HP M552 M553 M577MFP Parts


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1 Document feeder (M577dn/f) kit; includes white backing and

retention clips B5L47-67901

1 Document feeder (M577c/z) kit; includes white backing and retention clips B5L47-67902

2 Image scanner (M577) kit; includes white backing and retention clips B5L46-67904

3 Control panel (M577) kit B5L47-67018

4 Keyboard US (M577c/z) B5L47-67019

5 Cover, HIP (M577) B5L46-40021

6 Bezel, control panel with NFC icon (M577) B5L46-40026

6 Bezel, control panel without NFC icon (M577) B5L46-40020

Not shown Scan control board B5L47-67903

Not shown Cover, keyboard (M577dn/f) B5L46-40002

Not shown Cover, rear (image scanner; M577) B5L46-40011

Not shown Cover, USB (M577) B5L46-40028

Not shown Cover, right front upper (M577dn) B5L46-40024

Not shown Cover assembly, stapler (M577c/f/z) B5L46-60121

Not shown Stapler (M577c/f/z) B5L46-60102

Not shown Hinge, left document feeder (M577) COM39-60064

Not shown Hinge, right document feeder (M577) COM39-60065

Not shown Cable, stapler (M577) B5L46-60121

Not shown Cable, WU USB control panel (M577) 5851-5939

Not shown Cable, HIP USB control panel (M577) 5851-5938

Not shown Cable, HDMI control panel (M577) 5851-5936

Not shown Cable, 18-pin control panel (M577) 5851-5935

Not shown Cable, HDMI PAB to SCAM (M577) B5L46-60114

Not shown Keyboard overlay kit (FR, IT, RU, DE, ES: UK Kybd) 5851-6019
1 Cover, right rear RC4-0178-000CN

2 Cover, left RC4-0179-000CN

3 Handle, right RC4-0183-000CN

4 Cover, HIP (M552dn, M553dn, M553x) RC4-0213-000CN

5 Cover, USB RC4-0214-000CN

6 Cover, upper (M553n) RL2-0096-000CN

6 Cover, upper (M553x) RL2-0097-000CN

6 Cover, upper (M552dn, M553dn) RL2-0098-000CN

7 Door assembly, right RM2-0019-000CN

8 Roller, pickup, Tray 1 (part of Tray 1 roller kit) B5L24-67905

9 Roller, separation, Tray 1 (part of Tray 1 roller kit) B5L24-67905

10 Toner collection unit B5L37-67901

11 Cover, front (M552, M553) B5L25-67901

12 Output bin RM2-0044-000CN

13 Cover, formatter RM2-0084-000CN

14 Cover, rear RM2-0085-000CN

15 Control panel (M552dn, M553n, M553dn) RM2-7180-000CN

16 Control panel (M553x) B5L24-67903
1 Cover, right rear RC4-0178-000CN

2 Handle, right RC4-0183-000CN

3 Cover, front (M577) B5L46-67906

4 Cover, left RC4-0179-000CN

5 Toner collection unit B5L37-67901

6 Output bin RM2-0044-000CN

7 Right door assembly RM2-0019-000CN

8 Roller, pickup, Tray 1 (part of Tray 1 roller kit) B5L24-67905

9 Roller, separation, Tray 1 (part of Tray 1 roller kit) B5L24-67905

10 Cover, top (M577) RL2-0769-000CN

11 Cover, left upper (M577) RL2-0770-000CN

12 Cover, top rear (M577) RC4-3383-000CN

13 Cover, rear upper (M577) RL2-0771-000CN

14 Cover, right upper (M577) RL2-0772-000CN

15 Cover, paper feed (M577) RC4-3382-000CN

16 Cover, formatter RM2-0084-000CN

17 Cover, rear RM2-0085-000CN
1 Fan, fuser (FM4) RK2-2418-000CN

2 Fan, cartridge (FM2) RK2-6124-000CN

3 Glass cleaner assembly, dust-proof RM2-0086-000CN

4 Waste toner detect PCA assembly RM2-7130-000CN

5 Connecting PCA assembly RM2-7156-000CN

6 Inner door RL2-0013-010CN

Not shown Wireless PCA, embedded 1150-7968

Not shown Near field communication (NFC) PCA, embedded (M553x) B5L24-60002

Not shown Near field communication (NFC) PCA, embedded (M577z) B5L24-60001
1 Laser/scanner assembly RM2-6545-000CN

