001
1 Formatter PCA CC370-60001

2 Fax card/Formatter FFC CB534-60117

3 Fax card US/AP ROHS CC502-60001

3 Fax card EMEA ROHS CC369-60001

4 Nameplate HP LaserJet M2727nf CB532-00009

4 Nameplate HP LaserJet M2727nfs CB532-00003

5 Jewel, HP 7121-8285

6 PCA, Asian character display control panel (with spacer) CB532-67904
1 Rear cover assembly RM1-4270-000CN

2 Cover right (with dummy stapler cover) RM1-4708-000CN

3 Cover top RC2-2940-000CN

4 Label, stapler prohibition RC1-3794-000CN

5 Cover front RC2-0330-000CN

6 Cover left (with DIMM door) RC1-4707-000CN

7 Cover dummy (stapler plug; HP LaserJet M2727nf) RC1-7523-000CN
All Cartridge door assembly RM1-4711-000CN

1 Inner cover RM1-4712-000CN

2 Screw, tapping truss XB4-7401-000CN
1 Paper-retaining assembly RM1-4265-000CN

2 Roller, face down RL1-0527-000CN

3 Paper-feed guide assembly RM1-4263-000CN

4 Screw, RS M3X6 XA9-1495-000CN

6 Guide, DC cable RC2-1569-000CN

7 Paper-pickup gear assembly RM1-1301-000CN

11 MP separation pad (Tray 1) RL1-1524-000CN

13 Screw, tapping truss head M4X10 XB4-7401-000CN

15 Screw, tapping binding head M3X8 XB4-7300-000CN

16 Separation pad base RC2-0419-000CN

17 Spring, compression RU5-2894-000CN

18 Paper-pickup drive shaft RC1-3471-000CN

19 Flag, paper sensing RC1-3472-000CN

20 Right bushing RB2-2895-000CN

21 Roller, paper-pickup idler RC1-3470-000CN

22 Roller, paper pickup RL1-0540-000CN

23 Left bushing RB2-2896-000CN

26 Spring, compression RU5-2323-000CN

27 Gear, 29T RU5-0331-000CN

28 Gear, 19T RU5-0332-000CN

29 Screw, tap M3X6 XA9-1503-000CN

30 Bushing RC1-3665-000CN

34 Speaker assembly RM1-4943-000CN
1 Screw, RS M3X8 XA9-1504-000CN

2 Arm, cam RC2-0405-000CN

3 Arm, tag RC2-0392-000CN

7 Screw, RS M3X6 XA9-1495-000CN

8 Solenoid (SL3) RK2-0910-000CN

10 Holder, fan RC2-2946-000CN

11 Fan RK2-2082-000CN

12 Screw, TP M3X8 XA9-1648-000CN

13 Holder, drawer connector RC2-0396-000CN

22 Solenoid (SL1) RK2-0424-000CN

25 Guide, cartridge right lower RC2-0346-000CN

26 Screw, RS M3X8 XA9-1561-000CN

27 Guide, cartridge right upper RC1-0426-000CN

31 Screw, tap M3X6 XA9-1503-000CN

33 Motor, DC RK2-1567-000CN

38 Scanner assembly (laser/scanner) RM1-4262-000CN
1 Screw, tapping truss head M4X10 XB4-7401-005CN

2 Label, transfer guide open RC1-3796-000CN

4 Registration assembly RM1-4244-000CN

5 Label, clear jam RC2-2952-000CN

6 Label, fixing (fusing) pressure release RC1-2953-000CN

8 Shutter link assembly RM1-1321-000CN

9 Screw, RS M3X8 XA9-1504-000CN

10 Top-sensor assembly RM1-1283-000CN

12 Screw, w/washer M4X12 XA9-1422-000CN

13 Screw, tap binding head M3X8 XB4-7300-000CN

13 Screw, RS M3X6 XA9-1495-000CN

15 Paper-width sensor assembly RM1-4245-000CN

20 Screw, w/washer M3X8 XA9-1420-000CN

28 Roller, transfer RM1-4279-000CN
1 Guide, cartridge left upper RC2-0425-000CN

3 Guide, cartridge left lower RC2-0339-000CN

4 Screw, RS M3X8 XA9-1504-000CN

10 MP solenoid holder RC2-0334-000CN

11 Solenoid (SL2) RK2-1587-000CN

12 Screw, RS M3X6 XA9-1495-000CN

31 MP left cam RC2-0387-000CN

32 MP roller RC1-0950-000CN

33 MP paper-pickup roller holder RC2-0386-000CN

34 MP pickup roller RL1-1525-000CN

35 MP paper-pickup roller cover RC2-0420-000CN

36 MP right cam RC2-0388-000CN

42 Screw, toothed washer M4X6 XB2-7400-606CN

43 Screw, w/washer M3X8 XA9-1420-000CN
1 Engine-controller PCA (110 to 127 v) RM1-4940-000CN

1 Engine-controller PCA (220 to 240 v) RM1-4941-000CN

2 Screw, w/washer M3X8 XA9-1420-000CN

3 Screw, RS M3X6 XA9-1495-000CN
all Main-drive assembly RM1-4253-000CNhttps://www.argecy.com/images/M2727_parts_314_cr.jpg
all Duplexing-drive assembly RM1-4255-000CN

1 Normal-rotation drive assembly RM1-4256-000CN

2 Reverse-rotation drive assembly RM1-4257-000CN
1 Cassette, tray 2 (250-sheet) RM1-4251-000CN

2 Cassette/feeder, tray 3 (250-sheet) Q7556-67901

Not shown: Separation pad, tray 2 and optional tray 3 RM1-1292-000CN

NOTE: Paper trays are not serviceable. Replace the entire tray if needed.
all Duplexing assembly RM1-4258-000CN

1 Size-change assembly RM1-1318-000CN
all Fuser (110 to 127 v) RM1-4247-000CN

all Fuser (220 to 240 v) RM1-4248-000CN