i-data LinkCom


( LinkCom )
I-DATA LINKCOM LinkCom Xpress 10/100 IPDS
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

LinkCom The Easiest Way to Connect Printers to Mixed LAN and IBM Host Environments

External Print Server Connects two printers Matrix and/or Laser Multiple System Support Compatible and upgradable 

High speed printing

Easy to install and use

LinkCom is a universal, external PrintServer, that connects printers with parallel ports to a mixed LAN environment allowing you to use printers as LAN-printers and Host printers at the same time.

LinkCom PrintServer connects two printers to a LAN providing efficient sharing of printers between multiple systems, protocols and data streams. LinkCom allows migration of IBM Host prints directly to a LAN via SNA or TCP/IP. It is universal and connects to almost any laser and impact printers with a parallel port.

It is not necessary to install extra software packages in the network.

Since LinkCom offers compatibility with most known IBM coax and twinax printers no changes to existing applications are needed.

LinkCom is built on a flexible platform which can be upgraded in multiple steps from an entry product up to an advanced product which supports both advanced SCS and AFP/IPDS printing on the same platform.

LinkCom is easy to install, configure and monitor. Access to the built-in Web-server is possible from the desktop with a standard browser.

Installation and integration is simple and easy due to predefined print sessions, support of multiple protocols and automatic recognition of installed printer features.