I-O TC5000 Thin Client


I-O TC5000 Windows based thin-client
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

The I-O TC5000 Thin Client is a high speed, economical, Windows based thin client designed for IBM AS/400, iSeries, eSeries i5, mainframe connectivity and Windows, Citrix, Unix and browser based applications. With a 533 MHz processor and Window's CE.Net Operating System, the I-O TC5000 provides the power and flexibility required in a multi-application environment. I-O's award winning host printer emulations are embedded in the I-O TC5000, allowing native IBM AS/400, iSeries, and eServer i5 print jobs to be accurately printed.

The I-O TC5000provides significant cost savings compared to PC workstations. In addition to being competitively priced, the I-O TC5000 saves time by allowing the system administrator to configure, manage and update each workstation from a central location. The I-O TC5000 does not utilize local storage drives which prevents unwanted software and costly viruses from being introduced into the network.

For over a quarter of a century, I-O Corporation has been a pioneer in developing IBM host emulations. Whether entering data or printing a report, the I-O TC5000 is the right choice.

Technical Specifications

- Windows CE.Net 4.2
- I-O's TN5250e Printer Emulations
- ICA V8 and RDP V5.2 Support
- IE Browser V6 for CE
- Media Player
- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, and PDF Viewers
- Remote Management Software
- LPR/LPD Printing
- VNC Server
- E-mail Client

- Fast Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
- DHCP Client

Terminal Emulations
- IBM TN5250e, TN3270e, IBM 3151
- VT52/100/100+/500/HP220/UTF8/PCTerm
- WY50/50+/60/PCTerm
- TVI910/920/925/950/955
- ADDS A2, AIXTerm, ANSI BBS, HZ1500, AT 386,
HP 700-92/96, DG 410/412, TA6530

- RJ45 10/100 Auto Sensing
- 2 USB (Keyboard, Mouse or Printer)
- 1 Parallel
- 1 Serial
- Stero out, Line out & Mic in
- Display
- PS/2 Mouse
- PS/2 Keyboard

OS Support
- OS/400, i5/OS, z/OS, OS/390, MVS
- Windows 2003 Server Family
- Windows 2000 Server Family
- Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server
- Citrix WinFrame, MetaFrame
- Unix

- Via 533 MHz Fanless Processor
- 208 mm x 187 mm x 50 mm
- Weight 2.9 lbs. (logic unit)
- External Transformer 12 VAC 2A
- 128 MB RAM + 32 MB Flash

Display Support
- CRT and LCD Monitor Support up to
1280 x 1024 Resolution
- Up to 85 Hz Refresh
- 32-Bit Color
- AS/400 132 & 80 Columns

Host Printing Emulations
- IBM SCS 3812 & 4214