i-data Host2Net


Host2Net Add Direct IBM Host and AS/400 Printing to the LAN
  • Stand-alone Printing Solution
  • Up to 3 Logical Printers
  • Multiple IBM System Support
  • Dual Protocol Support
  • Compatible & Upgradable
  • Easy to install and use
  • High speed

  • Now you can print from IBM S/390 and AS/400 applications on inexpensive LAN-based printers, with a minimal installation and configuration effort and low maintenance costs.

    Host2Net converts any IBM host print data and sends it to LAN attached industry standard printers using standard LAN interfaces.

    Host2Net is easy to install, configure and monitor. Access to the built-in Web-server is possible from the desktop with a standard browser.

    The Host2Net can be installed in any LAN in order to add network printing from multiple IBM host and midrange systems - it is the ideal solution for companies with departments and remote offices using both LAN and IBM Host printing.

    Designed to meet present and future printing requirements of today's heterogeneous enterprise networks, the i-data Host2Net fully supports the AFP/IPDS data stream and advanced SCS features.

    Input data can be received from all IBM PSF versions, all i-data AFP capable mainframe printing software, and all LU1/SCS applications. Both SNA and TCP/IP protocols are supported for printing.

    Host2Net offers multiple data stream input, multiple input protocol support and output to multiple printer types. Host2Net is a cost effective and flexible high-performance solution for IBM host printing in the network.