HP M750 Parts


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Ref Description Part number

1 Cover, top RM1-7148-000CN

2 Door, toner collection unit access RC2-7034-000CN

3 Cable, USB RK2-2901-000CN

4 Cover, rear RM1-7147-000CN

5 Cover, right rear RM1-7142-000CN

6 Cover, handle, lower-right, rear RC2-6626-000CN

7 Cover, handle, lower-right, front RC2-6627-000CN

8 Cover, right front assembly (includes control panel) RM1-7144-000CN

9 Cover, front assembly CE707-67902

10 Cover, handle, lower-left RC2-6625-000CN

11 Cover, left assembly RM1-7143-000CN
Right door assembly, duplex model RM1-6007-000CN

Right door assembly, simplex model RM1-6138-000CN

1 Roller, secondary transfer, T2 (included in the service kit) CC522-67912

2 Door, right upper RC2-7091-000CN

3 Roller, paper pick-up, Tray 1 (included in the service kit) CC522-67928

4 Lifter plate assembly, Tray 1 RM1-6043-000

5 Pick roller and separation pad, Tray 1 (included in the service kit) CC522-67928

6 Tray 1 (MP tray) assembly RM1-6045-000CN
Ref Description Part number

1 Upper cartridge guide assembly RM1-5990-000CN

2 Duct, front RC2-7300-000CN

3 Stopper, inner door, 1 RC2-6719-000CN

4 Stopper, inner door, 2 RC2-6736-000CN

5 Door, inner, service kit includes all labels CC522-67906

6 Cover, lower front RC2-6737-000CN

11 Spring, grounding RC2-7209-000CN

12 Hinge, inner door, left RC2-6716-000CN

13 Hinge, inner door, right RC2-6712-000CN

14 Rail, cartridge auxiliary RC2-6724-000CN

15 Mount, cover arm, front RC2-6735-000CN

16 Arm, front cover, 1 RC2-6732-000CN

17 Mount, inner door toggle RC2-6717-000CN

18 Arm, front cover, 2 RC2-6733-000CN

19 Mount, stopper arm RC2-6745-000CN

20 Mount, inner door rail RC2-6743-000CN

21 Spring, compression RU6-2721-000CN

22 Lever, inner door pressure RC2-6744-000CN

23 Hinge, front cover, left RC2-6713-000CN

24 Hinge, front cover, center RC2-6738-000CN

25 Hinge, front cover, right RC2-6715-000CN

26 Cover, guide RC2-7204-000CN

27 Guide, arm, front RC2-6632-000CN

28 Lever, push RC2-7198-000CN

29 Lever, lift, 2 RC2-7200-000CN

30 Microswitch WC4-5251-000CN
31 Holder, interlock switch RC2-6689-000CN

32 Fan, fuser RK2-2728-000CN

33 Holder, duplexing fan RC2-8357-000CN

34 Spring, leaf, grounding RC2-7092-000CN

35 Cover, handle guide RC2-6670-000CN
1 Drive assembly, duplex reverse, duplex model RM1-6005-000CN

1 Drive assembly, simplex reverse, simplex model RM1-6120-000CN

2 Guide, fuser, front RC2-6546-000CN

3 Cover, cable, protective RC2-6832-000CN

4 Fuser assembly, 110V (included in service kit) CE707-67912

4 Fuser assembly, 220V (included in service kit) CE707-67913

5 Guide, fuser, rear RC2-6547-000CN

6 Fuser drive assembly CE707-67904

7 Fuser motor assembly RM1-6074-000CN

8 Gear assembly, fuser RM1-7914-060CN

9 Cable, SB joint, low-voltage power supply, duplex model RM1-6867-000CN

10 Spring, tension, registration sensor RU6-2710-000CN

11 Support, frame, rear RC2-7197-000CN

