Intermate 100


Intermate 100

Multi-protocol Print Server for any Printer

The Intermate100 is a full-featured multi-protocol print server which snaps directly into a printers parallel port for attachment to 10/100 Mbit Ethernet networks.

A powerful 32bit Motorola RISC processor ensures compatibility with the increasing speed of new printer technologies, while the overdimensioned Flash and RAM amount allows upgrading with new features provided by Intermate free of charge.

By its extreme compactness Intermate100 virtually integrates into any Laser, Inkjet or Matrix printer, and adds support for all major operating systems such as Novell, UNIX and Windows. Optionally the Intermate100 supports the SCS and IPDS print data streams from IBM AS/400 and Mainframes.

Intermate100 configures easily from a from a web browser. Alternatively the unique IMCU Web Server from Intermate can be used for configuration and management of all Intermate Print Servers across large IP networks.

Low-cost print server

  • SCS and IPDS printing in demo mode
  • The smallest and fastest IPDS protocol converter

  • Technical Specifications
    Printers Supported
    Any printer with a standard or high-speed IEEE 1284 compliant Centronics parallel port

    Network Physical Attachments
    RJ45 connector with auto-detection of 10BaseT and 100BaseTX and Ethernet
    II, IEEE 802.2, IEEE 802.3 and SNAP frames

    General Hardware Features
    MCF 5307 RISC Processor with 70 MIPS performance
    8 Mbyte RAM 2 Mbytes Flash memory for micro-code

    Print Methods
    FTP LPD Reverse Telnet (port 9100) NetWare Rprint/Pserver (Bindery & NDS), or through the Novell NDPS Gateway
    Optional: TN3270E for SCS (LU1)
    Optional: TN5250E for SCS/DCA L2
    Optional: PPD/PPR for IPDS
    IP address: ARP/PING, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP or through the Intermate IMCU Server
    Advanced setup: Telnet, FTP, SNMP, HTTP (Web browser) or Intermate IMCU Server
    Firmware upgrade: FTP

    SNMP MIB II over TCP/IP, Private enterprise MIB and multiple Trap hosts
    TCP/IP Finger Intermate Management and Configuration Utility (IMCU) for TCP/UDP

    Print Platforms
    Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x and 5.x (Bindery or NDS) Windows 3.11 (LPR) Windows95/98/NT (Intermate peer-to-peer Print Port) n Apple (LPR) IBM LAN Server/Warp Server (LPR) UNIX systems (LPR or FTP) AS/400 (LPR) Optional: Mainframe or AS/400 (TN3270E, TN5250E or PPD/PPR)

    Approvals CE EN55022 Class B 1994 CE EN50082-1 1997 FCC Class A Year 2000 prepared Euro enabled

    24707: Intermate100 Incl. US Power Supply
    24836: HPO for 3270 SCS Software Key
    24837: HPO for 5250 SCS Software Key
    24838: HPO for AFP/IPDS Software Key

    24889. Centronics extension cable

    24890: Mini-Centronics extension cable 

    Note: IPDS Printing requires a minimum of 12MB memory in the printer. Software keys are entered remotely in the Intermate100 through a web browser or a Telnet client.

    HPO Intermate100

    Intermate SCS and AFP/IPDS Host Print Options for Mainframe and AS/400 Printing

    The Intermate Host Print Options (HPO), enables an IBM Mainframe or AS/400 to print SCS or IPDS directly to a standard printer through an Intermate100 Print Server.

    All HPOs are based on TCP/IP and prints through the TN3270E, TN5250E and PPD/PPR protocols. The HPO for IPDS exploits PJL to control and monitor printer options and paper handling in order to integrate with the printer, and operate in true bi-directional IPDS mode.

    Based on TCP/IP
    SCS and IPDS printing from host to any standard printer

    Technical Specifications
    Printers Supported SCS:
    Any printer emulating Line Printer, IBM Graphics or ProPrinter, Epson, ANSI or PCL

    Any PCL5 or PCL5e compatible printer
    Configuration IPDS settings:
    Telnet, FTP (file), or HTTP (Web browser)

    3270 settings:
    IDB file edited by the P01 configuration utility and loaded by FTP

    5250 settings:
    IDB file edited by the P02 configuration utility and loaded by FTP
    IBM Printer Emulations AFP/IPDS:
    IBM 3812-x IBM 3816 IBM 4028 IBM 4028 IBM 3912/16 IBM 3112/16

    3270 SCS:
    IBM 3287 in LU1 mode

    5250 SCS:
    IBM 3812-01

    Print Platforms SCS :
    3270: CS/390 V2R5 TCP/IP for VM/ESA V2R3 Any TN3270E capable SNA gateway from IBM, Cisco, CNT, OpenConnect, Novell or Microsoft that supports TN3270E according to RFC1647.
    5250: AS/400 V3R2..V4R4 (Call for PTF levels on older OS/400 versions)

    IBM Warp Connect IBM OS/2 with IBM PSF/2 and optionally CM/2 (Call for information on recommended versions and CSD levels) IBM AIX V3.2.4 or higher with PSF/6000 V1.2.0 or higher IBM PSF/400 AS/400 V3R1...V4R4 IBM MVS with TCP/IP and PSF V2.2

    Features Supported: SCS:
    3270: SCS (LU1) data stream GDDM COR/APO EAB APL2 RPQ's for 3287, 3268 and 4214 Structured fields and query Draft NLQ and LQ modes 3 bin paper input Color
    5250: SCS and SCS/DCA L2 data streams 3 bin paper input and duplex COR/APO IBM font selection IBM virtual ASCII transparency Multiple Code pages and box drawing Full OfficVision400 support

    User Configurable SCS features:
    EBCDIC character conversion SCS command conversion Text string conversion Native and other 3rd party ASCII transparent modes EBCDIC Hex-dump

    IPDS Features Supported:
    Data Towers: Text, IM Image, IO Image, Graphics, Bar Code Resource Towers: Page Segment, Overlay, Loaded Font, IPDS Exception Reporting Duplex printing All resident fonts functional equivalent to IBM 3816, 4028, 3916 and 3116 standard fonts DIN-A3 and Ledger (11x17) support IPDS In 7 and 16 colors