HP M604 M605 M606 Parts


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1 Cover, output accessory RL2-1404-000CN

2 Cover, formatter RC4-5802-000CN

3 Cover, right front RC4-5837-000CN

4 PCA, switch RM2-6327-000CN

5 Cover, duplexing RM2-6310-000CN

6 Cover, legal RC4-5872-000CN

7 Face-up tray assembly RM2-6298-000CN

8 Cover, front (M604)1 E6B67-67927

8 Cover, front (M605)1 E6B69-67901

8 Cover, front (M606)1 E6B72-67901

9 Cover, right RM2-6311-000CN

10 Cover, left RM2-6312-000CN

11 Cover, top (M605n, M605dn, and M606dn) RM2-6307-000CN

11 Cover, top (M604n and M604dn) RM2-6919-000CN

11 Cover, top (M605x and M606x) RM2-6306-000CN

12 Cover, HIP RC4-5803-000CN

13 Switch button assembly RM2-6333-000CN

14 Control panel (M604n, M604dn, M605n, M605dn, and M606dn) RM2-7682-000CN

15 Cover, right rear RC4-5804-000CN

16 Control panel (M605x and M606x) E6B67-67914

Tray 1 is part of the front cover.
1 Cover, envelope RL1-1667-000CN

2 Transfer roller kit E6B67-67904

3 Paper feed roller assembly RM1-8411-010CN

4 Registration assembly RM1-8413-000CN

5 Drum motor assembly RM1-8358-000CN

6 Size detect assembly RM1-4525-000CN

7 Torque limiter kit E6B67-67926

8 Roller, paper feed (part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

9 Cassette (Tray 2 only)

NOTE: If replacing the tray for the 500-sheet feeder, order part

number RM2-6275-000CN.


10 Drum drive assembly RM2-6920-000CN

11 PCA, formatter E6B69-60001

12 Multi-purpose (Tray 1) pickup assembly RM2-6323-000CN

Not shown Wireless PCA, embedded 1150-7968

Not shown Near field communication (NFC) PCA, embedded B5L24-60002
1 Laser scanner assembly RM1-8406-000CN

