IBM TS1160 Tape Drive (3592-60E 3592-60F 3592-60G )



Helps secure data with support for encryption and key management

Extends storage investments with support for existing IBM tape automation

Helps meet compliance requirements with Write Once Read Many (WORM) support

Offers high performance and high capacity for storage consolidation

Optimize drive utilization with support for Ethernet or FC interfaces

IBM TS1160 Tape Drive
Fast access to data and secure long-term retention

Massive data growth has led to new ways of handling and securing all that information. Modern use cases like big data, cloud or analytics sometimes require a hyperscale approach to be able to meet the business goals in a cost-effective manner. The IBM TS1160 Tape Drive is a perfect fit for environments that achieve massive scale in computing and it helps lower total cost of ownership. IBM TS1160 Tape drive gives organizations an easy way to improve capacity, deliver fast access to data, and provide secure long-term retention for less than the cost of disk or flash solutions. Innovation keeps the highly successful 3592 Enterprise Drives always ahead of other drive formats, for example, the new TS1160 provides a significant capacity and throughput increase over the IBM TS1150 with the introduction of the new JE media. Plus, it offers complete integration with Spectrum Software Defined Storage which helps improve data management and reduce storage costs. The recent enhancement of the sixth- generation TS1160 tape drive improves native capacity to up to 20 TB (up to 60 TB with compression) and can help protect investments in tape automation by offering compatibility with existing automation.

To help optimize drive utilization and reduce infrastructure requirements, TS1160 can be shared on a storage area network though the existing Fibre Channel 16 Gb interface. It offers multiplatform support and can scale from midrange to enterprise environments, delivering flexible storage for heterogeneous server environments. The TS1160 Tape Drive supports IBM System Storage TS4500 and TS3500 Tape
Libraries and racks that enable stand-alone installation.

Access information at the speed of business
Leverage performance to handle the requirements of your business needs. The TS1160 tape drive supports a native data transfer rate of up to 400 MBps (up to 900 MBps with compression)
to deliver information at the speed your business demands.

Address your needs in one tape storage solution
Lower your cost of ownership with the flexible usage of the TS1160 tape drive. Reduce the need to purchase two different tape drives with a tape storage solution that addresses both the need for high capacity, as well as fast access to data. Support data retention needs with 3592 WORM cartridges and support to media partitioning for more flexible data management. Support read and write of 20 TB capacities on JE media. Also, promote data interchange with the ability to read and write 20 TB capacities on JE media and JD media in both TS1155 (15 TB capacity) and TS1150 (10 TB capacity) formats, read and write JC media in TS1150 (7 TB capacity) format, read-only JC media (4 TB capacity) in TS1140 formats. Media written in TS1160 is not readable in TS1155 or TS1150.

Protect your sensitive data
Security is an important issue when storing, accessing and managing your data. Tape offers the most powerful data protection of all. Unlike other storage media, you can easily pull a tape cartridge offline and simply store it on a shelf -- creating a physical barrier or "air gap" that hackers can't penetrate. The upsurge in tape usage demonstrates that ransomware and other cybersecurity concerns are prompting many organizations to put tape technology back in service as the ultimate line of defense for sensitive corporate data. In addition, encryption is a potent technology to help protect data against theft or accidental loss, particularly data that contain personal or sensitive information concerning a company's customers. Reduce the need for host-based encryption--and the concurrent drain on performance--or
reduce the use of specialized encryption appliances with built-in data encryption capabilities from the TS1160 tape drive. This capability is intended to provide customers with greater ability to protect information if tape cartridges are lost or stolen by supporting the storage of the data in an encrypted form.

Generate and manage encryption keys for TS1160 tape drives across the enterprise with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager. This solution is the interface between IBM encrypting tape drives and external keystores.

To further protect mission-critical data, the TS1160 tape drive provides advanced technology--such as error correction code and factory-written servo tracks on the tape cartridge--to provide precise head positioning. In addition, unique functions such as virtual backhitch and a high-resolution directory help improve small file write performance and improve recall access to data, respectively.

Reliable and cost-efficient connectivity
Two different drive versions to help optimize drive utilization and reduce infrastructure requirements. TS1160 can be shared on a storage area network though the existing Fibre Channel 16 Gb interface and the new TS1160 Ethernet version designed for hyperscale and RHEL environments with support for Ethernet 10 Gb interface.

Simplify and better manage with multiplatform support
A heterogeneous server environment can simplify your storage environment. The TS1160 tape drive offers multiplatform support for most open-systems servers, including IBM Power Systems. By supporting such a wide range of platforms simultaneously, TS1160 helps simplify the storage environment.

Support applications with storage management software
TS1160 can help reduce the costs of long-term data retention by including support for IBM Spectrum Archive with LTFS technology, allowing users and applications direct access to files and directories stored on tape. IBM Spectrum Archive provides an easy-to-use interface that enables organizations to automatically move infrequently accessed data from disk to tape without the need for proprietary tape applications. This allows data centers to add extensive capacity with lower media, floor space and power costs. Users can access archived data with drag-and-drop simplicity as if it was stored on disk.

Media capacity cartridge options
The IBM 3592 cartridges used in the TS1160 tape drive are available in short, standard and extended lengths and in rewritable and WORM* formats. Cartridges can be ordered in packs of 20 and can be labeled and initialized, initialized only, or unlabeled* and uninitialized*. An RFID label option is also available.

IBM TS1160 Tape Drive at a glance

Recording technique
Linear Serpentine

Native capacity (uncompressed)
20 TB (using JE media), 15TB / 10 TB (using JD media), 7 TB (using JC media)

Native sustained data rate (uncompressed)
400 MBps (type E media)

Burst data rate
1600 MBps

High-speed search (max)
12.4 mps end-end search rate

One year

60E/ 60F Model: 86 mm H x 156 mm W x 374 mm D (3.4 in x 6.1 in x 14.7 in)
60G Model: 93 mm H x 186 mm W x 467 mm D (3.7 in x 7.3 in x 18.4 in)
60E / 60F Model: 3.97 kg (8.75 lbs)
60G Model: 5.57 kg (12.25 lbs)

Operating environment

Temperature with media
16 to 32C (60 F to 90F)
Relative humidity
20% to 80% non-condensing (limited by media)
Maximum dew point temperature
22C (72F)
Power dissipation (drive and integrated blower) 56 Watts

Platform support
Power Systems
IBM AIX, IBM i, Linux

System p
IBM AIX and Linux

System i
IBM i and IBM OS/400

System x
see open system support
Open Systems

Servers with Intel or AMD processors
SUSE Linux, Red Hat, Microsoft Windows