i-data LAN Brick


( LAN Brick )
I-data (MPI Tech) LANBrick is the Easiest Way to Connect Coax/Twinax IPDS Printers to a LAN Environment.

  • Connects IPDS printers
  • Matrix and/or Laser
  • High speed printing
  • Easy to install and use

    The LAN Brick Eth 10 is an external network adapter providing direct LAN connectivity for coax- and twinax-attached midrange IPDS printers.

    The LAN Brick Eth 10 is designed for Ethernet networks and supports 10Base-2 (coax BNC connector) or 10Base-T (RJ45 connector) networks.

    The LAN Brick Eth 10 is designed to operate with IBM PSF/MVS, IBM PSF/400, IBM PSF/2 and PSF for AIX Version 2.1 to provide LAN connectivity for IBM compatible midrange IPDS printers