Intermate AT/iop IPDS


Intermate A/T IOP2 with IPDS SIMM

IPDS SIMM for Lexmark Printers

Intermate AFP/IPDS and SCS/TNe Host Print Option for Lexmark Optra

The Intermate IPDS SIMM for Lexmark Optra series printers enables an IBM Mainframe or AS/400 to print AFP/IPDS or SCS/TNe directly to the printers through a Lexmark MarkNet LAN adapter via TCP/IP, or through the Intermate A/T IOP2 Coax/Twinax adapter.

The IPDS SIMM integrates with the printer and provides high-performance IPDS printing up to 1200dpi, while maintaining full control of the printer engine and without affecting the printer's standard PCL or PostScript emulations.

High-performance IPDS printing up to 1200dpi
Direct AFP/IPDS or SCS/TNe printing from IBM Mainframe or AS/400
Allows remote access to all IPDS options

Technical Specifications Printers Supported Optra T model 610, 612, 614 and 616 Optra W810 Optra C710 Call for other Optra printer models

Ordering Information Intermate IPDS/TNe SIMM:
24934: For Optra T
24935: For Optra W810
24936: For Optra C710
Call for other Optra models

Intermate TNe SIMM:
24937: For Optra T
24938: For Optra W810
24939: For Optra C710
Call for other Optra models

Network Attachments TCP/IP:
MarkNet S MarkNet Pro 1 and Pro 3 MarkNet N2000

SNA (through Intermate A/T IOP2 SCS adapter):
3174 Control Unit ES/9000 WorkStation Subsystem Controller
AS/400 Twinaxial Workstation Controllers
AS/400 Advanced System/36 Twinaxial Workstation Controllers
5394 or 5494 Remote Control Unit

IBM Printer Emulations IBM 3112/16 IBM 3812/16 IBM 3912/16 IBM 4028 IBM 4312/17/24

IBM Print Platforms TCP/IP:
Warp Connect OS/2 with IBM PSF/2 V2.0 and optionally CM/2 AIX with PSF/6000 V2.1 PSF/400 V3R1V4R4 PSF/MVS V2.2 * PSF/VM (Q1 2000)

PSF/400 V3R1V4R4 OS/400 V3R1V4R4 PSF/MVS V2.2 PSF/VSE V2.2.0 and V2.2.1 PSF/VM V2.1.0 and V2.1.1 VTAM Printer Support R70 or later (VPS, VPS/IPDS Levi, Ray & Shoup software) GDDM V2.3 with APAR RSCS V3.2 or later

IPDS Features Supported Data Towers: Text, IM Image, IO Image, Graphics, Bar Codes Resource Towers: Page Segment, Overlay, Loaded font, IPDS Exception Reporting * Duplex Printing * Multi-bin input/output * Stapling * Resident fonts equivalent to IBM 3816, 4028, 3116 and 4317 * DIN-A3 and Ledger (11x17) support * Euro support

Approvals EMC: CE: EN55022 Class B 1994 EN50082-1 1997 FCC Class A Year 2000 prepared