News on 30 October 2003

SNMPDRV Print Server
Custom Business Link provides a new low-cost solution to enable you to have control of your remote IP printer functions similar to a TWINAX printer.
Enables IBM AS/400 IP printers to have Page Range Printing and Printer Error Reporting capabilities over Ethernet back to the AS/400.  Achieve printing control similar to TWINAX over your TCP/IP network.  All of your printers with a parallel port can now be configured on your IBM AS/400 host as a device with a spool file.  By using the SNMPDRV Print Server, your remote IP printers will now notify you with an AS/400 console message if they have a problem and cannot print.

The size of a pack of cigarettes, the SNMPDRV Print Server attaches directly to the printers parallel port to notify the AS/400 about the IP printers status.  Eliminates the remote output queue method of printing to IP printers.

IBMs HPT (Host Print Transform) supports all brands of standard printers e.g. HP, Lexmark, IBM, EPSON, OKI, Genicom, Tally, Printek, etc.

Includes all printing technologies: dot matrix, laser, band, line matrix, etc.

The printer simply needs to have a parallel port.

The SNMPDRV Print Server works with IBMs new SNMP protocol to provide the status of the printer.  The AS/400 must have IBMs OS/400 V4R3 or above with all PTF updates for SMNP and TCP/IP applied.
Gain control of your printing for only per printer

Call or email today to do a 14 day no risk evaluation of the SNMPDRV Print Server in your application.

SNMPDRV Data Sheet
Installation Guide