12 Registration sensor assembly RM1-7922-000CN

13 Support, frame, front RC2-7196-000CN

14 Tray 2 pickup and separation roller assembly (included in service kit) CE710-69007

15 Connector, snap tight, black VS1-7207-019CN

16 Guide, paper feed RC2-7297-000CN

17 Sensor, cassette last paper presence RM1-6164-000CN

18 Cover, connector, lower RC2-6642-000CN

19 Gear, 18T/29T RU6-0775-000CN

20 Label, fuser insert RU6-8042-000CN
1 Cover, main drive cable, lower RC2-6574-000CN

2 Guide, main drive cable RC2-6659-000CN

3 Main drive assembly, duplex model CE708-67901

3 Main drive assembly, simplex model CE707-67905

4 DC motor assembly RM1-6088-000CN

5 Motor, stepping, DC, duplex model RK2-3298-000CN

5 Motor, stepping, DC, simplex model RK2-3298-000CN

6 Cable, feed joint, duplex model RM1-6846-000CN

7 Spring, grounding, second-transfer high-voltage PCA RU6-2772-000CN

8 Holder, secondary transfer HVT RC2-6681-010CN

9 Cap, T2 contact, second-transfer high-voltage PCA RC2-6691-000CN

10 Spring, contact, second-transfer high-voltage PCA RU6-2771-000CN

11 Holder, secondary transfer, power dispatching RC2-6682-000CN

12 Spring, grounding, second-transfer high-voltage PCA RC2-6700-000CN

13 Link, ITB coupling release RC2-6823-000CN

14 Spring, tension, duplex model RU6-2671-000CN

15 Hook, duplexing spring, duplex model RC2-6932-000CN

16 Gear, 25T, duplex model RU6-0771-000CN

17 Cover, duplexing gear, duplex model RC2-6931-000CN

18 Gear, 25T, duplex model RU6-0772-000CN

19 Gear, 74T, duplex model RU6-0773-000CN

20 Plate, duplexing drive gear RL1-2266-000CN

21 Support, developing coupling RC2-6811-000CN

22 Cover, gear, simplex model RC3-0688-000CN

23 Sensor, right door WG8-5935-000

24 Holder, door sensor, right RC2-6645-000CN

25 Arm, ITB coupling release RC2-6824-000CN

26 Rail, door link, rear lower RC2-6635-000CN

27 Spring, tension, rear RU6-2744-000CN

28 Plate, right door link, rear RC2-7273-000CN

29 Plate, right door link, fixed, rear RL1-2282-000CN

30 Shaft, right door link RU5-4979-000CN
31 Lock, door link, right RC2-7234-000CN

32 Link, right door, 2 rear RC2-7236-000CN

33 Link, right door, 2 front RC2-7233-000CN

34 Duct, joint RC2-8360-000CN

35 Plate, right door link, fixed, front RL1-2281-000CN

36 Hinge, right door, front RC2-7094-000CN

37 Plate, right door link, front RC2-7272-000CN

38 Spring, tension, front RU6-2727-000CN

39 Rail, door link, front lower RC2-6634-000CN
1 IT belt guide rail assembly RM1-6018-000CN

2 IT belt guide rail R1 assembly RM1-6037-000CN

3 Toner collection unit (included in the service kit) CE980-67901

4 Arm, waste toner, left RC2-7035-000CN

5 Cover, waste toner, 3 RC2-6963-000CN

6 Plate, arm reinforcement RC2-9649-000CN

7 Arm, waste toner, right RC2-7036-000CN

8 Spring, tension RU6-2831-000CN

9 Waste toner cover assembly (includes Residual Toner Full Sensor) RM1-6012-000CN

10 Cover, waste toner, 2 RC2-6962-000CN

11 Shutter, exhaust RC2-7010-000CN

12 Spring, compression RU6-2683-000CN

