IBM TS2270 Tape Drive (3580-H7S)


Provide data protection while lowering overall storage costs

Simplify data management with IBM Spectrum Archive using LTFS technology

Improve energy efficiency over previous generations

Support media partitioning on Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 7 media

IBM TS2270 Tape Drive
Seventh-generation LTO Ultrium, half-height tape drive

IBM TS2270 Tape Drive is the answer to growing storage requirements and shrinking backup windows. Incorporating the latest generation of industry-leading LTO technology, the TS2270 tape drive is  suited for handling backup, save and restore, and archival data storage needs with higher capacity and higher data transfer rates than the previous generation. In addition, the LTO Ultrium 7 technology is  designed to support media partitioning and IBM Spectrum Archive technology. It also continues to support encryption of data and write-once-read-many (WORM) media. The TS2270 tape drive is an  excellent tape storage solution for organizations requiring backup and low-cost, archival storage of data. TS2270 provides a physical storage capacity of up to 15 TB (with 2.5:1 compression). The data  transfer performance has increased over the previous LTO Ultrium half-height generation with a transfer rate of up to 300 MBps with 6 Gbps SAS interface connectivity. The drive offers two SAS and one  Ethernet port per drive to improve availability.

Advanced features

The TS2270 6 Gbps SAS interface enables it to connect to a wide spectrum of open-system servers. The LTO Ultrium 7 tape media provides partitioning support, which, in conjunction with IBM Spectrum Archive, provides users with file-level access to tape data. This support helps users to quickly locate and update information on the tape media. The LTO Ultrium 7 technology is also designed to support data  encryption. The hardware encryption and decryption core and control core reside in the LTO Ultrium 7 tape drive.

Software support
You can increase the power of the TS2270 tape drive by managing it with tape management solutions such as IBM Spectrum Protect or third-party storage software. IBM Spectrum Archive helps simplify direct access and management of TS2270 by enabling file  tagging with any text--which enables more intuitive searches of cartridge and drive content. IBM Spectrum Archive features a graphical user  interface that helps reduce complexity by enabling an icon-based view of the tape drive, including tape cartridge and files, using the operating system file manager.

The TS2270 tape drive supports the LTO Consortium compressed specification for LTO Ultrium 7 at a 15 TB data cartridge (6 TB native), 2.4 times the compressed capacity of the previous LTO
Ultrium 6 cartridges. In addition to reading and writing to LTO Ultrium 7 tape cartridges, TS2270 can read and write to LTO Ultrium 6 cartridges and can read LTO Ultrium 5 cartridges.

IBM TS2270 Tape Drive at a glance
Available configurations
Model 3580 H7S--One LTO Ultrium 7 tape drive, 6 Gbps SAS interface

Tape drive type
LTO Ultrium 7

Physical capacity
6 TB native; 15 TB with 2.5:1 compression

Number of tape drives

Number of tape cartridges 1

Data transfer rate
Up to 300 MBps native

Media type
Read and write:
LTO Ultrium 7
6 TB data cartridge
6 TB WORM cartridge

LTO Ultrium 6
2.5 TB data cartridge
2.5 TB WORM cartridge

Read only:
LTO Ultrium 5
1.5 TB data cartridge
1.5 TB WORM cartridge

Also available:
LTO Ultrium cleaning cartridge

1.7 kg (3.7 lb)

Power requirements
100 - 240 V ac, 50 - 60 Hz auto-ranging

Dimensions (W x H x D)
148 mm x 42.7 mm x 210 mm (5.82 in. x 1.68 in. x 8.26 in.)

Three-year limited warranty, customer replaceable unit (CRU) and on-site service in most countries, next-business-day 9x5, service upgrades available