IBM 3471 Terminal


IBM 3471 Terminal with keyboard

Please see IBM 3483

The IBM 3471 is an InfoWindow* display that offers a new level of performance in entry mainframe interactive displays. The InfoWindow 3471 features a choice of keyboard, choice of warranty period in some models, and either 14-inch green or amber-gold monochrome monitor with a flat, smudge-resistant screen, capable of displaying up to 1920 characters.

The 3471 offers high-quality, superior ergonomics and functions that include: Variable Auto Dim, Extended Vital Product Data, Extended Attribute Buffer, Record/Play/Pause with security options, Country Extended Code Page, Improved Set-Up Mode, and front-of-screen Dot Width Adjustment are offered on the 3471 Model B. 

The IBM 3471 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally. The InfoWindow 3471 replaces and is compatible with the IBM 3191 Models A and B Display Stations. Depending on the model selected, the InfoWindow 3471 may be attached to the IBM 43xx, 937x, ES/4381*, ES/9370*, 470x, 308x, ES/3090*, ES/9000*, 8100, System/36, System/38, and Application System/400* (AS/400*) processors. 

 Model Abstract 3471-BAX

The InfoWindow 3471 Model BAx comes with an Amber-Gold monitor and a choice of keyboard.

The InfoWindow 3471 Model BGx comes with a Green monitor and a choice of keyboard.

  • IBM Enhanced Keyboard
  • Improved setup (menu driven)
  • Improved Network Asset Management via Extended Vital Product Data
  • Extended Attribute Buffer
  • Record/Play/Pause with Security Options
  • Country Extended Code Page
  • Front-of-screen Dot Width Adjustment

User Productivity
  • The IBM 3471 now supports the IBM Enhanced Keyboard with U.S. English and National Languages.
  • An improved setup mode for the InfoWindow 3471 Model B provides an ease-of-use benefit for the customer. The 3471 can be set or changed via screen panels for some display station characteristics.
  • The Extended Attribute Buffer function provides Extended Field Attributes, permitting blink, reverse image and underscore character highlighting.
  • Record/Play/Pause provides a method of reducing keystrokes by recording and playing back frequently used data. A Data Security option allows users to disable Record/Play.
  • Country Extended Code Page (CECP) allows the user to communicate with the CECP character set.
  • Dot Width Adjustment function allows users to choose dot width (horizontal dimensions) for an improved front-of-screen appearance in character brightness.
Investment Protection

New Models support all functions currently offered on IBM InfoWindow 3471.

Systems Management

The IBM 3471 will transmit Extended Vital Product Data to an IBM Subsystem Control Unit, which includes machine type, model number, serial number, and an additional 320 bytes of data. This capability provides the customer with an asset management facility for the 3471 via Netview.

General Description

The IBM 3471 is a high quality, 1920 character, 14-inch Amber-Gold or Green monochrome CRT Display Station which is used for displaying alphanumeric data, and for entering data into, and receiving data from, the following systems: The IBM 3471 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally.

           SYSTEM             via ATTACHMENT
------- --------- --------------------------------
43xx 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
937x 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
308x 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
3090 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
ES/9000 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
S/8100 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
S/36 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
S/38 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
AS/400 3174,3274 Type A Adapter
470x Cluster Adapter
937x Workstation Subsystem Controller
43x1 Workstation Adapter or Display
Printer Adapter (where applicable)
The 3471 consists of the following workstation elements:
                              BAx  BGx
Video 14-inch Amber-Gold X
Video 14-inch Green X
Keyboard * X X
Tilt/Swivel Stand X X
Power Cord X X
Shipping Group X X
The IBM 3471 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable
screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally.
* One of the following Keyboards are selectable by Specify Code:
  • IBM 122-Key Typewriter Keyboard
  • IBM Enhanced Keyboard (102-Key)
  • IBM 104-Key Typewriter Keyboard (English only)
  • 104-Key Data Entry Keyboard (English only)
NOTE:  1A = 122-key Keyboard
G = IBM Enhanced Keyboard
1B = 104-key Keyboard
  • A typewriter-style modifiable keyboard with either 102 keys on the IBM Enhanced Keyboard or 122 keys on the Typewriter Keyboard provides 24 program function keys, a numeric pad, and cursor-move keys.
  • Also available is the 104-Key Typewriter Keyboard (no numeric pad).
  • A keyboard definition utility is supported in the IBM 3174/3274 to allow definition of customer-specific keyboard layouts.
  • PA3 key function is supported (3174 only).
  • The Response Time Monitor, Alert capability, and Entry Assist are supported on the IBM 3174 and 3274 with Configuration Support D.
  • Adjustable Audible Alarm, Variable Auto-Dim, and Security Keylock are standard. Security key is removable in both LOCK and UNLOCK position.
  • Low-profile keyboards with coiled cable.
Screen Characteristics

Both the 14-inch Amber-Gold Monochrome model and the 14-inch Green Monochrome model CRTs provide a bright, steady presentation of 80 x 24 characters. The IBM 3471 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally.

Etched, enhanced-contrast CRT screen designed to reduce light reflections and fingerprint smudges to produce high-quality, high- resolution output.