13 Guide, fuser AC cable RC2-6693-000CN

14 Guide, LVT cable RC2-6662-000CN

15 Clamp, edge RC2-6663-000CN

16 Gear, link worm RU6-0795-000CN

17 ITB guide rail assembly RM1-6019-000CN

18 Guide, slide RC2-7203-000CN

19 Slider, push RC2-7201-000CN

20 Lever, lift, 1 RC2-7199-000CN

21 Cover, main cross-member cable RC2-6650-000CN

22 Guide, main cross-member cable RC2-6600-000CN

23 Label, ITB set, RH RU5-8807-000CN

24 Rail, ITB guide RC2-7185-000CN

25 Label, ITB, RV RU5-8805-000CN

26 Rail, ITB guide, F3 RC2-7193-000CN

27 Guide, inside cable RC2-6589-000CN

28 ITB assembly (included in the service kit; includes transfer roller) CC522-67911

29 Fan, power supply RK2-2276-000CN

30 Holder, power supply fan RC2-7299-000CN
31 Duct, fan, 1 RC2-8388-000CN

32 Laser scanner assembly RM1-6122-070CN

33 Seal, toner supporter guide 1 RC2-7018-000CN

34 Toner feed assembly RM1-6040-000CN

35 Guide, laser RC2-6628-000CN

36 Holder, flat flexible cable RC2-6655-000CN

37 Cable assembly, flat-flexible RM1-6804-000CN

38 Seal, slide shutter RC3-1014-000CN

39 Sheet, slide seal RC3-1013-000CN

40 Label, ITB insert, FV RU5-8804-000CN

41 Label, ITB insert, FH RU5-8806-000CN
1 Holder, first power dispatching RC2-6680-000CN

2 Spring, contact RU6-2767-000CN

3 Spring, contact RU6-2768-000CN

4 Guide, cross-member cable, rear RC2-6588-000CN

5 Stopper, laser RC2-6646-000CN

6 Guide, cross-member cable, front RC2-6587-000CN

7 Spring, rod RC2-6611-000CN

8 Cover, cable, right rear RC2-8424-000CN

9 Lifter drive assembly RM1-6039-000CN

10 Auto close assembly RM1-6036-000CN

11 Holder, switch RC2-6666-000CN

12 Cable, switch RM1-6830-000CN

13 Low voltage power supply assembly, 110V RM1-6753-000CN

13 Low voltage power supply assembly, 220V RM1-6754-000CN

14 Guide, cable RC3-0684-000CN

15 Cable, low-voltage AC joint RM1-6811-000CN

16 Cable, low-voltage power supply RM1-6807-000CN

17 Cable, low-voltage power supply, test RM1-6813-000CN

18 Cable, left, high-voltage power supply to low-voltage power supply RM1-6833-000CN
1 Clamp, edge, D RC2-6674-000CN

2 Guide, cable, right RC2-6842-000CN

3 Guide, cable, upper RC2-6841-000CN

4 Cable, PNL-H-HI RM1-6849-000CN

5 Spacer, DC controller PCA VT2-5176-004CN

6 Guide, DC cont. support cable RC2-6665-000CN

7 Cable, primary transfer RM1-6822-000CN

8 Cable, rear RM1-6863-000CN

9 Formatter case RM1-6065-000CN

10 Plate, FFC protective RC2-9687-000CN

11 Holder, paper pick-up connector RC2-6638-000CN

12 Connector, 8-pin, paper-pick-up VS1-7514-008CN

13 Plate, box pillar RC2-6673-000CN

14 Guide, imaging HVT cable RC2-6661-000CN

15 Cover, imaging HVT cable RC2-6573-000CN

16 Cross-member, cover, left RC2-6760-000CN

17 Holder, formatter fan RC2-6648-000CN

18 Fan, formatter RK2-3301-000CN

19 Core, ring WE8-6639-000CN
Tray 2 replacement, gray CE710-67907
Paper pick-up assembly CE707-67903
Paper delivery assembly RM1-6165-000CN
1 Toner remaining detect PCA RM1-6779-000CN