2 Paper feed motor assembly RM1-8285-000CN

3 Spring, compression RC1-0213-000CN

4 Solenoid RL2-1409-000CN

5 Roller, paper pickup (part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

6 Roller, paper feed (part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

7 Paper pickup drive assembly RM1-8415-000CN

8 Tag holder assembly RM1-4539-000CN

9 Feeder sensor cable assembly RM2-7687-000CN

10 Shaft, retard drive RL1-3020-000CN

11 Cable, feed motor RM1-8311-000CN

12 Cable, laser RM1-8340-000CN

13 Paper feed shaft assembly RM1-8424-000CN

14 Gear, 23T RU5-0040-000CN

15 Gear, 18T RU5-0088-000CN

16 Ring, E XD9-0233-010CN

17 Bushing RC3-1403-000CN

18 Bushing RC1-0214-000CN

19 Ring, E XD9-0232-010CN

20 Connector, drawer, 6P VS1-7500-006CN
1 Fuser kit (110V) E6B67-67901

1 Fuser kit (220V) E6B67-67902

2 Paper delivery assembly RM2-6319-000CN

3 Environmental sensor assembly RM1-8438-000CN

4 Fan (FN101) RK2-1988-000CN

5 Fan (FN102) RK2-1989-000CN

6 Fan (FN103) RK2-3244-000CN

7 Fan (FN104) RK2-1992-000CN

8 Cable, flexible flat RK2-6768-000CN

9 Switch, push WC2-5637-000CN

10 PCA, DC controller RM2-7643-000CN

11 Fuser (fixing) motor assembly RM1-8928-000CN

12 IC, photo interrupter WG8-5849-000CN

13 Cable, HIP RK2-6761-000CN

14 Lifter drive assembly RM2-6335-000CN

15 Easy-access USB RM2-6328-000CN

16 PCA, memory (island of data) RM2-7645-000CN

17 Locking bushing, paper delivery RC1-0136-000CN

18 Cable, fuser (fixing) motor RM1-5088-000CN

19 Cable, door switch RM1-8344-000CN

20 Paper delivery drive assembly RM2-6318-000CN

21 Gear 23T/19T RU7-0295-000CN

22 Fuser drive assembly RM2-6231-000CN
1 Paper feed assembly RM1-4548-000CN

2 Power supply assembly (110V) RM2-6301-000CN

2 Power supply assembly (220V) RM2-6349-000CN

3 Connector, drawer 6P VS1-7514-006CN

4 Cable, inlet RM1-8348-000CN
1 Roller, paper pickup (part of Tray 1 roller kit) E6B67-67906

2 Roller, paper feed (part of Tray 1 roller kit) E6B67-67906

3 Roller, separation (part of Tray 1 roller kit) E6B67-67906
1 Deflector, paper re-pickup (duplexer) RC4-5907-000CN

2 Guide, paper re-pickup, lower (duplexer) RC2-2599-000CN

3 Guide, paper re-pickup, upper (duplexer) RC2-2602-000CN

4 Cover, left (duplexer) RC4-5905-000CN

5 Cover, right (duplexer) RC4-5903-000CN

6 Cover, upper (duplexer) RC4-5906-000CN

7 Cover, rear (duplexer) RC4-5904-000CN

8 Motor, stepping, DC24V (duplexer) RK2-7885-000CN

9 Fan (duplexer) RK2-2016-000CN

10 Motor, stepping, DC24V (duplexer) RK2-2139-000CN

11 Photo interrupter (duplexer) WG8-5849-000CN

12 PCA (duplexer) RM2-7656-000CN
1 Cable, interface (envelope feeder) RM1-9032-000CN

2 Cover, lower (envelope feeder) RC4-6890-000CN

3 Tray, extension (envelope feeder) RC4-6891-000CN

4 Guide, width limit, right (envelope feeder) RC4-6107-000CN

5 Paper side end assembly (envelope feeder) RM2-6171-000CN

6 Weight assembly (envelope feeder) RM2-6728-000CN
1 IC, photo interrupter (envelope feeder) WG8-5624-000CN

2 Roller, separation (envelope feeder) RM1-5224-000CN

3 Roller, paper feed (envelope feeder) RC2-5701-000CN

4 Roller, paper feed assembly (envelope feeder) RM1-5223-000CN

5 Roller, paper pickup assembly (envelope feeder) RM1-5221-000CN

6 Roller, paper pickup (envelope feeder) RC2-5700-000CN
1 Motor, stepping, DC24V (envelope feeder) RK2-2162-000CN

2 PCA, envelope controller (envelope feeder) RM2-8651-000CN

3 Joint shaft assembly (envelope feeder) RM1-5222-000CN
1 Cover, front right (500-sheet feeder) RC4-5897-000CN

2 Cover, right (500-sheet feeder) RC4-5896-000CN

3 Cover, left (500-sheet feeder) RC4-5895-000CN

4 Cover, rear (500-sheet feeder) RC4-5902-000CN

5 Cover, legal (500-sheet feeder) RC4-5872-000CN

6 Cover, front (500-sheet feeder) RC4-5894-000CN

7 Cover, lock (500-sheet feeder) RC4-5900-000CN
1 Solenoid (500-sheet feeder) RL2-1410-000CN

2 Size detect assembly (500-sheet feeder) RM1-4525-000CN

3 Roller, paper feed (500-sheet feeder; part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

4 Top plate front assembly (500-sheet feeder) RM2-6280-000CN

5 Cassette (500-sheet feeder) RM2-6275-000CN

6 Pickup drive side plate assembly (500-sheet feeder) RM1-8441-000CN

7 Torque limiter kit (500-sheet feeder) E6B67-67926

8 PCA (500-sheet feeder) RM2-7646-000CN

9 Connector, drawer, 6P (500-sheet feeder) VS1-7500-006CN

10 Lifter drive assembly (500-sheet feeder) RM2-6278-000CN

11 Roller, paper pickup (500-sheet feeder; part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

12 Connector, drawer, 6P (500-sheet feeder) VS1-7500-006CN
1 Torque limiter kit(1,500-sheet feeder) E6B67-67926

2 Cover, lock (1,500-sheet feeder) RC4-5900-000CN

3 Cover, left (1,500-sheet feeder) RC4-5980-000CN

4 Cover, right (1,500-sheet feeder) RC4-5981-000CN

5 Cover, rear (1,500-sheet feeder) RC4-5989-000CN

6 Roller, paper feed (1,500-sheet feeder; part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

7 Door, front (1,500-sheet feeder) RM2-6037-000CN
1 Motor, stepping (1,500-sheet feeder) RH7-1603-020CN

2 Switch, push (1,500-sheet feeder) WC2-5806-000CN

3 Connector, drawer, 6P (1,500-sheet feeder) VS1-7500-006CN

4 Paper pickup drive assembly (1,500-sheet feeder) RM2-6045-000CN

5 PCA, paper deck (1,500-sheet feeder) RM2-7647-000CN

6 Lifter drive assembly (1,500-sheet feeder) RM2-6044-000CN
1 Paper size detect assembly (1,500-sheet feeder) RM1-5261-000CN
1 Roller, paper feed (1,500-sheet feeder; part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