  • Viewable area of screen is 235 mm x 170 mm
  • Character box is 9 x 16
  • Character matrix is 7 x 11
  • Character height is 3.39 mm
  • Character width is 1.96 mm
Tilt/Swivel stand, provided as standard, provides 19.4 degrees of tilt (plus 15 degrees to minus 4.4 degrees) and 180 degrees of swivel (plus or minus 90 degrees from the center position) to enable the display to be individually positioned.

Physical Specifications
  • Width: 333mm (13.1 inches)
  • Depth: 324mm (12.8 inches)
  • Height: 360mm (14.2 inches)
  • Height: 9.5kg (20.9 lbs)
122-Key Typewriter Keyboard
  • Width: 533mm (20.9 inches)
  • Depth: 215mm (8.5 inches)
  • Height: 64mm (2.5 inches) (Home Row: 30mm)
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lbs)
104-Key Typewriter Keyboard
  • Width: 419mm (16.5 inches)
  • Depth: 204mm (8.0 inches)
  • Height: 59mm (2.3 inches) (Home Row: 30mm)
  • Weight: 1.8kg (4.0 lbs)
IBM Enhanced Keyboard
  • Width: 488mm (19.2 inches)
  • Depth: 210mm ( 8.3 inches)
  • Height: 40mm (1.6 inches) (Home Row: 30mm)
  • Weight: 2.3kg (5.0 lbs)
Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 10.0 to 40.6C (50 to 105F)
  • Relative Humidity: 8 to 80 percent
  • Wet Bulb: 26.7C (80F)
The following are not available:
  • Model Conversions
  • Video output
  • A printer port
  • 3174 Release A4 or lower does not allow VPD for Network support.
The following items should be taken into consideration when selecting the IBM 3471 keyboards:
  • 122-Key
    • Available in Native or Emulation Mode
    • If keyboard is to be modified, the IBM 3174 (any level) or 3274, Configuration Support D release level 63 or higher is required.
    or 104-Key Keyboard
    • Available in Native or Emulation Mode
    • If keyboard is to be modified, the IBM 3174 (any level) or 3274, Configuration Support D release level 63 or higher is required.
  • 102-Key Enhanced Keyboard
    • Available in Native Mode only.
    • Requires an IBM 3174 or Configuration Support D Release Level 65 on IBM 3274 with no-charge RPQ #7L0825.
    • If keyboard is to be modified, the IBM 3174 Release Level 2 is required.
Hardware RequirementsPower ratings and line cord:
  • Power - 35 watts, 100 - 127V AC, 1-phase, 3-wire, 60Hz.
A 2.8-meter (9.0 ft) line cord with non-locking plug is available as standard. Operating environment of configurable I/O units are different.

The IBM 3471 may be attached to IBM 43xx, 937x, 308x, 470x, 3090, ES/9000, S/8100, S/36, S/38 and AS/400. See description section for more information. Attachment is by the same type of coaxial cable as is used to attach an IBM 3191, 3192, 3178, 3179-1, 3180-1, 3278, or 3279. Attachment may also be made by twisted pair cable and appropriate balun or connector that has been approved for display attachment. See cable order section.


  • In Emulation Mode, the IBM 3471 with specify code 9122 or with specify code 9104 must be attached to one of the following:
    • IBM 3174 Models 1L, 1R, 2R, 3R, 51R, 52R, 53R, 81R, 82R, 11L, 11R, 12R, 13R, 61R, 62R, 63R, 91R, and 92R.
    • IBM 3274, Control Unit Model 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 21A, 21B, 21C, 21D, 31A, 31C, 31D, 41A, 41C, 41D, 51C, or 61C
      • Configuration Support A: Microcode release level 15 or higher
      • Configuration Support B: Microcode release level 26 or higher
      • Configuration Support C: Microcode release level 47 or higher
      • Configuration Support D: Microcode release level 61 or higher
      • Configuration Support P: Any microcode release level
      • Configuration Support T: Microcode release level 31 or higher
    • 937x (Workstation Subsystem Controller).
    • 43x1 (Workstation Adapter or Display Printer Adapter, where applicable)
  • In Native Mode, the IBM 3471 with specify code 9122, 9104, or 9156 must be attached to an IBM 3274 Control Unit with Configuration Support D - Microcode Release 63 or higher. This level of support is also required for changing the layout of the IBM 104 or 122-Key Typewriter Keyboard.
  • The IBM 3471 with specify code 9131 in Native Mode only, must be attached to an IBM 3274 Control Unit (with Configuration Support D - Microcode Release 65 or higher and IBM 3274 RPQ #7L0825).
  • The IBM 3471 operates in Native Mode with the 3174 Establishment Controller.
Software Requirements
The IBM 3471 is datastream compatible with the IBM 3191-A or B. All host programs, which operate with the IBM 3191-A or B, will operate with the IBM 3471 in exactly the same way except for the following:
  • The IBM 3471 now supports Extended Attribute Buffer.
  • Host programs that contain extended display attributes and are not supported by the IBM 3191-A or B will be accepted.
  • The IBM 3471 now accepts Create Partition command.
  • The command must specify (row, column) = (24, 80).

 Description                                    P/N Ref.
----------------------------- --------
Video-Amber-Gold 38F7291
Video-Green 38F7290
122-Key Typewriter Keyboard 1394099
104-Key Typewriter Keyboard 09F4230
IBM Enhanced Keyboard 1394802
Data Entry Keyboard 09F4231
Power Cord 6952297
Power Cord -Chicago 6 ft. 6952298
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