HP M406 M407 M430 M431 Parts


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1 W1A73-60110 ISA assembly scanner/ADF duplex

2 W1A77-67903 Document feeder top cover assembly with rollers

3 B3Q10-40041 ISA lift slider pin

4 B3Q10-60128 ISA lift assembly
1 RL2-3790-000CN Cover, indication

2 RC5-7025-000CN Keypad cover

4 RC5-7026-000CN Cover, top (SFP)

5 RM2-2959-000CN Control panel kypd/FFC assembly

6 RC4-3231-000CN Tray, paper delivery (output bin)

8 RM2-2562-000CN Cartridge (front) door assembly (SFP)

10 RC4-4479-000CN Link, pressure release

11 RC4-3002-000CN Shaft, support

12 RM2-2960-000CN Cover, left (SFP)

14 RC4-3082-000CN Cover, cassette rear

16 RM2-5405-000CN Rear door assembly

18 RM2-5666-000CN Paper re-pick assembly

Not shown 7121-8686 HP logo jewel
1 RC4-3207-000CN Cover, top (MFP)

2 RC5-7024-000CN Guide, USB cable

3 RC4-3231-000CN Tray, paper delivery (output bin)

5 RM2-2567-000CN Cartridge (front) door assembly (MFP)

6 RC4-4479-000CN Link, pressure release

7 RC4-3002-000CN Shaft, support

8 RM2-2961-000CN Cover, left (MFP)

9 RC4-3082-000CN Cover, cassette rear

11 RM2-5405-000CN Rear door assembly

13 RM2-5666-000CN Paper re-pick assembly

14 3PZ55-67901 Control panel assembly

15 3PZ55-67984 Control panel mount base

16 3PZ55-67904 Control panel ICB chassis mount

17 3PZ55-67903 CP interconnect board and ground clip kit

18 3PZ55-67902 Cover, top control panel mount

19 3PZ55-67910 Cable, flexible flat control panel to frmtr

20 3PZ55-67905 Cover, control-panel FFC

21 3PZ55-67978 Cover, ISA/fax FFC cables

not shown 7121-8686 HP logo jewel
2 RM2-2891-000CN Laser scanner assembly

4 RC4-2891-000CN Duct, fan (FM1)

5 RK2-8068-000CN Fan assembly

6 RM3-7417-000CN LV power supply PCA (110-127V)

7 RM2-7508-000CN HV power supply PCA

8 RK2-6931-000CN Cable, flexible flat Frmtr to DCC (MFP)

8 RK2-6920-000CN Cable, flexible flat Frmtr to DCC (SFP)

9 RM3-7584-000CN DC controller

12 3PZ55-67980 Fax PCA with plug kit (USA)

12 3PZ55-67983 Fax PCA with plug kit (AP)

13 3PZ55-67911 Cable, FFC fax to formatter

14 3PZ55-67979 Guide, fax FFC

15 3PZ55-67906 Formatter (MFP)

16 B5L32-60002 eMMC 16GB (MFP)

18 3PZ15-67905 eMMC 4GB (SFP)

19 3PZ15-67908 Island of Data (IOD)
1 RM2-7510-000CN Connecting PCA assembly

2 RM2-9531-000CN Assembly, main motor
1 3PZ15-67966 Tray 1 Pickup Roller

2 RL2-0657-000CN Pad, multipurpose separation (Tray 1)

3 RU8-2935-000CN Spring, compression (mp pad)

4 VS1-7258-007CN Connector, drawer

5 RC4-3133-000CN Holder, transfer roller right

6 RM1-4023-000CN Roller, transfer

7 RC4-3134-000CN Holder, transfer roller left

8 RM2-2577-000CN Registration assembly

9 3PZ15-67965 Tray 2 Pickup Roller
4 D9P29-67018 550-sheet paper feeder
6 RM2-5413-000CN Tray 3

7 3PZ15-67968 Tray 3 Pickup Roller

8 3PZ15-67967 Tray 3 Separation Pad