Terms & Conditions

Policies, Terms, and Conditions of Sale

All items are sold as a "final sale"

Supplies such as toners, ribbons, ink, photodeveloper units, intermediate transfer units, and other supply items are NOT included unless specifically cited, or if they are included in new sealed equipment. 

Please note that spare parts are not to be used for diagnostics and cannot be returned if opened.

Items purchased directly from the manufacturer and carry full manufacturer's warranty. (Except new - old stock items which may qualify for only Argecy's warranty)
New Open Box
Items are unused but may have been re-boxed, or the original box may have traveled. These items are may be discontinued and may have new manufacturer's warranty.
Spare Parts
Parts purchased from the manufacturer are classified as new but are often "re-certified" or rebuilt by the manufacturer. New and used parts are both covered by a 90-day warranty.
MFG Refurbished
Factory refurbished printers are "like new" and many carry "same as new" warranty.

Argecy Refurbished- Our Specialty

Argecy Refurbished printers are used but have been restored, tested and maintained. Supplies such as toners, ribbons, ink, photodeveloper units, intermediate transfer units, and other supply items are not included.

Quality is VERY important to us. Different suppliers have different definitions of the word refurbished. We define refurbished as "like new" both in terms of performance and cosmetic appearance. We offer consistently high quality.

We often receive equipment from other dealers that they call refurbished. Not by our definition, and certainly not with our name on it! Look for our logo preprinted on the box to assure quality.

We use our own professional refurbishing facility, Michigan Data Equipment (MDE). Our specifications call for:

  • audit equipment as received

  • self test

  • dismantle equipment

  • clean and paint cases and covers as necessary

  • rebuild equipment to correct specification and configuration

  • thoroughly test all appropriate functions

  • pack equipment in foam

  • use new, sturdy shipping cartons (uniformly packaged)

  • label with model and serial number(s)

  • 90 day depot warranty (except where noted)

  • printed manuals and printer cables are available for an additional charge

  • supply items are NOT included

  • We stand behind our equipment 100%!


Argecy guarantees our refurbished printers, accessories and parts free from defects for 90 days from date of purchase unless otherwise stated. Items found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at our option. Warranty does not cover misuse or mishandling of equipment. Warranty is void if tamper seals are broken. Supply items are NOT included.

If you receive equipment that is faulty or non-functional, or irrecoverable failures occur during the warranty period, you must call and speak to one of our representatives and technical advisers before any returns or repairs can be authorized. Equipment will be replaced as necessary using ground transportation for shipment. If you need faster service on warranty claims, you may opt to increase the service, but you will be responsible for the difference compared to regular ground.

For DOA failures within the first five (5) business days after receipt, Argecy will be responsible for repair or replacement ground freight costs. After that time period, until the end of Argecy warranty, customers are responsible for the return of any RMA item(s) to Argecy, including freight charges, packaging, and shipping label(s). Items to be returned must be packaged with materials equivalent to the way the customer received the original shipment. All packing materials be kept until the items are determined to be in satisfactory condition. You are responsible for all freight costs.

Purchaser has 10 business days to open boxes, inspect Equipment and notify Argecy of any problems or discrepancies.

Supplies such as toners, ribbons, ink, photodeveloper units, intermediate transfer units, and other supply items are not included.


Please observe the following guidelines:

Please call us, one of our technicians must be given ample opportunity to solve problems via telephone. Most problems are caused by shipping "jostling" and can be resolved with a telephone call.

All items returned must be in unused or "as failed" condition and in original packages, complete with original packing materials, manuals, blank warranty cards and other accessories provided when shipped. In no case will returns be accepted, other than for warranty claims, after 30 days from shipment date. Supply items are NOT included.

If authorized, you will be issued a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. This number helps us track, identify and process your return. Write the RMA number on the outside of your return packages, include a copy of your original invoice or packing slip, and return the package within 21 days of the receipt of your RMA number. We will not accept returns without RMA numbers.

Package and insure all items for their full value. Lost or damaged parts cannot be exchanged.

Return packages must be sent prepaid directly to the address specified in writing, fax, email, etc**. We will not accept any C.O.D. shipments. Shipping charges are NOT refundable.

Supplies such as toners, ribbons, ink, photodeveloper units, intermediate transfer units, and other supply items are NOT included unless specifically cited, or if they are included in new sealed equipment. 

Please note that spare parts are not to be used for diagnostics and cannot be returned if opened.

All items are sold as a "final sale". 

Equipment will be warranted in good faith.



Orders placed after 3:30PM Eastern Time can stretch our production: Please call as early as you can -- we'll drop it off at a box if its an emergency. Otherwise we anticipate shipment on the following business day.

Backordered items are rare, but they are usually shipped with in in 2 business days.

FedEx and UPS are our carriers of choice, alternative major carriers (Airborne, DHL, etc.) are available. All levels of service are offered.

We charge a minimum $10 handling on all shipments.

We ship all packages FOB shipper. Once a package leaves our loading dock, all risk of loss transfers to the customer.

If a package is damaged in shipment:

  • Shipped on our account; notify us immediately. Save all packaging, both inside and out in case an inspection is necessary. We will process the freight claim.
  • Shipped on your account or your carrier, or if you arranged shipping; then you must contact the carrier to process the claim.

Freight Charges

Freight charges quoted are an estimate based upon the typical dimensional weight and cost per piece for the service requested (i.e. overnight). Actual weight may vary.

If you order multiple pieces, or items are bulk packed, shipping charges will vary from shown charges in the order total (usually multiple piece orders are less).

