i-data HostCom EIO


( HostCom EIO )
HostCom EIO Direct IBM Host Printing for wide range of HP LaserJet Printers
  • Internal solution
  • Advanced SCS feature
  • Additional IPDS feature
  • High speed printing
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Easy to use

    HostCom EIO is a high performance internal interface for HP LaserJet printers with EIO port. The HostCom EIO provides full support for all types of distributed printing from IBM mainframe or AS/400 systems in coax or twinax networks.

    The advanced SCS feature includes text to barcode conversion, font and paper tray selection, duplex support and support for multiple transparent formats.

    With the additional IPDS DIMM feature installed, HostComEIO handles both AFP/IPDS and SCS data streams. The IPDS feature supports all AFP/IPDS functions including Downloaded Fonts, Graphics, Images, Duplex, Color and DBCS fonts.

    A high quality scaling algorithm automatically scales low resolution IPDS printing resources to 300 dpi.

    Easy installation is provided by automatic configuration of key printer functions and local configuration via a Windows based set-up program. In addition, remote configuration, full printing status support and firmware download from IBM systems provide an efficient method of managing large and distributed printer installations at a minimal cost.

    When installing an HostCom EIO interface all of the printer's basic functionality will be preserved. Simply add the ability of sharing the printer between the IBM S/370-390 coax or IBM AS/400 twinax and PC environment.