HP M601 M602 M603 Parts


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1 Cover, option RC2-2459-000CN

2 Cover, formatter RC2-2468-000CN

3 Cover, right front RC3-1426-000CN

4 Cover, envelope connector RC2-2476-000CN

5 Cover, duplexing assembly RM1-8399-000CN

6 Cover, legal RC2-5239-000CN

7 Face-up tray assembly RM1-8388-000CN

8 Cover, front assembly RM1-8408-000CN

9 Cover, right (M602 and M603) RM1-8400-000CN

9 Cover, right (M601) RM1-8445-000CN

10 Cover, left assembly RM1-8401-000CN

11 Cover, top assembly (M602 and M603) RM1-8394-000CN

11 Cover, top assembly (M601) RM1-8434-000CN

12 Control-panel assembly (M602 and M603) RM1-8289-000CN

12 Control-panel assembly (M601) RM1-8290-000CN

13 Cover, right rear RC2-2478-000CN

14 Cover, HIP (M602 and M603) RC3-1424-000CN

15 Button, power RC3-1430-000CN

16 Cap, power button RC3-1431-000CN

17 Cover, USB RC3-1434-000CN
1 Cover, envelope feeder RL1-1667-000CN

2 Transfer roller RM1-8491-000CN

3 Arm, release A RC2-2480-000CN

4 Arm, release B RC2-2481-000CN

5 Motor, drum assembly (M102) RM1-8358-000CN

6 Size detect assembly RM1-4525-000CN

7 Cable, drum motor RM1-8308-000CN

8 Cable, size sensor RM1-5091-000CN

9 Plate, ground assembly RM1-5461-000CN

10 Screw, D, M3x8 XA9-1671-000CN

11 Screw, tap, M3x6 XA9-1503-000CN

12 Spring, torsion RC3-1470-000CN

13 Screw, M4x5 RC2-2633-000CN

14 PCA, switch assembly RM1-8428-000CN

15 Rod, release, upper RC2-2482-000CN

16 Drum drive assembly RM1-8489-000CN

17 Rod, release lower RC2-2483-000CN

18 Guard, edge RC1-0247-000CN

19 Spacer, frame RC2-2725-000CN

501 Screw, tapping pan head M4X10 XB4-7401-607CN
1 Laser/scanner assembly RM1-8406-000CN

2 Motor, paper feed assembly (M101) RM1-8285-000CN

3 Shaft retard drive RL1-3020-000CN

4 Solenoid RK2-4078-000CN

5 Paper pickup roller assembly RM1-0036-020CN

6 Paper feed roller assembly RM1-0037-020CN

7 Paper pickup drive assembly RM1-8415-000CN

8 Tag holder assembly RM1-4539-000CN

9 Paper feed shaft assembly RM1-8424-000CN

10 Cable, feed sensor RM1-8298-000CN

11 Ring, E XD9-0232-000CN

12 Cable, feed motor RM1-8311-000CN

13 Guide, front right assembly RM1-8427-000CN

14 Cable, laser RM1-8340-000CN

15 Bushing RC1-0214-000CN

16 Ring, E XD9-0233-010CN

17 Bushing RC3-1403-000CN

18 Gear, 18T RU5-0088-000CN

19 Gear, 23T RU5-0040-000CN

20 Spring, compression RC1-0213-000CN

501 Screw, tap, binding head, M3x8 XB4-7300-809CN
1 Guide, right assembly RM1-4558-000CN

2 Cable, panel RM1-8341-000CN

3 Sensor, temperature assembly RM1-8438-000CN

4 Fan (FN101) RK2-1988-000CN

5 Fan (FN102) RK2-1989-000CN

6 Fan (FN103) RK2-3244-000CN