Argecy reserves the right to charge the actual shipping cost of the order -- You are responsible for all freight costs under all circumstances. Invoices from bona fide freight carriers charges may bill higher than quoted.

Sales Tax

By law, sales tax must be charged on any ordering party in Michigan who does not have a Michigan Reseller Tax Certificate on file with us. We also collect sales taxes in California and other locations, depending upon nexus limitations.Other states may also require a certificate to be on file.

Advanced Exchange

Advanced Exchange products are designed to allow quick turnaround for commonly repaired parts. This means you must return the core/used part within 21 days. Failure to return parts obligates you to pay the full outright purchase price.

Payment Terms

We accept:

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Paypal
  • Authorized corporate accounts.
  • ACH / Wire Transfer

Advance Exchange / Core Charges

To get your printer up and running faster, you can use our Advance Exchange program. We send you a working part as soon as you order it. After you receive ours, send us your defective part; just mark the box or packing slip with our sales confirmation/RA number. This reference number will help ensure that you will get the proper credit for sending in the core. Defective parts must be repairable and in "as failed" condition. Parts must be received within 10 days.

COD Advance Exchange orders are initially charged at the Full Sale Price, with separate charges for both the Exchange Price and Core listed on the invoice. Upon receipt of the defective part (required back within 10 days) a refund, credit to your card or account will be issued. Refunds will be issued by the same method of payment used for the original purchase. Check refunds usually take 30 days.

Terms & Credit Card Advance Exchange orders are billed at the Exchange Price. The defective part must be received within 10 days; if not receive within that period, your account or credit card will be billed for the difference between the sales price and the exchange price.


These policies supersede policies appearing on any and all other Argecy literature, except as specifically contracted.

For all prices and products, we reserve the right to make adjustments due to errors, changing market conditions, product discontinuation or typographical errors. Argecy is not responsible for manufacturer backorders or price changes, which may occur at any time without notice.

Argecy cannot be held responsible for inadvertent errors with respect to information concerning ordered products and under no circumstance shall be liable for consequential, incidental or special damages.

All transactions occur under the legal jurisdiction of Oakland County, State of Michigan. All legal matters will be addressed here.

  1. All sales and use taxes arising from the transaction are to be paid by the Purchaser or Purchaser will furnish to Seller an appropriate exemption certificate. Purchaser will indemnify and hold Seller harmless from and against any liability for such sales, use or other taxes arising from the transaction.
  2. Seller warrants to Purchaser:
    1. Seller, is or at the time of delivery of the Equipment will be the lawful owner of the Equipment free and clear of all liens and encumbrances of every kind and matter. Upon written request, Seller will supply Purchaser a Bill of Sale evidencing such title and warranty.
    2. Seller has, or at the time of delivery of the Equipment, will have full right, power and authority to sell the Equipment.
    3. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, at the time of delivery the Equipment will be eligible (according to the manufacturer's normal policies) for the manufacturer's standard maintenance contract.
    4. Seller's liability shall not in any event exceed the contract price for any malfunctioning or nonfunctioning item of the Equipment.
  3. Purchaser must put the Equipment under manufacturer's maintenance prior to operating.
  4. Unless specifically itemized, supply items are NOT included.
  5. Upon delivery of the Equipment all risk of loss shall pass to Purchaser without regard to: (a) which party is obligated to pay for the cost of transportation and (b) any obligation of Seller to pay for insurance during transportation.
  6. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, Seller has no obligation to insure the Equipment for Purchaser's benefit during transportation; and Purchaser shall be obliged to so insure.
  7. Purchaser expressly waives any claim against Seller based upon any infringement or alleged infringement of any patent with respect to the Equipment.
  9. Seller shall have no liability for any failure or delay in furnishing the Equipment due to any cause beyond Seller's control, including without limitation, fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, lightning, Act of God, war, civil disturbance, governmental acts, labor difficulties or delay of carriers; provided, however, that upon the occurrence of any event which results in failures or delay in furnishing the Equipment pursuant to the delivery date specified in the contract between the parties, the Purchaser may, by written notice given prior to delivery of Equipment by the Purchaser, cancel the contract and upon such cancellation all deposits made shall be returned. A failure of Seller to acquire title to or possession of the Equipment which is the subject of the contract between the parties is not an excusable failure hereunder.
  10. Unless otherwise specifically agreed the description of the Equipment as set forth in the contract between the parties shall be deemed to include: all maintenance records, schematics, logic books, I.R. books, manuals, cables, kick plates, test decks; form stands, terminators, diagnostics and microfiche necessary for the installation, maintenance and operation of the Equipment; provided, however, that Seller shall not be obligated to deliver any of the foregoing if (i) any of them are not made generally available by the manufacturer or (II) the right to transfer any of the foregoing is limited by the manufacturer.
  11. Transportation charges that are invoiced separately are an integral part of this agreement unless otherwise specified. As used herein the phrase "delivery of the Equipment" means delivery to buyer's location or carrier as specified.
  12. BUYER hereby grants SELLER a purchase money security interest in the equipment, and the proceeds thereof, to secure payment of the sales price.
  13. Net contracts are payable within 30 days of delivery. Late charges of 1.5% per month of balance due will be charged for overdue payments.
  14. All sales are final. A minimum restock fee of 25% applies to all unclaimed or returned items.
  15. Supplies such as toners, ribbons, ink, photodeveloper units, intermediate transfer units, and other supply items are not included with refurbished equipment.