2 Roller, paper pickup (1,500-sheet feeder; part of Tray 2-6 roller kit) E6B67-67905

3 Paper detect sensor assembly (1,500-sheet feeder) RM2-6042-000CN

4 IC, photo interrupter (1,500-sheet feeder) WG8-5849-000CN
1 Cover, front (5-bin mailbox) RC4-6204-000CN

2 Cover, top (5-bin mailbox) RL2-1349-000CN

3 Cover, left (5-bin mailbox) RM2-6241-000CN

4 Cover, right (5-bin mailbox) RM2-6242-000CN

5 Door, rear (5-bin mailbox) RM2-6243-000CN

6 Solenoid assembly, IN (5-bin mailbox) RM1-5270-000CN

7 Joint, left (5-bin mailbox) RL1-1703-000CN

8 Joint, right (5-bin mailbox) RL1-1704-000CN

9 Lever, IN flapper link (5-bin mailbox) RL1-2232-000CN

10 Connector, 8P (5-bin mailbox) VS1-7500-008CN
1 Paper sensing flag assembly(5-bin mailbox) RM1-5269-000CN

2 Top bin flapper assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM1-4665-000CN

3 Bin flapper assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM1-4666-000CN

4 Center bin flapper assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM1-4667-000CN

5 Bin solenoid assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM1-5266-000CN

6 Solenoid (5-bin mailbox) RL1-1709-000CN

7 Bin assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM2-6248-000CN
1 Drive assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM1-5267-000CN

2 Sensor assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM1-5096-000CN

3 PCA (5-bin mailbox) RM2-7648-000CN

4 Cable guide assembly (5-bin mailbox) RM2-6244-000CN
1 Cover, top (stapler/stacker) RC4-6162-000CN

1 Cover, top (stacker) RC4-6180-000CN

2 Cover, right rear (stapler/stacker) RC4-6161-000CN

2 Cover, right rear (stacker) RC4-6181-000CN

3 Cover, left (stacker and stapler/stacker) RC4-6158-000CN

4 Cover, front (stacker and stapler/stacker) RL2-1334-000CN

5 Lever, IN flapper link (stacker and stapler/stacker) RL1-2232-000CN

6 Tray assembly (stacker and stapler/stacker) RM2-6199-000CN

7 Cover, right front (stacker and stapler/stacker) RM2-6200-000CN

8 Cover, rear (stacker and stapler/stacker) RM2-6201-000CN

9 Joint, left (stacker and stapler/stacker) RL1-1703-000CN

10 Joint, right (stacker and stapler/stacker) RL1-1704-000CN

11 Connector, 8P (stacker and stapler/stacker) VS1-7500-008CN

12 Solenoid assembly, IN (stacker and stapler/stacker) RM1-5270-000CN
1 Motor, stepping, DC24V (stapler/stacker) RK2-2025-000CN

2 PCA, driver (stapler/stacker) RM2-7649-000CN

3 Stapler assembly (stapler/stacker) RM2-6202-000CN

4 Paper full sensor assembly (stapler/stacker) RM1-1166-000CN

5 Stapler mount assembly (stapler/stacker) RM1-4827-000CN

6 Motor, stepping, DC24V (stapler/stacker) RK2-2027-000CN

7 Solenoid(stapler/stacker) RL1-0506-000CN

8 Jog assembly (stapler/stacker) RM2-6198-000CN
1 Motor, stepping, DC24V(stacker) RK2-2025-000CN

2 PCA, driver (stacker) RM2-7650-000CN

3 Stapler mount assembly (stacker) RM1-4676-000CN

4 Paper full sensor assembly (stacker) RM1-1166-000CN
1 Paper sensing flag assembly (stapler/stacker) RM1-0239-000CN

2 Paper upper guide assembly (stapler/stacker) RM1-0246-030CN

3 PCA, LED (stapler/stacker) RG1-4266-030CN
1 Paper feed roller assembly (stapler/stacker) RM1-0253-020CN

2 Photo interrupter(stapler/stacker) WG8-5645-000CN
1 Paper sensing flag assembly (stacker) RM1-0239-000CN

2 Paper upper guide assembly (stacker) RM1-0246-030CN

3 PCA, LED (stacker) RG1-4266-030CN
1 Paper feed roller assembly (stacker) RM1-0253-020CN 1