2 Primary transfer high-voltage PCA RM1-7004-000CN

3 Driver PCA (duplex model) RM1-6742-000CN

3 Driver PCA (simplex model) RM1-6783-000CN

4 DC Controller PCA (duplex model) CE708-67902

4 DC Controller PCA (simplex model) CE707-67906

5 Secondary transfer high-voltage PCA RM1-6802-000CN

6 Imaging high-voltage PCA RM1-6800-000CN

7 Environment sensor PCA RK2-2884-000CN

8 Power switch PCA RM1-6759-000CN

9 Low-voltage power supply PCA (110V) RM1-6753-000CN

9 Low-voltage power supply PCA (220V) RM1-6754-000CN

Not shown Formatter, replacement kit D3L08-67901

Not shown Formatter, replacement kit (China) D3L08-67902

10 Inter connect board (ICB) PCA CE707-67907
1 Handle, lock, rear (1x500PF) RC2-9303-000CN

2 Cover, right front (1x500PF) RC2-9320-000CN

3 Link, right door, lower (1x500PF) RC2-9327-000CN

4 Cover, rear (1x500PF) RC2-9330-000CN

5 Cover, left (1x500PF) RC2-9331-000CN

6 Cover, handle, lower (1x500PF) RC2-9332-000CN

7 Link, right door, upper (1x500PF) RC2-9335-000CN

8 Right door assembly (1x500PF) RM1-6946-000CN

9 Cover, right lower assembly (1x500PF) RM1-6948-000CN

10 Cover, upper front assembly (1x500PF) RM1-6949-000CN
1 Switch, bottom (1x500PF) WC2-5512-000CN

2 Motor, pick-up (1x500PF) RK2-1331-000CN

3 Lifter drive assembly (1x500PF) RM1-3819-000CN

4 Cassette (1x500PF) CF235-67917

5 Paper pick-up assembly (1x500PF) RM1-6944-000CN

6 Paper feeder driver PCA (1x500PF) RM1-6987-000CN

8 Roller, feed, paper feeder (included in service kit) CE710-67908

9 Label, cassette number (1x500PF) 5851-5600

A03 Connector, 8P (1x500PF) VS1-7514-008CN
1 Paper feeder driver PCA (1x500PF) RM1-6987-000CN
4 Cover, right corner (3x500PF) RC2-9343-000CN

5 Cover, right lower, 1 (3x500PF) RC2-9346-000CN

6 Cover, right lower, 2 (3x500PF) RC2-9347-000CN

7 Cover, rear (3x500PF) RC2-9348-000CN

8 Cover, left (3x500PF) RC2-9349-000CN

9 Cover, left lower (3x500PF) RC2-9350-000CN

10 Cover, rear lower (3x500PF) RC2-9357-000CN

12 Right door assembly (3x500PF) RM1-6953-000CN

13 Front lower cover assembly (3x500PF) RM1-6958-000CN

14 Screw, stepped (3x500PF) RS5-9099-000CN
1 Motor, stepping, DC (3x500PF) RK2-1331-000CN

2 Rail, cassette, right (3x500PF) RL1-1390-000CN

3 Rail, cassette, left (3x500PF) RL1-1391-000CN

4 Cable, paper pick-up option (3x500PF) RM1-3575-000CN

5 Cable, multisensor (3x500PF) RM1-3647-000CN

6 Cable, door open switch (3x500PF) RM1-3651-000CN

7 Lifter drive assembly (3x500PF) RM1-3819-000CN

8 Cassette (3x500PF) CF235-67917

9 Paper pick-up assembly (3x500PF) RM1-6944-000CN

10 Feeder PCA (3x500PF) RM1-6989-000CN

11 Cable, engine interface (3x500PF) RM1-6991-000CN

12 Cable, PCA joint (3x500PF) RM1-6992-000CN

13 Switch, button (3x500PF) WC2-5512-000CN

14 Roller, pick-up (included in the service kit; 3x500PF) CC522-67909

16 Caster, double lock, front (3x500PF) RC1-9896-000CN

17 Caster, rear RC3-2994-000

18 Connector, 8P (3x500PF) VS1-7500-008CN

19 Label, cassette number (3x500PF) 5851-5600
Cassette (3x500PF) CF235-67917
1 Feeder PCAs (3x500PF) RM1-6989-000CN