Idea Printers


IDEA Series Printers cross all lines: sizes, speeds, capacities, duty cycles and graphics capabilities. Whether you need desktop display attached printing, "green bar" system printing, high resolution laser printing, or high speed line printers with bar code and graphics capabilities, we think we can help you solve your printing problems with a wide range of products. Most IDEA printers have multiple interfaces of serial, parallel, coax (mainframe 3270), and twinax (midrange 5250). In addition, many have optional LAN (Ethernet, Token Ring) interfaces.

Matrix Printers:

13120-01 270CPS 80 column coax attach
13220-01 270CPS 80 column twinax attach
13120-02 270CPS 132 column coax attach
13220-01 270CPS 132 column coax attach

13460 400CPS 132 column twinax, RS232 serial, Parallel

13487 400CPS 136 column coax, twinax, parallel, serial
13487-02 400CPS 136 column coax, twinax, parallel, serial, with tear bar

Line Printers:
13234-02 900LPM coax, twinax, parallel, serial
13442 900LPM coax, twinax w/QMS Bar Code
13342 900LPM Ethernet w/QMS Bar Code
13234-01 800LPM twinax
13154-01 1400LPM coax
13154-03 1400LPM coax w/QMS Bar Code
13254-01 1400LPM twinax
13254-03 1400LPM twinax w/QMS Bar Code
13334-04 900LPM coax, twinax, IPDS
13354-03 1400LPM coax, twinax, IPDS

Laser Printers
13138-16S+ 16PPM coax SCS
13138-16L+ 16PPM coax IPDS
13238-16S+ 16PPM twinax SCS
13238-16L+ 16PPM twinax IPDS

Display Attached Printers:

13001+ P 240CPS Parallel DAP
13001+ S 240CPS Serial DAP
13087 400CPS 136 column Parallel, Serial, DAP
Acoustic Cover
Sheet feeder
Sheet feeder second bin
Bar Code ROM




IDEA 13120
IDEA 13220
Genicom 2430
Genicom 2431

Lexmark 2380 Coax
Lexmark 2381 Twinax

IDEA 13138
IDEA 13238

Genicom 7916


IDEA 10041
IDEA 10441

Mannesman Tally MT6045

RS232 Parallel Coax
RS232 Parallel Twinax

IDEA 13062
IDEA 13162

Dataproducts LB1015-2

RS232 Parallel Coax

IDEA 13180
IDEA 13280

Data South Excel T300

Coax Parallel
Twinax Parallel

IDEA 13087
IDEA 13487

Genicom 8930 2557730-800

RS232 Parallel Coax
Twinax RS232 Parallel

IDEA 13034 IDEA 13054 IDEA 13134 IDEA 13154 IDEA 13234 IDEA 13254

Mannesman Tally MT6x1

Parallel RS232 Coax Twinax