7 Fan (FN104) RK2-1992-000CN

8 Bushing, paper delivery RC1-0136-000CN

9 Paper delivery drive assembly RM1-8410-000CN

10 PCA, DC controller RM1-8293-000CN

11 Motor, fuser (M299) RM1-5051-020CN

12 Switch, interlock assembly RM1-8307-000CN

13 Cable, fuser motor RM1-5088-000CN

14 Lifter drive assembly RM1-4585-000CN

15 Cable, full sensor RM1-8927-000CN

16 Cable, envelope feeder RM1-5085-000CN

17 Photo interrupter, IC WG8-5849-000CN

20 PCA, inner connecting RM1-8294-000CN

21 Cable, flat flexible (FFC) RK2-4077-000CN

22 Switch, push WC2-5637-000CN

24 Cable, HIP (M602 and M603) RK2-4152-000CN

25 Cable, door switch RM1-8344-000CN

26 USB PCA RM1-8429-000CN

27 Cable, USB RK2-4149-000CN

28 Guide assembly, left RM1-8439-000CN
1 Paper feed assembly RM1-4548-000CN

2 High-voltage power supply 110V RM1-8392-000CN

2 High-voltage power supply 220V RM1-8393-000CN

3 Connector, inlet RM1-8348-000CN

4 Connector, drawer 6P VS1-7514-006CN
1 Cassette (Tray 2) RM1-4559-020CN

2 Torque limiter (Tray 2) RC2-5771-000CN

3 Roller, paper feed assembly (Tray 2) RM1-0037-020CN
1 Torque limiter (custom media) RM1-0037-000CN

2 Roller, paper feed assembly (custom media) RM1-4560-000CN

7 Pin, cassette (custom media) RC2-6486-000CN

8 Pin, stopper (custom media) RC2-6487-000CN
1 Paper feed roller assembly RM1-8411-000CN
1 Registration assembly RM1-8413-0000CN
1 Tray 1 (MP) pickup assembly RM1-8425-000CN

2 Roller pickup, Tray 1 (MP) RL1-1641-000CN

3 Roller feed, Tray 1 (MP) RL1-1663-000CN

4 Roller separation, Tray 1 (MP) RL1-1654-020CN
1 Paper delivery assembly RM1-8414-000CN

2 Spring, tension RC1-0133-000CN

3 Spring, grounding RU6-2105-000CN
1 Fuser assembly 110V RM1-8395-000CN 1
1 PCA, DC controller RM1-8293-000CN

2 Power supply, high-voltage 110V RM1-8392-000CN

2 Power supply, low-voltage 220V RM1-8393-000CN

3 PCA, inner connecting RM1-8294-000CN

4 Formatter CE988-67906
3 Cover, lock (1x500) RC2-2584-000CN

5 Cover, legal (1x500) RC2-5239-000CN

7 Number dial assembly (1x500) RM1-4591-000CN
1 Solenoid (1x500) RK2-0270-000CN

2 Size detect assembly (1x500) RM1-4525-000CN

3 Roller, paper feed assembly (1x500) RM1-0037-020CN

6 Plate, pickup drive side assembly (1x500) RM1-8441-000CN

8 PCA, Feeder (1x500) RM1-8302-000CN

9 Connector, drawer 6P (1x500) VS1-7500-006CN

10 Lifter drive assembly (1x500) RM1-1094-050CN

11 Roller, paper pickup assembly (1x500) RM1-0036-020CN
1 Cassette (1x500) RM1-4559-020CN

2 Torque limiter (1x500) RC2-5771-000CN

3 Roller, paper feed assembly (1x500) RM1-0037-020CN
1 PCA, feeder (1x500) RM1-8302-000CN
5 Cover, lock (1x1500) RC2-2584-000CN
1 Front door assembly (1x1500) RM1-5255-020CN

