HP M525 Parts


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1 Cover, right assembly RM1-8498-000CN

2 Cover, right rear RC2-7673-000CN

3 Cover, handle, right RC2-7675-000CN

4 Cover, formatter RC3-1863-000CN

5 Door, cartridge assembly RM1-8502-000CN

6 Cover, multipurpose assembly CF116-67917

7 Multipurpose lifting plate assembly RM1-6325-000CN

8 Cover, top assembly RM1-8516-000CN

9 Cover, left assembly RM1-8517-000CN

10 Cover, rear assembly RM1-8518-000CN

11 Cover, dummy RC3-1920-000CN

12 Cover, staple assembly RM1-8520-000CN
1 ADF whole unit kit CF116-67910

3 Scanner whole unit CF116-67918 1
1 Control panel assembly kit CD644-67916

Not shown Control-panel cable (see Control-panel cable on page 103) CF116-60105 1
1 ADF separation pad spring 5851-4879

2 ADF cover, bogie CC355-40013

3 ADF hinge assembly Q7404-60024

4 Cover, ADF rear (cover rear) Q7404-40007

5 Cover, ADF front (cover front) Q7404-40030

6 Cover, hatch Q7404-40006

7 ADF tray extender (paper stopper) Q7404-40020

Not shown Assy-harness (ADF cable) (see ADF cable on page 83) Q7404-50007

Not shown Mylar kit 5851-4998 1
1 Cover, ADF cable (asset chimney) 5851-0630

2 Cover, rear scanner (rear cover) CF116-40002

Not shown PCA, scanner memory (see Scanner memory PCA (memory board kit) on page 79) CF116-67923

Not shown Cave light CF116-60104 1
1 Tag holder assembly RM1-8521-000CN

2 Laser/scanner RM1-6322-000CN

4 Stopper, bushing arm RC2-7928-000CN

5 Cable, flat RK2-4218-000CN

6 Sensor, environmental PCA RM1-8622-000CN
1 Tray 1 solenoid RK2-1490-000CN

2 Tray 2 solenoid RK2-1492-000CN
1 Registration roller assembly RM1-8507-000CN

2 Roller, multipurpose RL1-2412-000CN

3 Transfer lower guide assembly RM1-6315-000CN

4 Cassette, Tray 2 RM1-8512-000CN

5 Base plate roller assembly RM1-6306-000CN 4

6 Roller, transfer RM1-6321-000CN

7 Pad, multipurpose separation RC2-8575-000CN

8 Separation holder assembly RM1-6303-000CN 1
1 Fan, sub RK2-1499-000CN

2 Lower paper feed guide RM1-6263-000CN

3 Paper-feed guide assembly RM1-6270-000CN

4 Position-guide assembly RM1-6273-000CN

5 High-voltage power supply PCA RM1-8519-000CN

6 Top sensor PCA RM1-8617-000CN

7 Paper width sensor PCA RM1-8618-000CN

8 Switch assembly RM1-8515-000CN

9 Pendulum service kit RM1-6598-000CN
1 Fan, main RK2-2416-000CN

2 Tray 2, paper pickup assembly RM1-8505-000CN

3 Idler roller assembly RM1-8506-000CN

4 Multipurpose sensor PCA RM1-8621-000CN

5 Fuser assembly (universal) RM1-8508-000CN

6 Low voltage power supply assembly RM1-8514-000CN

7 DC controller PCA RM1-8615-000CN

8 Interlock switch assembly RM1-8499-000CN

9 Tray pickup roller assembly RM1-6323-000CN

Not shown Stapler assembly (no cable) (see Stapler assembly on page 43) 5851-0786

Not shown Stapler cable (see Stapler assembly on page 43) CF116-60106

Not shown Fax cradle, black plastic 5851-0672

Not shown Hard drive, bracket 5851-3453

Not shown Fax, cable 5851-3499

Not shown Fax, cable, Israel 8120-8913

Not shown Fax, cable, rest of the world 8120-0811

Not shown Fax, cable, Switzerland 8120-0844

Not shown Formatter, standard CF104-69001

Not shown Formatter, standard (China only) CF116-67914
1 Tray sensor PCA RM1-8620-000CN

2 Fuser motor assembly RM1-8523-000CN

3 Paper delivery roller assembly RM1-6301-000CN 4

4 Face-down roller assembly RM1-6311-000CN

5 Photo interrupter, IC WG8-5935-000CN