2 Switch PCA assembly (SW4) RM2-7133-000CN

3 Pre-exposure PCA assembly RM2-7168-000CN

4 Pre-exposure PCA assembly RM2-7169-000CN

5 Hinge, cover, front RC4-0132-000CN

6 Hinge, cover, front RC4-0159-000CN
1 Cassette (Tray 2) RM2-0007-000CN

2 Fuser kit (110V) B5L35-67902

2 Fuser kit (220V) B5L36-67902

2 Fuser service kit (110V) B5L35-67902

2 Fuser service kit (220V) B5L36-67902

3 ITB (part of ITB and secondary transfer roller kit) B5L24-67901

4 Paper pickup assembly RM2-0017-000CN

5 Roller, secondary transfer B5L24-67902

6 Roller, paper pickup (part of Tray 2-5 roller kit) B5L24-67904

7 Roller, separation (part of Tray 2-5 roller kit) B5L24-67904

8 Secondary transfer assembly (M553n) RM2-0090-000CN

8 Secondary transfer assembly (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577) RM2-0022-000CN

9 Paper delivery assembly (M553n) RM2-0092-000CN

9 Paper delivery assembly (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577) RM2-0016-000CN

10 Registration assembly (M553n) RM2-0093-000CN

10 Registration assembly (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577) RM2-0018-000CN

11 Density detect assembly RM2-7160-000CN

12 Arm, solenoid RC4-0830-000CN
1 Fan, power-supply (FM1) RK2-2416-000CN

2 Fan, delivery (FM3) RK2-2728-000CN

3 Cable, flexible flat RK2-6101-000CN

4 Cable, flexible flat RK2-6103-000CN

5 HVPS (D) PCA assembly RM2-7122-000CN

6 HVPS (T) PCA assembly (M553n) RM2-7134-000CN

6 HVPS (T) PCA assembly (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577) RM2-7123-000CN

7 LVPS PCA assembly RM2-7164-000CN

8 DC controller PCA assembly (M552, M553)) RM2-7186-000CN

8 DC controller PCA assembly (M577) RM2-7187-000CN

9 Memory PCA assembly RM2-7138-000CN

10 Fuser power supply PCA assembly RM2-7125-000CN

11 Cable, flexible flat RK2-6111-000CN

12 Environmental sensor PCA assembly RM2-7154-000CN

13 Formatter (M552) B5L23-67903

13 Formatter (M552 India and China only) B5L23-67904

13 Formatter (M553n, M553dn, M553dh) B5L24-67909

13 Formatter (M553n, M553dn, M553dh India and China only) B5L24-67908

13 Formatter (M553x) B5L26-67901

13 Formatter (M553x India and China only) B5L26-67902

13 Formatter (M577) B5L46-67909

13 Formatter (M577 India and China only) B5L46-67911

14 Formatter case RC4-0152-000CN

Not shown Fax PCA (M577f, M577z) B5L53-67901
1 Motor, stepping (M6) RK2-6027-000CN

2 Duplexing drive assembly (M7, CL2; M552dn, M553dn, M553x) RM2-0006-000CN

3 Paper pickup drive assembly (M5) RM2-0008-000CN

4 Lifter drive assembly (CL1) RM2-0010-000CN

5 Main motor drive assembly B5L25-67902

6 Motor assembly, fuser (M4) RM2-0077-000CN

7 Motor assembly, drum (M1, M2, M3) RM2-0078-000CN

8 Fuser drive assembly (M553n) RM2-0091-000CN

8 Fuser drive assembly (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577) RM2-0009-000CN

9 Auto close assembly RM2-5147-000CN

10 Estrangement detect PCA assembly (SR5) RM2-7157-000CN

11 Holder, OP Drawer RC4-0445-000CN

12 Connector, drawer VS1-7258-000CN

13 Gear 18T RU8-0577-000CN
1 Cover, left (550-sheet feeder) RC4-1791-000CN

2 Cover, rear (550-sheet feeder) RC4-1792-000CN

3 Cover, right lower (550-sheet feeder) RC4-1793-000CN

4 Hinge, door, right (550-sheet feeder) RC4-1781-000CN

5 Link, door, right (550-sheet feeder) RC4-1778-000CN

6 Door assembly, right (550-sheet feeder) RM2-5146-000CN
1 Cassette (tray; 550-sheet feeder) RM2-5150-000CN

2 Paper feed assembly (550-sheet feeder) RM2-5145-000CN

3 Roller, pickup (550-sheet feeder; part of Tray 2-5 roller kit) B5L24-67904

4 Auto close assembly (550-sheet feeder) RM2-5147-000CN

5 Feed drive assembly (550-sheet feeder) RM2-5148-000CN

6 Lifter drive assembly (550-sheet feeder) RM2-5149-000CN

7 Switch button (SW21; 550-sheet feeder) WC2-5806-000CN

8 Paper pickup assembly (550-sheet feeder) RM2-5154-000CN

9 Paper feed drive PCA assembly (550-sheet feeder) RM2-7139-000CN

10 Roller, separation (550-sheet feeder; part of Tray 2-5 roller kit) B5L24-67904

11 Holder, OP drawer (550-sheet feeder) RC4-0445-000CN

12 Holder, drawer connector (550-sheet feeder) RC4-1741-000CN