I-O 5760e adaptio SCS Host Print Gateway


I-O 5760e adaptio SCS Host Print Gateway Network Attachable Print Server

I-O 5760e Printer Gateway
5760e (New)

The I-O 5760e adaptio SCS Host Print Gateway is a high-speed network attachable print server designed to convert native IBM SCS host print jobs to PCL, allowing them to be printed by a laser or dot-matrix printer on an Ethernet Network. Supporting up to 10 printers, the 5760e adaptio SCS Gateway delivers IBM Host SCS printing via your existing network and it provides the printer feedback found in a native IBM host environment.

High Speed Printing, 250 ppm Data conversion is done at the 5760e adaptio SCS Gateway & sent to the printers via the ethernet network. The adaptio SCS Gateway takes advantage of high-speed, high-performance printers.
SCS printingIBM host printing to network attached printers can be accomplished easily in an Ethernet environment. Laser printers are configured as SCS virtual printers. Dot-matrix printers are configured as SCS printers.
Field UpgradableCan be purchased to support between 1 to 10 printers. If purchased to support fewer than 10 printers, additional printer session licenses can be purchased and applied in the field.
Supports up to 10 Attached Network PrintersTen laser or dot matrix printers can be configured as SCS virtual host printers.
Full IBM Control of Print JobsThe 5760e adaptio SCS Gateway provides bi-directional communication between the host and the printer.
Remote PrintingThe printers can be attached remotely or via a WAN or VPN network. Printers do not need to be next to the 5760e adaptio SCS Gateway.
One USB PortOne local USB printer can be directly attached to the adaptio SCS Gateway for IBM host or LAN print jobs.


For AS/400 - iSeries
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, TN5250e
  • SCS Emulation:
    • IBM 3812-1
    • 4214
    • 5224,5225,5256
  • System Requirements:
    • OS/400 Release 3.1 or higher
For IBM S/390 - zSeries
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, TN3270e
  • SCS Emulations: 3287
  • System Requirements:
    • TCP/IP v3.1 or higher
    • VM, OS/390, or z/OS
  • Windows Printers:
    • Laser and Dot-matrix via output.
  • Direct 9100 Port:
    • Laser and dot-matrix printers that accept port 9100 Communication, PJL unolicited messeges
  • Print Drivers:
    • SCS - PCL 3, Epson, IBM Proprinter, Generic
  • Field Upgradable
    • Upgrade to up to 10 printers
  • Ethernet Connection:
    • Auto-sensing 10/100BaseT
  • Printer Ports:
    • Supports one(1) localy attached USB printer
  • Power Supply
    • 100-240V auto-switching / 12V DC
  • Configuration
    • Windows I-O Configuration Utility