2 Roller, paper feed assembly (1x1500) RM1-0037-020CN

3 Torque limiter (1x1500) RC2-5771-000CN
1 Motor, stepping (M1700) (1x1500) RH7-1603-020CN

5 Paper pickup drive assembly (1x1500) RM1-8457-000CN

7 Oil damper assembly (1x1500) RM1-0289-030CN

8 Lifter drive assembly (1x1500) RM1-8453-000CN

11 Numbering assembly (1x1500) RM1-5265-000CN

12 Connector, drawer 6 pin(1x1500) VS1-7500-006CN
9 Remnant indication assembly (1x1500) RM1-5259-000CN

10 Paper size detect assembly (1x1500) RM1-5261-000CN
1 Roller, paper feed assembly (1x1500) RM1-0037-020CN

2 Roller, paper pickup assembly (1x1500) RM1-0036-020CN

3 Paper detect sensor assembly (1x1500) RM1-8456-000CN

4 Flag, paper detect (1x1500) RC2-2524-000CN
1 PCA, feeder (1x1500) RM1-8303-000CN
8 Motor, stepping, DC 24V (M1501) (duplexer) RK2-2015-000CN

9 Fan (FN1501) (duplexer) RK2-2016-000CN

10 Motor, stepping, DC 24V (M1502) (duplexer) RK2-2139-000CN

11 Photo interrupter (duplexer) WG8-5849-000CN

16 Cable, paper re-pickup motor (duplexer) RM1-5141-000CN
1 PCA (duplexer) RM1-8305-000CN
Ref Description Part number

3 Tray, extension (envelope feeder) RC2-5705-000CN

6 Weight assembly (envelope feeder) RM1-5226-000CN
1 Photo interrupter (envelope feeder) WG8-5624-000CN

2 Roller, separation assembly (envelope feeder) RM1-5224-000CN

4 Roller, paper feed assembly (envelope feeder) RM1-5223-000CN

5 Roller, paper pickup assembly (envelope feeder) RM1-5221-000CN

6 Roller, paper pickup (envelope feeder) RC2-5700-000CN

7 Roller, paper feed (envelope feeder) RC2-5701-000CN
1 Motor, stepping, DC 24V (M1800) (envelope feeder) RK2-2162-000CN
1 PCA (envelope feeder) RM1-9030-000CN >
10 Connector 8P (MBM) VS1-7500-008CN

11 Solenoid assembly, IN (MBM) RM1-5270-000CN
1 Flag, paper sensing (MBM) RM1-5269-000CN

2 Top bin flapper assembly (MBM) RM1-4665-000CN

3 Bin flapper assembly (MBM) RM1-4666-000CN

4 Center bin flapper assembly (MBM) RM1-4667-000CN

12 Bin assembly (MBM) RM1-6672-000CN

13 Solenoid (MBM) RL1-1709-000CN
6 Drive assembly (MBM) RM1-5267-000CN

7 Sensor assembly (MBM) RM1-5096-000CN
1 PCA (MBM) RM1-8350-000CN
6 Tray assembly (S and S/S) RM1-4671-000CN

9 Joint, left (S and S/S) RL1-1703-000CN

10 Joint, right (S and S/S) RL1-1704-000CN

11 Connector 8P (S and S/S) VS1-7500-008CN

13 Solenoid assembly, IN (S and S/S) RM1-5270-000CN
1 Motor, stepping, DC 24V (M1103) (S/S) RK2-2025-000CN

4 Sensor, paper full assembly (S/S) RM1-1166-000CN

6 Motor, stepping, DC 24V (M1101) (S/S) RK2-2027-000CN

7 Solenoid (S/S) RL1-0506-000CN

10 Jog assembly (S/S) RM1-4670-000CN

12 Stapler assembly (S/S) RM1-4826-000CN
1 Motor, stepping, DC 24V (M1103) (S) RK2-2025-000CN

5 Stapler mount assembly (S) RM1-4676-000CN
1 Flag, paper sensing (S/S) RM1-0239-000CN
3 Roller, paper feed assembly (S/S) RM1-0253-020CN 1

5 Photo interrupter (S/S) WG8-5645-000CN
1 Flag, paper sensing assembly (S) RM1-0239-000CN 1

4 LED PCA (S) RG1-4266-030CN
3 Roller, paper feed assembly (S) RM1-0253-020CN *********************** 1 PCA (S/S) RM1-8351-000CN 1

1 PCA (S) RM1-8352-000CN